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How to Forward AOL Mail to Gmail Account? [Solved]

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 1st, 2024
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Summary:- Seeking the methods to forward AOL Mail to Gmail, then read this write-up to know the best go-to approaches. There are major reasons behind the shift from one email service to another. In the following article, we will discuss the advantages of forwarding mail to Gmail. Also, we will highlight the different approaches for the same.

AOL Mail is yet another popular and intuitive email service. It is a free solution for managing emails, attachments, and even entire mailboxes. Moreover, it is mainly recognized among professionals for its feature-rich functionalities.

On the other hand, Gmail is gaining popularity due to its seamless features and advanced functionalities. With this, users search for methods to forward AOL Mail to Gmail. So, let’s move ahead to learn them.

Need to Transfer AOL Emails to Gmail

Before unfolding the solution, let’s first find out the common reason for forwarding AOL emails to Gmail. Since Google Mail or Gmail is designed while keeping the requirements of different professionals. Therefore, here are the advantages of accessing AOL emails to a Gmail account:-

  • User-Centric Interface:- Compared to AOL Mail, Gmail is considered the most favored choice for professionals to manage their cluttered mailbox. As it offers a user-centric and easy-to-navigate interface. With this, users can painlessly navigate from one folder to another.
  • Integrated Solution:- Gmail is an integrated solution that leverages users to easily access the different services of Google such as calendar, drive, contacts, and more. Moreover, it is a unified solution, therefore, users forward AOL Mail to Gmail.
  • Archive AOL Emails:- Gmail is a robust email platform for archiving emails. Hence, transferring the AOL emails to another account enables users to create a backup of AOL Mail in Gmail easily.

Overall, these are the possible reasons to forward AOL email to another account. Now, if you’re searching for methods for forwarding AOL mails to Gmail along with contacts and calendars. Then, let’s dive in to understand the solution.

Manual Solution to Automatically Forward AOL Mail to Gmail

In the following section, we will explain the manual steps to forward AOL email to Gmail account. The prerequisite of this free solution includes the accessibility of the AOL mail. With this, users can automatically forward the bulk emails to Gail. Now, let’s delve into understand the solution:-

  1. Open your AOL account.
  2. Move to Mail > select Settings feature.
  3. Now, click on Forwarding, and here, insert your Gmail email address.
  4. Lastly, save the Changes.

Implementing these steps, users can forward AOL mail to another email such as Gmail. Now, if you want to access or import the AOL contacts to your Gmail account. For the same, follow the below-mentioned step guidance:-

  1. Login to your AOL Mail account.
  2. Now, move to Address Book > select gear icon i.e. Settings.
  3. Click on Export > select CSV file format.
  4. Hit Save.
  5. After exporting the CSV file format, Open Gmail to import the AOL contacts.
  6. Navigate to “Contact” and then, select “Import”.
  7. Here, choose the CSV file format to transfer AOL contacts to Gmail.

In a nutshell, using these steps, users can transfer AOL email to Gmail with contact. Besides this, there is another option to automatically forward emails from AOL to a Gmail account while changing the settings of Gmail.

Use Gmail Import to Forward AOL Email to Gmail

Previously, we have highlighted methods to forward AOL Mail to Gmail using the AOL platform. Now, use the import options of Gmail for forwarding the AOL emails easily:-

  1. Launch a Gmail account.
  2. Click on the gear icon i.e. Settings > See all Settings.
  3. Now, select Accounts and Import > Import mail and contacts.
  4. In the popup checkbox, insert the email address of your AOL account.
  5. Lastly, enter the credentials and save.

With this, users can instantly forward AOL email to another account. There are a few disadvantages to using these manual solutions. Therefore, professionals suggest users opt for the advanced solution to eliminate the chances of misconfiguration.

Why Relying on the Manual Method is Not Suggested?

  • Forwarding the email data from one interface to another brings the challenge of maintaining the folder structure or hierarchy. In addition, it is considered a challenging task which certainly hampers the process of transferring emails.
  • Absence of forwarding the selective data to another account. The manual guidance doesn’t offer the privilege for users to forward AOL Mail to Gmail while choosing the selective emails.
  • Lastly, free solutions are certainly a time-consuming task that is incorporated with the fear of losing the originality of the text styling and mail attributes.

Hence, use the manual solutions while keeping the limitations in mind. Now, if you want to avoid these drawbacks then, look up a professional solution.

Expert Guide to Transfer AOL Email to Gmail

In this section, we will discover the expert-trusted solution to transfer AOL email to another account. Count on PCVITA IMAP Migration Software; one of the most proficient and seamless solutions. Interestingly, this professional utility is supported by all IMAP webmail.

Besides this, it allows users to apply the email filter to transfer AOL Mail to Gmail with selective data. The uniqueness of this utility includes preserving the originality of the folder and even migrating all folders of the mailbox All Mails / Sent Items / Deleted Items etc. Now, let’s move ahead to know the steps.

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Follow Steps Guidance Transfer AOL Email to Another Account

Prerequisite:- It is necessary to enable the IMAP protocol in both Source and Destination email accounts.

  1. Launch the aforementioned tool on your system.
    click on AOL from source
  2. In Source Hostname, select AOL Mail > enter the user’s name and password > hit Validate.
    select Gmail as destination
  3. Similar to Source, in Destination hostname, choose Gmail and insert the login credential > then, Validate.
    use advanced settings
  4. Now, using the Advanced settings, users can transfer AOL email to Gmail which retains particular email data.
    click on Migration
  5. Now, click on “Start Migration”.

Also, check out methods to permanently delete AOL emails.

Concluding Words

In this write-up, we have discussed the different methods to forward AOL Mail to Gmail. Since manual solutions hold measurable challenges and drawbacks. Therefore, opt for the expert-favored software, one of the go-to yet advanced solutions to instantly transfer the entire AOL mailbox to a Gmail account.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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