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How to Automatically Extract Data from PDF Documents?

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: July 23, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you have a PDF file that has multiple pages and wants to extract all data from the files? And looking for a solution on how to automatically extract data from PDF?

Manually pulling out the data from these files is not an easy task. Suppose, if you have a huge number of pages in a single PDF document. It will take lots of time and effort to extract data PDF from multiple files. And of course, the process could be monotonous and repetitive.

But now you don’t need to worry about how to extract data from PDF!

Well, we have a solution that can change your life for the better. Even if you have tons of PDF files, you will find that this software to extract data from pdf brings a fundamental change in the way to data extraction from PDF files.

Before we understand the tool, let’s have a quick glance at the real-time user query.

Hi, everyone! I have thousands of PDF documents that have 100 pages in each. I need to extract the data from specific page numbers and want to save them in a word document to be processed later. Although I tried several tools none of them supports bulk data extraction. Can anyone provide me an automated software to extract data from multiple files? I will appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.”

Try This Software to Automatically Extract Data from PDF

PDF Data Extractor is one of the most prominent and powerful software that is designed in such a manner that provides quality solutions to extract data from pdf files to meet client satisfaction. This utility helps users to extract information from PDF files. With this reliable program, you can save any kind of attachments, inline images as well as text from PDF files.

Moreover, the tool gives several filters to apply Page Settings options to extract data from PDF documents including the filter: all pages, even pages, odd pages, page ranges, and page numbers.

However, sometimes PDFs are password-protected so that you can’t extract data or convert them to any other format. But if you have this software, you can easily extract information from PDF secured files as well.

The tool is available for both Windows as well as Mac Operating system users to solve the query of “how to extract data from PDF easily. You can download a trial version of this tool by clicking on the download button or purchase a licensed version of the software. So users need not have to worry because they can extract PDF text on Mac OS also.

How to Automatically Extract Data from PDF Files?

Follow these steps to see a quick walkthrough of using this automated software:

1. Run the trial version of the tool and click on the “Add Files” / “Add Folder” button to insert PDF documents.

2. Select the “Item type” as “Text” and “Apply Filter“.

3. You can also “Apply Page Settings” option to extract information from PDF document.

4. Click on the “Extract” button to automatically extract data from PDF file.

5. Now it prompts you with a message stating that “PDF files are extracted successfully”.

We just explored the working of the software and learned how to extract data from pdf which works quickly and well. Now, let’s know some functionality offered by this prominent software to extract data from PDF documents.

Advantageous Features of the Versatile Tool

1. Rapidly Extract Data from Multiple PDFs: The utility is powerful enough to support and extract data from pdf file in bulk. You can add multiple PDF documents and extract their data in one go.

2. Export Data from Secured PDF Files: As the software is designed with an advanced algorithm, it is capable to extract information from PDF secured file.

3. Save Resultant File in Single or Individual Folder: The utility to automatically extract data from PDF files gives the option to extract data files and save them in a single folder or individual folder.

4. Extract Text from Adobe PDF: You can also save text from any PDF documents without losing any data and formatting.

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Wrapping Things Up

In this guide, we have introduced an efficient solution that is the safest and most reliable tool and can easily answer the user’s query. We have suggested a brilliant tool that helps users to export information from PDF without losing any data & originality. And last but definitely not least, the software also provides the option to extract text, attachments and images from Adobe PDF. This PDF data extraction software is the perfect solution for users to automatically extract data from PDF.

Users Ask Following Questions:

Q. 1 – Is it possible to extract data from multiple PDF files with the help of this tool?

Ans. – Yes, the tool has been designed with advanced mechanisms that allow users to take out data from multiple files.

Q. 2 – Can I extract data from the files that have owner-level protection?

Ans. – Indeed, the PDF data extraction software has the feature to pull out data from owner-level protected files.

Q. 3 – Will I be able to use the software on my Windows OS?

Ans. – Yes, it is able to automatically extract data from PDF on Windows OS 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.