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Successful Methods to Download Verizon Emails to Hard Drive Easily

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 17th, 2023
Reading Time 8 Minutes Reading

Do you need to download Verizon email on the computer hard drive? Has it been necessary for you to backup Verizon email messages to the computer, so that it is easier for you to access your important emails at the local end with respect to the supportive email client?

Verizon email client stopped the mail service by the mid of 2015 as it acquired the AOL webmail client. A broadcast was made for the Verizon mail users to move to AOL and use their Verizon mail with the same facilities. But many chose to move from AOL to other email clients. This thought raised as many were stressed about their emails within the Verizon mail. Many moved on to Outlook, Yahoo, Zoho, and some went to Gmail as well.

While using these email clients, you can have a thought of saving some important emails at the local end. Its human nature to create a backup of the important things so that in diverse situations, you are not affected at a major phase. In the below article we will be discussing some facts that can help you download Verizon email on Local hard drive.

Expert Suggest: It is necessary to save your Important emails at the local end. It will help you use it when the respective email client is unavailable (Server Outage). Always do keep a copy of your important data online and at the local end so that your data is accessible at all times.

How to Backup Verizon Email Messages to Computer?

To download a copy of Verizon emails to hard drive, there are possibly two formats. They are

  1. Download Verizon Email Directly
  2. Save Verizon Email to Computer via Another Email Client

You can have any other method as well if you find so. Here we will be sharing the facts to save the Verizon email messages with Gmail (MBOX), Outlook (PST / MSG), Thunderbird (MBOX / EML), Zoho Mail (EML), and a direct solution capable to save the data in various file formats. Let us start without sparing a moment.

We will be starting the direct solution so that the user in need can have a feasible and reliable solution without any delay.

Download Verizon Email to Computer – Direct Method

In the direct solution, you have to install a simple utility, AOL Backup Tool in your system. The application offers the facility to download Verizon emails directly from to local system at the specified location. It will save your Verizon messages in PST, EML, MBOX, and MSG formats as per your need.

There are many other features included for smart email download. You can set the bandwidth to download data, filter emails for selective mail backup, set the option to archive emails on a local hard drive, etc. In addition, you can backup the email data from AOL and AIM account to a local computer.

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Steps to Download Verizon Email to Computer

  1. Launch the application and login with the Verizon account.

2. Select the email file format to download Verizon email.

 select email format

3. Browse a location to save the output file.

browse location to save verizon email

4. Click on the Start button to backup Verizon messages.

download verizon emails to computer

This is the simplest method available to download messages in account to a local system. The resultant file can be opened up in their supported mail clients, like, PST / MSG in MS Outlook, MBOX file in Thunderbird, and EML file in Zoho Mail, Apple Mail etc.

For other successful solutions to complete the same task are discussed in the below sections. Go down to know more about them.

How to Save Verizon Emails via Another Mail Client?

In case of configuring Verizon’s email to another email client, some among you might have done this before. In this method, you need to configure the Verizon account to another email client and then export the emails to the computer hard drive. For the newest among you can find the configuration of Verizon to some commonly used email clients. They are Gmail, Outlook, Zoho, Thunderbird, etc. Let us start with the migrating process.

download verizon email to Outlook

Verizon Mail to Outlook Account

In this configuration to complete successfully, you need to install the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer system. Here the process to configure Verizon email to Outlook 2019/ 2016/ 2013 is stepped.

Steps to Add Verizon Email to Outlook

  • Choose File >> Info & click Add Account
add account option
  • Select Manual setup or additional server types radio button


manually add Verizon account to Outlook
  • Opt. POP or IMAP account type
Account type configuration
  • Provide User & Server configuration
    1. User First & Last name
    2. Verizon account type: IMAP
    3. Incoming server info:
    4. Outgoing server info:
    5. Provide Verizon account credentials
server configuration verizon mail
  • Click More Settings
    • Outgoing server Tab:
      1. Check My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
      2. Choose Use same setting as my incoming server
Verizon SMTP authentication option
  • Advanced Tab:
    • Incoming Port: 993; Encryption: SSL
    • Outgoing Port: 465; Encryption: SSL
  • Click on the OK button.
port number to connect Verizon to Outlook
  • Select the Next button.
test Verizon configuration setting
  • Click Finish. Restart Microsoft Outlook.

