How to Merge Large PDF Files into One File – Efficient Way

admin | March 5th, 2020 | PDF, Technology

Looking at a solution to combine multiple huge size PDF files into a consolidate file? As we know, the management of multiple files is not so easy. Therefore, we come up with this blog that lets you know how to merge large PDF files into one  file.

Finding difficult to send large numbers of PDF to another system or person?

If yes, then you are not the only person on this planet who is facing this problem. There are many users who face the same problem while dealing with the multiple PDF files. One of the greatest solution of this problem is to join all the PDF file into a master PDF File.

Luckily, merging of multiple PDF files into a single consolidate file is not a big task if a user knows the right technique. By choosing a relevant solution, users can easily combine PDF files regardless of the number of files is to be consolidated into one.

So, here, we will provide you some appropriate solutions to club out large numbers of PDF files into one file.

Let’s understand the various needs when a user wants to join multiple PDF files into a single file

How to Merge Large PDF Files into One File – Potential Reasons

Case #1: By combining multiple numbers of PDF files into a single file, it is an easy way of handling and managing them.

Case #2: Suppose you have several PDF documents randomly placed. So by merging into a single file, you can get all data in a single place. Which is easy to get and share with others.

Case #3: If you need to send a large numbers of files for review, then you have to add several PDF files to one, you can easily share and send the files.

Why Manual Is not A Choice to Merge Large PDF Files

There are several free solutions available to join large PDF files into one. But most have certain limitations on the file number or file size is to be added.

Besides some free solutions, you can also combine several PDF files by using paid solution i.e. Adobe Acrobat Pro. The trial version of the tool is also available but it got expires after 7 days. So to use it further, you have to pay for it. Hence, to add PDF files with Acrobat, you have to buy the license for the full version of the software.

Although, It also consumes more time to consolidate in one file. In this situation, you can choose below explained excellent tool to consolidate multiple files into a single file at a low cost.

How to Merge Large PDF Files into One File – Perfect Solution

PDF Merger Software is the best solution to combine several PDF files into one. It provides an option to create a single PDF file from several files in any Windows OS. With the Add File or Add folder option users can easily insert the multiple PDF files to start the combining process. The utility maintains data security and integrity during the merging process.

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Key Features:

1. Combine multiple numbers of PDF files at a time
2. Provides Add Files or Add Folders option to join PDFs
3. Compatible with all versions of Adobe PDF documents
4. Creates a separate folder to store the resultant PDF file

Let’s know how efficient the tool works!

How to Merge Large PDF files into One File – 5 Easy Steps

You have to download and install the tool in your system to create a single document from several PDF documents easily.

Step 1: Click the Merge Button

Step 2: Then, choose Add File or Add Folder option to insert PDFs

Step 3: Next, click the Process button to combine large PDF files into one

Step 4: Enter the file name to store the resultant PDF file

Step 5: Now a pop-up box gets displayed about the completion of the process

After following the above step-by-step guideline, the user can easily join multiple PDF files to a single file.


It is one of the difficult tasks to manage multiple numbers of PDF files at a time. So for better management combine them to a single file. For this, we have explained different solutions for joining several PDF files into one file. But, most of them have some drawbacks like more time consumption, file size, file number, etc. Therefore, considering all the things, one can use a reliable solution as discussed in the above section. The utility is the perfect solution for how to merge large PDF files into one without any limitation. Besides this, the tool provides some other advantageous features too.