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How to Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail Account in a Secure Way?

sambita ~ Modified: June 19, 2023 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Migrating from an old email service to another email client can be scary sometimes. But there is an old saying that prevention is better than cure. Hence, it is better to migrate to a secure platform to prevent future uncertainties. So, in this article, we will discuss how to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail account safely.

If we talk about ProtonMail, it is an email provider with encryption functionality for all the users.

On the other hand, Gmail is a free email service provided by Google itself. Where one can easily maintain with emails and other data with large storage data.

Why Gmail is Secure More than ProtonMail?

There are many reasons that make Gmail email service much better than ProtonMail, such as-

  1. Gmail has more storage than ProtonMail, so email data and attachments can be easily maintained in Gmail.
  2. Users prefer to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail because since Gmail is provided by Google, it provides a secure interface to its users.
  3. In fact, with a spamming filter to filter out unwanted messages, Gmail offers a high degree of flexibility to all users.
  4. Furthermore, a Gmail account is even easier to understand and is a more intuitive platform.
  5. Gmail also has a unique feature for starting video or text chats directly from your inbox. Hence, time saving platform to communicate with others.

How to Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail Automatically?

As we have come to know about the benefits of Gmail account for managing email data. Hence, migration should also be safe and secure. So, using PCVITA IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool, it is easy to transfer bulk emails from ProtonMail to Gmail.

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The major useful advantage of this software is the simple GUI interface for bulk migration on desktop. Hence, even novice users will be able to easily access it and migrate emails from ProtonMail account to destination Gmail account.

Important Note: If at any point you want to migrate email from ProtonMail to a Google Workspace / G Suite / Business Gmail account. Then, you can take help of the Smart PCVITA IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool on your desktop. It will transfer all email data with attachments from ProtonMail account to G Suite account in no time.

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Features that this Software Offers

  1. Most secure solution for quick migration of all emails from ProtonMail user account to Gmail.
  2. Furthermore, it provides bulk and specific email migration in one go. Only certain emails can be transferred using the date filter.
  3. To eliminate email duplicate possibilities, this software has delta migration option. This feature of this tool only transfers new emails which came right after the first export.
  4. Perform the migration by selecting the required folders from the ProtonMail mailbox with all email attachments.
  5. Even this is the software that can help you to export Roundcube emails to Gmail account on desktop.

Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail Account Step by Step

Follow the step as given below after downloading the software on your Mac machine of any supported version-

  • Click the Continue button option after marking the prerequisites for Protonmail emails to Gmail migration on Mac.

Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail

  • In the source IMAP account, just pick the Other option if Protonmail option is not available in the drop down list. Then, enter the details of the Protonmail account user, tap Validate.

protonmail account

  • Now, for the destination IMAP account, choose the Gmail option from the drop down list and provide account credentials to validate.


  • In this step, if necessary, tap on the Advance Settings to apply Date filter or choose required ProtonMail account folders.

Migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail

  • Mouse-click the Start Migration feature from below to for a quick and safe Proton Mail to to Gmail migration on Mac OS.

start protonmail to Gmail migration


In this article, we have shared how to migrate from ProtonMail to Gmail account in a simple way. However, if you go for some manual forwarding method, then performing this migration is kind of difficult. Therefore, we have introduced you to the safest and simplest automated solution. Using which it will be much easier to process the migration of all ProtonMail emails.