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Backup Computer to Google Drive to Secure Business Data

admin ~ Modified: 21-Dec-2021 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This blog lists some easy DIY methods to backup computer to Google Drive. We covered a free manual technique with proper working steps. Also, we have created a software-based guide in this post so that users can easily upload files from computer to Google Drive.

Computer backup is the most demanding term on the internet nowadays. Many business firms or organizations are migrating their on-premise business data to the cloud. They want to backup their business data to cloud storage services like Google Drive (of G Suite account). So that the files stored on the remote servers can be easily accessed just via internet connection. However, there are many other reasons also describing the need to backup computer to Google Drive cloud storage. In the next section, we have covered some of them.

Why to Backup Computer Files to Google Drive?

1- Sudden hard drive or laptop crash/damage

2- Any accidental or natural disaster occurrence

3- Virus or malware attacks

4- Data theft or power outages

Backup / Upload Files from Computer to Google Drive Manually

If the user wants a free solution to backup their computer data to Google Drive then they can follow this manual approach:

1- Go to & sign in to your G Drive account

2- Click the My Dive button and click on Upload File / Folder option

3- Browse the files that you want to upload

4- View the progress status of the uploading process

5- Finally you have successfully backup computer files to G Drive

Pitfalls of Manual Method

  • Cannot backup complete computer data a time
  • Lengthy and time-consuming process
  • Re-uploading of data in case of power loss
  • No filter options for migrating selective data

How to Backup Computer to Google Drive With Professional Tool?

File System to Google Drive Migrator tool is the advanced program to backup whole computer data to Google Drive. With this program upload files like images, docs, pdf, etc., to G Drive account. It is the most popular and secured solution to backup entire computer to G Drive. The tool is tested with large size data also to carry out this process.

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What are the Advantages of Using this Tool?

This software provides many user-friendly features to easily backup computer to Google Drive, these are:

  • It gives 3 different filter options i.e. Include / Exclude File type, Created or Modified date and file size filter
  • Provides delta migration feature to migrate newly or modified data
  • Gives the feature to backup data of mapped network drive
  • Allow you to migrate hidden files and folders
  • Provides the functionality to migrate data to a shared drive or My drive
  • Generates the migration report in CSV format after the process completion
  • Can be easily used by non-technical users also

Pre-Requisites of the Software

  • Launch the software as “Run as Administrator”
  • Create a Google Developer Project and get the activation code for your domain for the migration process
  • Add JSON file of your domain

Steps to Backup Computer to Google Drive

Follow these simple steps and upload files from computer to G Drive:

1- Download and run the tool on Windows Operating System
2- Click on Google Project Settings button and add a JSON file

add json
3- Click on Activate New Domain and enter the activation code

activation code
4- Then, click on the Close Setting button
5- Enter the G Drive business account email address & click on Connect

email address
6- Click on Allow button to access your G Drive account
7- Then, click the My Computer button and view all drives and folders

8- Now, select the folders which you want to backup
9- Choose any filter like date, file type or file size

10- Choose destination location as Shared Drive or My Drive

destination drive
11- Finally, click on the Start button to begin the process

upload files from computer to google drive


Computer data loss is indeed a problematic situation. There are chances of losing important business data due to any malware attacks or natural disasters. Therefore, it is better to backup computer to Google Drive cloud storage services. This will help in accessing data from anywhere plus ensures file security. Hence, for that in this write-up, we have discussed two solutions i.e. free and automated. Users can opt for an automated solution if they want to backup entire computer to Google Drive.