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The Best Solution to Extract Image from MSG file

Christopher Pete ~ Published: November 5, 2020 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Are you in a situation where you have hundreds of MSG files with image attachments? Want to know how to extract image from MSG file. So, stick with this blog because here we have disclosed the perfect and trustworthy solution to extract multiple images from MSG file attachments in Outlook.

Usually, the MSG file is a single message file that contains the data of email, one or more email sender, recipient, attachments, message body, etc. Now, we know that Outlook provides the facility to attach the files within the email. And one can easily add any file like image, video, contact, Docx, PDF in attachments.

But there is a majority of people whose not aware of the method how to extract attachments from the MSG file. And the task becomes more complicated when you have an orphan MSG file that contains hundreds of image attachments.

So if you are in the same situation where you have to extract attachments from MSG files, then bookmark this page.

How to Extract Attachments from MSG Files?

The following manual method is capable to save images from MSG files and less in the number.

Let’s have a look at the steps

  • To begin the task first open Outlook on your computer
  • Now select the message from which you want to extend the attachment
  • Click on the message to open in the reading pane
  • Now, from the reading pane select the attachment and right-click on it, and select the Save All Attachments option
  • After that select the destination location and click on the Save button to the same all image file from the MSG file.

Extract Image Attachments from Orphan MSG Files

What if you have hundreds of orphan MSG files. And you have to extract image attachments from them. Then you need to follow the below steps to extract attachments from MSG files.

Step to Save Image Attachments from Orphan MSG Files

  • Firstly you need to import all the MSG files into Outlook. And to import the MSG file drag and drop the files into Outlook
  • Once the file import is completed choose the message to open in the reading pane
  • From the reading, pane select the image file and right-click on it
  • Choose the Save All Attachments option to save the attachments from MSG files
  • Select the desired destination location to save the file click on the save button to save it

Pro Solution to Extract Image From MSG file

As you see the above method is very time-consuming because you have to save all the attachments one by one from each MSF file. So in that situation, most users want an instant solution to complete this task.

save pst email attachments

Outlook Attachment Extractor is an all-rounder attachment management utility that has the ability to save attachments from Outlook email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and journals.

It also permits the users to extract attachments from Outlook MSG, PST, OST, and BAK files. Moreover, the tool ensures to maintain the data integrity and folder structure during the process.

Also, the tool provides various filter options such as date filter, size filter, format filter so the user can save Outlook email attachments as per their requirements.

Steps to Extract Image from MSG Files

1. Download and install the software on your Windows systems

2. Now, launch the software and choose the MSG radio button and choose Add File(s) or Add Folder

3. Select the Maintain Folder Hierarchy option and then the Next button

4. Now, choose Extract Attachments from All Folder

5. After that click on the Change button to select the destination location

6. Under the Filter, option selects the Email option. Also, you can avail various filter option such as date filter, size filter naming conventions, and format

7. Now, click on the Extract button to Extract the image from the MSG file

8. Finally, all your images are now exported to the allocated location.

Concluding Thought

There are many users seeking an adequate solution to extract images from the MSG file. Hence, in this blog, we have elaborated on the manual as well as an automated way to save image attachments from MSG. As we have discussed both methods but if you have to extract multiple images from MSG files then, go for the automated method also you can try the trial version to check the efficiency of the tool.