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Export VCF to CSV Mac – Undertake the Fastest Mechanism

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: 30-Dec-2021 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

There are users who have difficulty storing their contacts as backup and want to export VCF to CSV on Mac. All the contacts that you have on your email services’ address book are saved in .vcf file format, also known as vCard.

In some cases, users may want to open their contacts in a spreadsheet for which, you need to convert them to CSV. This CSV file can be exported to various applications such as MS Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

Users also want to transfer VCF to CSV as a CSV file lets you view the files like a workbook wherein you can create new categories and is compatible on other operating systems as well.

Apart from this, a few more reasons lead users to undergo the conversion:

• CSV files store the data in plain-text making it easier to read.
• It is comparatively easier to import these files to another spreadsheet or any storage database.
• It can store large amounts of contacts without any trouble.

Now, let’s find out how you can perform the conversion task.

How to Export VCF to CSV Mac?

You can do so by following either the manual method or the automated solution. The manual method will show how to undergo the export process but it will take more time than required for such a process.

The automated solution will help you move your data without wasting any more than just a few minutes. You will not require any technical expertise to be able to use this solution.

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Manually Transfer VCF to CSV

Follow these steps to start the manual procedure:

1. Click on the Go menu bar on your Mac OS and choose Application option.
2. Now, open the Microsoft Office folder and double-click on the Excel button to run it.
3. Hit the File button and from the drop-down, select Import.
4. After that, select the vCard file you want to save as CSV.
5. Press the File button and choose Save as from the drop-down menu.
6. Select the File Type menu and choose .CSV as the export type.
7. At last, click on the Save button to complete the process.

This is how you can easily export VCF to CSV on Mac. Although, this process is a time-taking and a lengthy one. Also, you might not be able to convert more than only a few contacts as CSV and open them in Excel.

To get over the fact that the manual method is not suitable for bulk conversion, you can go for the automated solution.

Find out what it is and how it helps.

Automated Solution to Transfer VCF to CSV

There is a bunch of users who might want to convert their contacts to CSV file format in bulk.

Well, the above discussed method doesn’t work well when it comes to exporting multiple files altogether.

It can be done if you use this vCard Converter Software which is capable of importing multiple contacts to CSV easily.

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You can transfer the contact name, address, email, and phone and other information stored in your address book to CSV file format.

Export VCF to CSV on Mac including more than 50 vCard contact fields such as Name, Gender, Birthday, Job Title, Mobile, Email, Business Fax, and many more.

Now, this is about the features that the tool offers. In the following section, you will learn how the software works.

Well, it is pretty easy to use since the interface of this tool is user-friendly. You do not require any technical expertise to work with it.

Working of the Tool to Transfer VCF to CSV

Following steps will show how to perform the conversion process:

1. Download the software and run it. Click on the Add File(s) option and choose the file that you want to import.

2. Click on the Open button and hit Next.

3. Now, choose the CSV radio button and select the Change button to choose destination location.

4. To finish the process, click on the Export button and your process will be completed.

This is how easily one can initiate the process to export VCF to CSV on Mac with the help of this software. You will also be able to view the exported report by clicking on the View Report option after the process finishes.

Just a few clicks and all your work is done within minutes.

Here We End It

As you know, VCF or vCard is the file format that stores all the contacts in an email client. You can open these files and read them in Excel for which it is necessary you convert them to CSV.

In case you want to store your contacts in CSV format, you can do so by using one of the methods aforementioned. For exporting only a few files, you can use the manual method but for bulk, it is not a suggested method.

You can choose the automated tool to transfer VCF to CSV in an efficient manner keeping the data safe and sound.