This will add Verizon Mail to Outlook application. As the mailbox is created at the folder panel, the system creates a PST file for the respective mailbox. You can reach the default location to save the file at a known place. You can also choose the Export option in Outlook application to save the Verizon data at a known location.

Steps to Export Verizon Emails to PST

  1. Click on the File menu in Outlook application.
  2. Select the Open and Export option and then click on the Import / Export option.
  3. Click Export to a file option and then click Next.
  4. Choose the Outlook Data File (.pst) option and then click Next.
  5. Select Verizon mail folders. Also, enable Include Subfolders checkbox and then click Next.
  6. Click on Browse and specify a location to download Verizon email.
  7. Click Finish to begin the export process.

With this, the process to backup Verizon messages to computer is completed. The data will be saved in PST format. This format is supported by Outlook only.

Add Verizon Mail to Gmail

In this process, you have to configure Verizon Email on Gmail and then download Verizon email via Gmail backup process. You can find the process of the Verizon mailbox addition in Gmail through the process guided below.

Procedure to Transfer Verizon Mail to Gmail

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Settings and move to the Accounts & Import tab.
  3. Under Check mail from other accounts, select Add a mail account option.
  4. A new window is a pop-up. Enter the Verizon email address.
  5. Select the Import emails from my other account (POP3) option and click Next.
  6. Enter your Verizon Email address and password.
  7. Enter beside the Pop server text field. Also, add 995 beside the port number slot.
  8. Check the option: always use a secure connection when retrieving email.
  9. Click on Add account option at the bottom.
  10. Choose the Yes option and click on the Finish button.

This will include the Inbox of Verizon mail to the Gmail account. Then, use the Gmail export process to download Verizon email to the computer system in MBOX format. The MBOX file is supported by many email clients, say Thunderbird, Entourage, Eudora, Apple Mail, Pocomail, etc.

Now we shall move down to view, how to save Verizon emails to the hard drive via the Thunderbird email client.

Export Verizon Emails to Thunderbird

  1. Open Thunderbird application
  2. Click on Tools and then select Account settings option.
  3. Click on Account Actions and then click on Add mail account option.
  4. Enter your Name, Verizon account email address, and password.
    Click on the Continue button.
  5. Ensure that IMAP is selected. You can also choose the account typesetting to POP Server Settings.
  6. Click on the Manual Config option.
    Under the server hostname, insert:
    1. Incoming server: / Port number: 993 (SSL)
    2. Outgoing server: / Port: 465(SSL)
  7. Click on Re-test option.
  8. Now click on Done option.

This will download Verizon email on the Thunderbird application. The Thunderbird creates an MBOX file for each mailbox folders created in the default location (same as Outlook). You can go to the folder location and save a copy of the file in a known location. If you don’t know the location of your Thunderbird mail client, process down the steps to reach the location.

  1. Click on Tools and then select Account settings option.
  2. Under the Thunderbird account, click on Server Settings.
  3. Scroll down and reach to Local directory path.

Follow this path and you will reach to the Verizon saved mailbox location. You can copy or move it to a new location. This will move your Verizon email data in MBOX format. You can drag and drop individual emails from the Thunderbird application to download Verizon email in EML file format.

Final Words…

In the above article, we have been learning some efficient methods to save data from the Verizon account. In the present time, you can use multiple email clients for messaging and sharing data over the internet. Here we have described multiple configuration techniques of Verizon mail to other email clients. It will help you download Verizon email to your using mail client.