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How to Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail Account in a Secure Way?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 18th, 2023
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

Migrating from an old email service to another email client can be scary sometimes. But there is an old saying that prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is better to migrate to a secure platform to prevent future uncertainties. So, in this article, we will discuss how to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail account safely. We will also discuss the reasons to forward ProtonMail to Gmail in this blog, so keep reading to know everything!

Why Is Gmail More Secure than ProtonMail?

Many reasons make Gmail email service much better than ProtonMail, such as

    1. More Storage – Gmail has 15 GB of free storage compared to ProtonMail’s meagre 1 GB. Gmail users get storage expansion options up to 100 GB, 200 GB and 2 TB for personal accounts. Having more storage helps Gmail users efficiently manage their emails and attachments.
    2. Easy User Interface – Gmail’s easy-to-understand interface makes it the preferred choice to add ProtonMail to Gmail. ProtonMail does have a simple interface but lacks features like email filters.
    3. Effortless Collaboration – Another reason with ProtonMail users to migrate their emails to Gmail is the collaborative features Google provides to Gmail users. Gmail users can edit and comment on documents, spreadsheets and presentations when using Google Workspace when working remotely. On the other hand, the lack of real-time collaboration for ProtonMail users makes them migrate their emails to Gmail.

These reasons highlight the necessity to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail, and we will now discuss the requirements for sending ProtonMail emails to Gmail.

Pre-requisites to Forward ProtonMail to Gmail

We will discuss some requirements to migrate ProtonMail to Gmail without issues:

1. ProtonMail Bridge – ProtonMail Bridge is an application helping you to integrate ProtonMail accounts with email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird using IMAP and SMTP protocols.

  • The Bridge secures the account connection to the preferred email client with security features like a Single Remote Password (SRP) and TLS connection.
  • It runs in the background and helps with swift email encryption as they get received and sent.
  • This app is currently for macOS, Windows, and Linux users.

Note: This app is available only for ProtonMail Pro users.

2. Gmail and ProtonMail accounts – Since we are discussing the steps to add ProtonMail to Gmail, we need a ProtonMail and Gmail account for sending and receiving emails, respectively.

How to Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail Automatically?

The abundance of professional tools online has made technical processes more easier. We will discuss an automated software to help you migrate emails from your ProtonMail account to Gmail without data loss. So, using PCVITA IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool, it is easy to forward ProtonMail to Gmail.

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Important Note: If at any point you want to migrate email from ProtonMail to a Google Workspace / G Suite / Business Gmail account. Then, you can take the help of the Smart PCVITA IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool on your desktop. It will transfer all email data with attachments from the ProtonMail account to the G Suite account in no time.

Features that this Software Offers

1. Bulk Email Migration – This tool helps you migrate data from multiple ProtonMail accounts to Gmail and other email clients.
2. Data Integrity – The software migrates your ProtonMail emails to Gmail without data loss. It also maintains the email folder structure.
3. Advanced Filters – This software has robust email filters to forward ProtonMail to Gmail. The Date Filter helps with selecting emails between two specific dates, while the Folder Filter helps in selecting account folders for Gmail migration

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Migrate ProtonMail to Gmail Account Step-by-step

The following steps describe the process to migrate ProtonMail emails to Gmail using the software on your Mac computer:

  • Download and run the software by clicking the Continue button. Complete the requirements (Enable the IMAP settings on your ProtonMail Bridge and Gmail account) before starting the migration process.
    Download the software and complete requirements
  • Select Other in the Host Name drop-down menu under the Source IMAP Account. Enter the account details and click the Validate button.
    Use the Other option and enter ProtonMail account details
  • Select Gmail as the destination email source under the Destination IMAP Account section and validate the account by entering the account details.
    Select Gmail as the Destination Host
  • Click the Advance Settings button to use the Date Filter or Folder Filter according to your preference.
    Use Advance Settings to apply Date and Folder filters
  • Click the Start Migration button to add ProtonMail to Gmail.
    Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail

Forward ProtonMail to Gmail Manually

You can also migrate emails from ProtonMail to Gmail using the manual solution mentioned in the following points:

1. Log into your ProtonMail account and click the Settings icon.
2. Select the Forwarding/IMAP window and enable the email forwarding.
3. Enter your Gmail account details and verify them on the Gmail app/website.
4. Set up your Gmail account for receiving emails from ProtonMail.
5. Confirm the email forwarding process on both accounts and click Save.

Note: The ProtonMail Bridge app is available for paid (Mail Plus and Proton Unlimited) subscribers, so you must upgrade your ProtonMail account if you are a free account holder.


This blog explored the reasons and solutions to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail account. The reasons highlight the gap between Gmail and ProtonMail, with Gmail having more features than ProtonMail. We also discussed the requirements to forward ProtonMail to Gmail without difficulties. The automated software mentioned in the blog is the perfect way to add ProtonMail to Gmail. We also discussed one manual method for the migration process, but it requires technical knowledge of email forwarding and takes a lot of time.