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Know How to Allow Commenting on PDF When Not Allowed

Aisha ~ Modified: July 21, 2023 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If a user wants to allow commenting on PDF files when not allowed, then he or she needs to be the author or creator of that file. Otherwise, a user needs to have access to the Adobe Acrobat application, which was used to create it originally. Otherwise, one needs to look for some professional solution to remove restrictions. In order to about all these possible ways to allow commenting on a PDF file, read the blog.

PDF is the most popularly used document format across the globe. A variant type of security feature can be applied by the users to keep their PDF documents safe from unauthorized access.

There are two types of security available that one can apply. One is open password security which is applied to prevent the opening of a document. Another is applied to restrict any operation on PDF files like print, copy, comment, edit, etc. It all depends on the choice of a user and what type of security he or she wants to use.

However, passwords for both types of restrictions are different. So, when a user wants to allow commenting on PDF when not allowed, a permission password or owner-level password is required.

If a user does not know the permission password, even any Adobe Acrobat program will be unable to unlock it. However, there are still some ways available that one can use and enable comments on PDF files.

Best Professional Way to Allow Commenting on PDF

When a user does not know the permission password, even the Adobe Acrobat method fails to remove restrictions from PDF files. Therefore, to overcome this situation, a user can take the help of a professional third-party solution i.e., PDF Restriction Remover. The software is designed in a way that it unlocks PDF with an owner-level password without any hassle. Using this tool, one can remove edit, copy, comment etc., restrictions from PDF files.

Let’s see how we can use this advanced tool to Allow Commenting in Adobe PDF Documents:

1: For removing comment restrictions, just install the utility.

allow commenting on PDF

2: Once the installation is done, launch the tool and hit the Add File or Add Folder to load the locked PDF files.

loading PDF files

3: Next, preview the files inserted, and select the option to Save or Print PDF files.

preview, save or print PDF files

4: Then, with the help of the Change button, set the file location path for saving the unlocked PDF files. 

set the location to save files

5: Finally, hit the Unlock button to allow commenting on PDF files. 

allow commenting on PDF

Can’t Comment on PDF – Let’s Solve

When a user is unable to comment on PDF files or thinks that “Why can’t I add comments to a PDF”, it is clear there is a comment restriction applied to it. Now, to remove restrictions or allow commenting on PDF, follow the steps mentioned below.

Note: It might be possible that PDF is both open & owner-level password protected. So, below mentioned method is applicable in all cases.

Enabling Comment option Using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 

  • To allow commenting on PDF files, you need to open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.
  • After that, click on the File option from the menu bar. Click on the Open button and the Open dialogue box will appear.
  • Then, locate the comment-restricted PDF file and choose it. Click on the Open button. If your PDF is open password protected, it will prompt you for Document Open Password.
  • Now, type your password and click on the OK button to open the PDF file.
  • Next, you have to click on the File tab from the menu bar. Then, choose the Properties option to open the Document Properties dialogue box.
allow commenting on PDF
  • Here, you can see the current security restrictions applied to the PDF document simply by clicking on the Security tab.
  • In the Document Restrictions Summary, all Allowed and Not Allowed restrictions are listed.
allow commenting on PDF
  • After that, click on the Security Method from the drop-down menu and select the No Security option. At this point, Adobe Acrobat will prompt you for the Permission Password.
  • Simply, type the password in the Enter Password field and click on the OK button.
  • Here, it again displays a dialogue box and asks for confirmation that you are sure you want to remove security from the document.
  • Click on the OK button. You will be moved again to the Document Properties.
  • Click on the OK button and all restrictions, including commenting restrictions, are now removed successfully.

After this, the query “Why can’t I add comments to a PDF” will be solved. A user can easily open a PDF file in the Adobe application and start commenting or highlighting text for notes. But, Adobe Acrobat is a paid application. Moreover, if a user does not know the permission password, he or she will be unable to perform it completely.

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Whenever a user reads or views a PDF file and is unable to mark or add some notes to it, the document is comment restricted. This means that the user can not add comment on the PDF files. Thus, in this blog, we have discussed all possible ways how to allow commenting on PDF when not allowed.