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Here’s How to Permanently Delete AOL Email Account Instantly

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 21st, 2021
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Is it time to delete your AOL email account? If you prefer a different email service or finally want to get rid of the old username you created years ago, it’s easy to switch from your account.

How to permanently delete AOL email account. After going through the process, all your emails and account settings will be deleted. You will no longer be able to use your AOL address to send or receive emails, and the address will not be available for someone else to use in the future.

So let’s go ahead and get the solutions to terminate AOL email account without any hindrance.

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How to Permanently Delete AOL Email Account?

Here, we will discuss the step by step procedure to delete AOL email account without any hassle. So, execute all the below-listed instructions to delete AOL email account permanently. Let’s begin:

Step 1: Open the AOL mail cancellation page.

• Navigate to in

Step 2: Login to your account if required. If prompted to add your login information and type your email address. Then, click on the Next and enter your AOL password and click on the Sign in.

Step 3: Click the Continue button to deactivate AOL email.

Step 4: Now, add your email address and press the text box in the middle of the page. And enter the full email address of your AOL account.

Step 5: Then press the Yes button, end this account. It is a blue button at the bottom of page.

Step 6: After that, Click on the Got it when it prompted. Doing so means that your AOL account has been deleted from the AOL database and is in the procedure of being removed.

Step 7: Finally, it may take a few weeks for your AOL account to be removed permanently.

What’s Next?

Don’t jump out! In the upcoming sections, we will discuss some more major points related to user’s real-time issue after performing the procedure to permanently delete AOL email account.

Mistakenly Lost Important Data?

When you perform the above-mentioned procedure to delete AOL email account permanently, you are terminating your entire data.

However, these are much more than we assume to delete from our AOL mail account. You can have the saving procedures of AOL emails and contacts in the oncoming sections.

Expert note: Download and save your important AOL emails. They may be useful in future times. The recovery procedure is very troublesome if no data is saved at your end and you permanently delete AOL email account.

Steps to Backup AOL Email Account to Computer

Simply perform the steps mentioned below to implement the archive AOL emails to hard drive, computer etc.

Step 1: Download and run AOL Backup tool on your system.

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Step 2: Add credentials and Login with your AOL account and choose an Email Format to backup AOL emails.


Step 3: Browse a location to save emails and choose Delete After Download option.


Step 4: Click on the Start button to begin the backup procedure.

start process

A Fortunate Way to Save AOL Contacts to Computer

Downloading the AOL email contacts on computer is the easiest part and it could be accomplished by executing the following instructions.

1. Login to your AOL Mail account on a desktop computer.

2. Now, go to Contacts option.

3. Here, you will see Tools option and under this you have to choose Export option.

4. After that, choose CSV file format to proceed further.

5. Finally, click on the Export button and your AOL contacts file will be saved.

Before permanently delete AOL email account, above-stated steps, will help you to export AOL contacts to computer in CSV format.

Do you know the process for saving AOL emails? If no, then proceed to the upcoming section. Here, we will disclose the steps to do the same.

How to Backup AOL Email Account to Computer Hard disk?

There is no direct solution available in AOL Mail to download AOL emails to the hard drive. So in this case you can sync AOL mail with Thunderbird and then save the data locally. In this case, for manual processing, you can sync Yahoo mail with Outlook or Thunderbird and then save the data locally.

So in the next segment, we will reveal the steps to import AOL mail to Thunderbird and save AOL emails on local system drive.

Steps to Add AOL Mail to Thunderbird Account

1. First, open Thunderbird application on your system.
2. Then, navigate to the Tools option in Menu bar and choose the Account Setting option.
3. Now, a new wizard will open and here, you have to click on the Account Actions option and choose Add Mail Account option.
4. Add your name, email address, and password.
5. Hit on the Connect button to authenticate the AOL credentials.

Important Note: Hit on the Manual Configuration to set the server configuration manually. And hit on the Re-test option to test the modified server configuration.

6. Select the POP account type.
7. Lastly, hit on the Done to Authenticate AOL web mail.

The procedure mentioned above will synchronize the AOL email account with the Thunderbird application. Also, all of your Yahoo email folders will be displayed in the Thunderbird folder pane. Once syncing between AOL emails to Thunderbird is complete, all emails will be displayed in the Thunderbird app.

This will create an MBOX file for each AOL mail folder on the system. Before you permanently delete AOL email account, you can back up AOL emails to your computer’s hard drive.

In case of deleting emails from AOL mail, it must be done manually. This would be a difficult task if the number of mail folders or emails is large. In this situation, a better option to delete AOL email account permanently is the previously suggested program called AOL Backup tool.

Concluding Thoughts

How to permanently delete AOL email account? It is most commonly asked query by the AOL mail user’s. So, we consider it and come up with this flawless article. Above we discussed the step by step procedure to delete AOL mail account without any omission. So, read the article carefully and get to know more about this topic in depth.