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How to Convert XLS Sheet to PDF?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On February 10th, 2023
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Overview: Learn how to convert XLS sheet to PDF in simple ways. Check out the reasons to use a PDF format and find all the methods for that. Find some basics about Excel and PDF as mentioned here. Let’s get started!

We all know that Excel is a pretty popular spreadsheet program containing a number of columns and rows where it is easy to store infinite amount of data especially contacts. With the help of an Excel spreadsheet, you can make it easier to find information and automatically fetch out information from changing the data. Now, it is a great program but the Excel files are not compatible in every emailing platform.

This is why, here we are going to export Excel file as PDF for PDF is a cross-platform compatible file format. It can be accessed in any email program and has various other benefits of using it. Listed below are the reasons:

  • PDF is a format which is compatible with every platform and can easily be accessed.
  • It offers password protection to keep the data safe.
  • These files are used for various legal purposes.
  • Different level of access to keep the content and the entire document protected like passwords, digital signatures, watermarks, etc.

Now, let’s get going to the methods transfer the Excel spreadsheets.

Methods to Convert XLS Sheet to PDF?

Here, you will find 3 effective methods to perform the conversion;

All these methods are helpful to the users and can easily be used and understood without any complexities. The first one is an expert-suggested method and is the most reliable solution to be applied. It will help you to export your files in bulk without making any changes to the data stored in the XLS files.

The second method has two solutions both of which are useful but perform the function one-by-one for each Excel file you want to export as cross-platform file. The following sections show how you can perform the operations.

Direct Solution to Export Excel Workbook to PDF Format

For a smooth and trouble-free conversion process, download the Expert-Recommended Solution which has the ability to convert the spreadsheets with all the contact files without making any changes to the data.

This tool offers various features to a user for the best experience at exporting the files such as auto-map option, manual mapping, creating individual PDF files for each contact etc. Let’s find out these benefits as listed below:

  • Save the contacts as PDF with or without column mapping
  • Include/Exclude the desired columns from Excel files
  • Add File(s) option to add single or multiple contacts
  • Convert XLS work sheet to PDF in bulk with the help of this tool
  • Supports conversion in Windows OS 11, 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit)

Working Steps to Convert XLS Sheet to PDF

    Now, moving on to the working of this tool.

  1. Download the software and launch it on your Windows and Mac OS
  2. Click on the Browse button and load the Excel spreadsheet

Browse Excel file

3. Next. Preview all contacts data file


4. Mark the PDF radio button and check the Create single PDF file for all contacts checkbox

click the PDF

4. Select the location path for the end files by pressing the Change button

Select the location path

5. Now, choose the Excel Fields and Export File Fields and map both the fields as required. Or, select Auto-Map option and click Save


6. Finally, hit Export to finish the process


This way, you will be able to convert the data files.

Manual Methods to Convert XLS Sheet to PDF Format

Warning: The methods mentioned below are not suitable for bulk exportation. You can convert files one-by-one which may take a lot of time for converting files more than 10-15.

We will be explaining two methods here for you to choose from if you have only a few files to be transferred as PDF. The first is to save the contacts files by using the Quick Access Toolbar Command. The next one is a simple exportation method. Let’s take a look at both these workarounds to get the contact files converted manually.

Workaround 1 – Export Excel Files as PDF Via Quick Access Toolbar Command

1. Open the XLS file you want to convert and right click on the Quick access toolbar.

2. Choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar option from the menu.

3. An Excel Options menu will open up. Click on the Quick Access Toolbar tab.

4. Choose All Commands option under the Choose commands from menu.

5. Now, scroll down and choose Publish as PDF or XPS option.

6. Click on the Add button and hit Ok.

Now, you can transfer the files as PDF by choosing the command from Quick Access Toolbar. If this approach is not suitable for you or you want a different approach, follow the steps of the next method.

Workaround 2 – Convert XLS Sheet to PDF Using the Export Option

1. Open your Excel file and click on the File option

2. Choose the Export option and a window will open up

3. Click on the Create PDF/XPS Document option

4. Hit the Create PDF/XPS button. While saving the file, click on the Options button

5. The Publish as PDF or XPS menu will open up and you can select the location along with advanced PDF options

6. After that, hit Publish to create the PDF.

This will convert the contact files and save them as PDF on your desired location. If you want to save more files, repeat these steps for each file and save them in the location of your choice.

Ending Words

There are various methods and workarounds that may help you to convert XLS Sheet to PDF but not all are successful. The solutions as mentioned in this blog are the only ones that can help you with the conversion task in easy ways. The software to convert Excel contact files is a sure shot solution for the users who want to export contacts in bulk. For converting a few files, you can use the manual methods but then again, you will have to repeat the steps to save them one-by-one.


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