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Use the Smart Method If You Can’t Combine PDF Files

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On April 5th, 2023
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User Query: Hello guys, I have received some emails with PDF files, and I need to merge them into a single PDF file, but I can’t combine PDF files as these are large ones. I have tried multiple ways but faced several issues. Is there a way I can merge multiple files easily in less time?

Like this, there are multiple users that have similar issues related to “merging PDF files”. A few of them tries different way to execute the process but cannot combine PDF files. So, to help complete the PDF file merging process we have discussed some techniques that can be used to combine multiple PDF files.

Let’s see the methods that can help users to merge two or more PDF files as one document.

Quick Solution if You Can’t Combine PDF Files

  1. Download & Run the tool and choose to merge.
  2. Then choose the Merge option and Add File(s).
  3. Set the location to save files.
  4. set the merge option and press the Merge button.

Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Combine PDF Files

With the help of the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application, users can merge their PDF files easily who are unable to combine PDF files. To use this, the user will need to first purchase a subscription as the merging option is available only in Adobe Acrobat Free version. Below we have explained the steps to use and merge PDF files.  

  1. On the local machine open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. If not available, then download and install it.
  2. Now press the Tools button and go to Organize and press the merge option.
  3. then press the Add File option and select the required PDF file to merge.
  4. Finally, hit the Save button to save the output.

Following the above-explained steps will help to solve the issue of “can’t combine PDF files”.

Note: – Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a chargeable service, to use this the user will need to pay a certain cost. It offers a 7-day free trial option. To use it on a regular basis, the user will have to buy the full version.

Now let’s talk about the most trusted and reliable solution to join PDF files.

Use the Automated Solution if You Can’t Combine PDF Files

Here some of the users might not be able to buy Adobe’s professional application as its subscription cost is high. Hence it is suggested to use the economical technique to merge two or multiple PDF files. If you are unable to combine PDF files and can’t use Adobe Reader Pro,.Then you can use the PDF file Merger Software. It is capable of not only merging PDF documents but can also be used to split password-protected PDF Documents.

It can skip attachments, can create a new PDF file to save the merged PDF file or can create a new PDF file. Does not have any limitation on merging. Moreover, it supports all versions of PDF documents, and it supports Windows as well as Mac OS.

Detailed  Steps to Join PDF Files Safely Using the Utility

Here, we have discussed the steps for those who can’t combine PDF files and wants to use this tool to merge two or more PDF files.

Initially, the user is required to download the tool on their system and then follow the steps to add multiple secured PDF files.

1: If you cannot combine PDF files, then install & open the tool and select the merge option. Then press the Add File/ Folder option.

can't combine PDF files

2:  If the PDF file is secured with a password (User-Level) then enter the password else the user can skip this and press the Next button to continue.

can't combine PDF files

3: Select the merge options as required. Users can either Create a New PDF (after merging) or combine it with the existing PDF file.

merge options

4: Now use the Browse button to set the path of the resultant file.

browse to change the file saving path

5: Finally, press the Merge button to complete the process of merging.

can't combine PDF files

This way the user will be able to add multiple files in a single file and can resolve the issue of “cannot combine PDF files”

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Q: How can I manually combine PDF files?

Ans: To join files manually, you can use Adobe Acrobat Pro(subscription based) or consider an online tool provided by Adobe.

Q: Can this tool combine large PDF files into a single document?
Q:Yes, the tool is made to handle multiple files and combine them easily without causing any issues.
Q: I can’t combine PDF files using the Adobe application, what could be the other way?
Ans You can use the most trusted & reliable tool which we have mentioned in this post, as it easily combines multiple Adobe files.


When it comes to handling large PDF files, it becomes important to manage and store them in an organized way. Merging PDF files could be one of the best solutions. However, we have seen a similar type of issue that they can’t combine PDF files. Hence, this post will help those users who are unable to merge Two PDF files.  Using Adobe Acrobat Pro and an alternative technique users can easily join the PDF files easily without losing any PDF file data.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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