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Learn How to Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF Files

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On August 29th, 2022
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Generally, users under some situations require to extract bookmarked pages from PDF. Based on the regular workflow, the requirement of attaching similar pages to multiple PDF official files can be there. Taking out the bookmarked pages from a PDF file might look easier. However, people do face inconvenience while implementing the same process on multiple PDF files.

Things can become difficult if you don’t know the right way to do them. Hence, to make this process convenient, we have explained two techniques that can be used to export bookmarked PDF pages and save them in a new PDF file.

For better understanding, you can see a Real-time user query that was asked…

User Query: “Hi, can anyone help me to get the best method or any tool to extract bookmarked pages from PDF? I have multiple PDF files with me, and I have bookmarked some crucial data pages which I want to save in a new PDF file to make my work easier. So, is there any method or any utility to extract and save the pages which are bookmarked?

Reasons Extract Pages with Bookmarks Adobe

Depending on the user’s situation there can be multiple reasons which make them separate the bookmarked PDF pages. Below are some of the points listed.

  • Addition of the same pages to other PDF files (Doesn’t requires opening the same PDF file to extract and add the same pages to another PDF document).
  • Extracting Specific pages which contain work-related data and information.
  • Presenting the bookmarked pages in court as evidence or legal Statements.
  • Saving time in accessing selected pages from large or multiple PDF files.

After knowing the reasons, the next important thing that comes to mind is “what are the ways of implementing this task? Read the next section to get the answer to this.

How to Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF Using the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro  

Bookmarking the important pages for use is best when you have multiple files. However, if a user wants to not only bookmark them but extract them to a new PDF file. Then with the help of Adobe Acrobat Reader Pro, the process of taking out PDF pages is possible. Use the steps mentioned below to extract pages with bookmarks adobe.

  1. Launch the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro application and open the PDF file.
  2. Go to the Plug-Intab and select Split Document> Extract Bookmarked Pages.
  3. By default, the option “Use all bookmarks from the document to extract pages” will be selected. Then press the Ok button to move ahead.
  4. Next, choose whether to Save to file or Load from the file.
  5. Now check and confirm the procedure and click the Ok button to extract bookmarked pages from PDF.
  6. After the process finishes, open the Extracted PDF file and save it on the system.

Note – The most important thing is that this is a premium application and to use this one will have to purchase the full subscription. Also, to extract pages from multiple files then the user will need to execute all the steps again for every PDF file.

Extract Bookmarked Pages from PDF in a Few Steps Using Smart Tool

Using the same process for taking out the bookmarked pages from multiple PDFs can be a tedious task to perform. So, to make this a single-time performing task, we strongly recommend using the PDF Page Extractor Software. As it has the advanced feature of extracting bookmarked pages from single/multiple PDF documents without any issues. One of the best things that this tool has is that it automatically extract data(pages) from PDF files and can also extract pages from a secured PDF file (Owner Level Protected PDF). Moreover, it can extract text, Inline images, RTF, Metadata, attachments, and hyperlinks from a PDF file.

Follow the instruction in order to extract pages with bookmarks adobe.

  • Firstly, on the local machine, download and launch the tool.

Extract bookmarked pages from PDF

  • The next step is to use the Add Files/Add Folders to load PDF files.

insert the PDF files

  • Type the User-Level Password if any PDF file has it. If not, then continue by pressing the “Next” button. Also, use the Change option to set the destination to save the extracted PDF files.

enter the password if needed

  • Now in the Extract tab, select the Bookmark option and apply the filters as needed.

select the bookmark option

  • Finally, after applying the filters, press the Extract button to Extract bookmarked pages from PDF.

Extract bookmarked pages from PDF

  • Using this tool, the process of taking out the crucial PDF pages becomes easier. Moreover, this becomes a more reliable and trusted way as it does not hamper the data while extracting.

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Whenever you have multiple or large PDF files, it becomes important to use bookmarkers to mark specific pages which can be used later to refer to. However, sometimes it requires to Extract bookmarked pages from PDF. So, to make this process simple, we have discussed two techniques to execute this process which you will find and explore in this article.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.