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AWS WorkMail to Gmail / G Suite Migration – Complete Solution

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On June 19th, 2023
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Summary: This article is about migrating AWS Workmail to Gmail account in a simplified manner. Though, this task may seem difficult and lengthy but the solution that we are going to provide is the best to help you out. Finally, once you know how this migration works, you will be able to complete it on your own.

Although there can be many reasons why users prefer to switch from Amazon WorkMail to Gmail account. But the main reason for this is the higher security for its users compared to other email clients or compared to AWS.

Moreover, with the Gmail Google Workspace account, one can schedule an email to prevent any delay in the task. So, it is totally up to the user whether he/she wants to use a free email service of Google Mail which includes 15 GB of free storage per account. Or just want to go for a full suite to meet your professional expectations to increase productivity.

In fact, when it comes to user interface, Gmail/G Suite provides user-friendly interfaces which usually lead to migration from Amazon Workmail to G Suite.

So, now let us understand how this migration can be processed without affecting any data.

Safest Solution to Migrate AWS WorkMail to Gmail / G Suite

However the major concern of every user is the security of the existing data. That’s why we come up with smart and secure IMAP Email Migration Tool for Mac to migrate AWS Workmail emails to Gmail. This is one of the systematic solution that allows bulk migration from Amazon Workmail account.

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However, the software is also capable of working with all versions of the Mac operating system for secure migration. So, one can easily use it as per the requirement and customize the migration as per the requirement.

Important Note: If you are a Windows OS user, and want to move email from AWS Workmail to Google Workspace account. Then, in this case, just take the help of PCVITA Secure IMAP to G Suite Migration Software.

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Quick Steps to AWS to Gmail Migration

Step by Step guide to migrate AWS WorkMail to Gmail:

  1. Download tool and launch it on PC.
  2. For the host account, select Amazon WorkMail.
  3. In Destination, choose Gmail and add details.
  4. Tap on Add for mapping both accounts.
  5. Click Start Migration to for the completion.

Advantages that this Tool Offers for Migration

Users do not get only one benefit from this software, there are many, such as-

  1. This software is best for AWS to Gmail / G Suite migration because of its advanced functions. The most important feature that this tool provides is a bulk migration. So, the user will only need to provide the credentials of both the Gmail and Amazon WorkMail accounts
  2. The most beneficial feature of this migration tool is to prevent any kind of email duplication. It will be easy to prevent duplicates during AWS Workmail to Gmail migration by using delta migration option of this software. This built-in feature migrates new incoming email from your source account to the Google Mail account. However this only applies after the first export of the procedure.
  3. Furthermore, choosing this application is even better because of the ability to access it on any Mac OS. You can use this tool on any latest or older version of Mac operating system to migrate AWS email. In short, it allows users to work on Mac OS 12.0, Mac OS 11.0 and Mac OS 10.0 and all earlier versions.
  4. Along with these, when it comes to software interface, it provides simple GUI user interface to transfer Amazon Workmail emails to Gmail/Google Workspace account. So, that even novice users can access it for a secure stay on their Mac computers.
  5. Not only that, but the entire folder hierarchy and email properties remain intact throughout the migration process.
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How to Transfer AWS WorkMail to Gmail? Detailed Steps

Download the tool and install it on any supported version of Mac desktop, then, follow the steps for the execution of the migration-

  • First of all, click the Continue button option after checking out the given prerequisites for AWS emails to Google Mail / G Suite migration on Mac.

Migrate from aws workmail to gmail

  • Now, in the source IMAP account, just choose the Other option if AWS WorkMail option is not available in the list. So, for account authentication, enter the details of the Amazon WorkMail account user, tap Validate.

amazon workmail account

  • Here, for the destination IMAP account, choose the Gmail / G Suite option from the list and provide account credentials to validate them.


  • In this step, if only required, tap on the Advance Settings for applying Date filter or choose required Amazon WorkMail account folders.

aws workmail to gmail

  • Mouse-click the Start Migration option at the bottom for a secure AWS Workmail email to Gmail migration on Mac OS. After that, the tool starts transferring emails from your selected accounts immediately, and you can check the ongoing process with the number of emails.

start aws workmail to gmail migration


In this article, we have discussed how to execute a safe and secure AWS WorkMail to Gmail migration. For this task, we have introduced you to the best automated solutions above. Using which one can easily transfer bulk emails from Amazon WorkMail to Google Workspace or Gmail account. However, if any of you want to go with the free demo version first then you can go for that as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Can I get the tool to try before purchasing it?

Yes, this software is best to go for the migration, and you can go with the free demo version. With this free trial  version one can simply transfer 100 emails at a time.

Q- Which tool can is helpful to migrate AWS WorkMail to Gmail?

Pcvita Amazon WorkMail to Gmail Migration Tool is the right solution for all the answers. The software will start the migration with complete data protection and folder hierarchy. So, you get the convenience of migrating multiple accounts at once as well as migrating multiple emails.

Q- How do I set up SMTP on my AWS WorkMail Safely?

First, log in to the AWS Management Console on the PC. Next, in the SES tab >> SMTP Settings >> Create a new SMTP user. Here, use the default username or update this name and tap on the Create icon. Then, simply copy your user credentials or click Download Credentials. Then, now use your credentials in the SMTP settings to configure your program or system to send through the Amazon SES SMTP interface. That’s all, you’ve done with the setup.

Q- Does AWS WorkMail support POP3 protocol to access mailboxes?

No, you can only access your entire Amazon WorkMail mailbox from any email address that supports the IMAP protocol. As of these days, the Amazon WorkMail mailbox does not support POP3 for accessing email.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.