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How to Unsecure Adobe PDF Without Password? – Get The best Solution Here

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On January 16th, 2024
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This blog post shares a few easy methods to unprotect a PDF document on any Windows platform. Read on to know how to unsecure a PDF without password with the help of different methods (Google Chrome, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Automated Solution). Also, learn some user queries along with the solution.

PDF is the most frequently used document among users. These files are standard & look the same way on every platform regardless of what fonts the user has installed. They can be secured either with passwords or with restrictions. Basically, security is added to protect the document from other people.

But, there are many cases when people want to unprotect PDF without password. But, due to the permission password, they are unable to do so. Therefore, to remove such type of security restrictions we have discussed some simple solutions. So, go through this blog and know how to unsecure a PDF without password (permission).

User Queries

I was trying to remove protection from some portable document files(PDF) using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application. Basically, I need to take print-outs of these files on an urgent basis. However, when I was trying to do so it requests for the permission password. But, the problem is I don’t about such passwords. Does anyone know how to unsecure a PDF without password (permission)?

Is it possible to unsecure a secured PDF file for commenting purpose. Basically, I am trying to copy data from some PDF manuals. But, I am unable to do due to security in the PDF file. Can anyone suggest me how to unprotect a PDF document without password.? All leads shall be appreciated!

List of Topics Explained in this Article

Unprotect PDF Document Using Chrome

Google Chrome has a built-in PDF Reader function which can be used to open & view PDF files. Also, this web browser can be used to unlock pdf without password on any Windows or Mac OS. Users don’t need to install any extra application or software to perform this task. But, before using this technique users must keep two things in mind i.e.

  1. At a time, a single PDF file can be used
  2. The PDF printing option must be enabled

Using Google Chrome to Unsecure Adobe PDF Without Password

  1. Open the PDF document using Google Chrome.
  2. Click the Print button present at the left side.
  3. After that, click the Change button present under the destination.
  4. Under the local destination section, click the Save as PDF option.
  5. Finally, click the Save button & select the destination location and enter the resultant file name.

By following these steps users can easily unprotect a PDF document without password.

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How to Unsecure a PDF Without Password Instantly?

As there are many online applications to unprotect secured PDF document, so it becomes very difficult for the user to select the best one. Although there are a few freeware utilities, but sometimes they don’t work up to the mark. So, it’s better to use an exclusive utility i.e. PDF Restriction Remover Tool. With this software users can unsecure a secured PDF file without password. Moreover, all the restrictions like the copy, print, edit, comment, sign, etc., can be easily removed.

The software is available for both Windows as well as for Mac users. Moreover, there is no limitation on the size of the PDF document to be unsecured. Users can unsecure Adobe PDF without password in batch with the business or enterprise license of the software.

Steps to Unprotect a PDF Document Using the Tool

Follow these simple steps to unlock PDF without password:

1- Launch and run the software to unsecure a secured PDF without password.

how to unsecure a PDF without password
2- Click the Add File(s) button to unlock PDF without password.

add pdf files

3- Hit the Save button & mark the Keep Source PDF Password in Output PDF if needed.

save or print PDF

4- Choose the unlock pdf without password destination location by clicking the Change button.

set the location to save

5- Click the Unlock PDF button to initiate the process to unsecure a PDF without password.

how to unsecure a PDF without password

6- Process completion message gets displayed.

how to save a secured pdf as unsecured

This tool also let users to print PDF files when Secure PDF Printing is Not Allowed.

How to Unsecure a PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC?

You cannot unsecure an Adobe PDF document using Adobe Reader DC. You must have the full version of the Acrobat program to carry out the process. Although with Acrobat DC you can check the type of security by following these steps:

  • Open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
  • Go to File >> Properties.
  • Click the Security tab.
  • Under Document Restrictions Summary view all permissions.

Steps to Unsecure PDF Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

  1. Open the PDF File & click on the Lock icon.
  2. Select “Permission Details” and click on the “Security Methods” menu, choose “No Security”.
  3. Enter the Permission password to unsecure a PDF file.
  4. Then, save the file at any desired location.

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In this write-up, we have discussed different solutions which will let you know how to unsecured PDF without a password. Along with this we also come to know how to view PDF security using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. We have also covered the manual and automated solutions for the same. Users can select any method to unprotect PDF documents. But, to save secured PDF as unsecured in bulk at once, we suggested the automated solution. It is because the software does provide the bulk PDF unlocking feature but also works even if the file is print restricted. To test the performance and functionality of the software, you can download the Free Demo Version.


Q: What does it mean to “unsecure” a PDF file?

To Unsecure a PDF file refers to removing any security measures that prevent access, editing, printing, or other operations on the PDF.

Q: What types of security can be found in a PDF file?

PDF files can have open-password security which restricts access. Or they can have permission-password which limits certain actions like printing, copying, or editing.

Q: Can I unsecure a PDF without a password?

It depends on the type of security. You can typically unsecure a PDF with an open password if you have the password. If it’s permission-based security, you are able to remove these restrictions without a password.

Q: What methods can I use to unsecure a PDF file with a password?

There are multiple PDF editors that can do this including Adobe Acrobat Pro to remove password from encrypted PDF file.

Q: How can I unprotect PDF without password?

The professional method can be used to remove permission password from PDF file.

Q: Can I reapply security to a PDF file after unsecuring it?

Yes, most PDF editing software allows you to reapply security measures if needed. For example, Adobe Acrobat can be used to reapply security to PDF documents.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.