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Explore the Finest Solution to Sign a Secured PDF in Adobe

Bella Blackwell ~ Modified: January 13, 2023 ~ 4 Minutes Reading

User Query: “Hello, guys! On an urgent basis, I need to sign some PDF documents. While moving to add sign, it shows that Fill & Sign tool is not working, or it is disabled. Later I got to know that the file is restricted. So, now I am looking for a solution to sign a secured PDF in adobe. How can I unlock the PDF file?

As per the above query, the user wants to unlock the PDF file in adobe, so that they can easily sign the PDF files. this is the fact that without the owner-level password, no one can sign the PDF file. So, to make this possible, we came up with the best solution and we have explained it in this article. So,  to sign a locked PDF file then read this post and choose the suitable decision.

But firstly, we should know what restrictions there in the PDF file are.

How to Know What Restrictions Are Applied to the Adobe PDF File?

Sometimes the user might think that the PDF file is not opened properly as they are not able to add a signature to it. Below, we have mentioned the method to find out the applied restrictions and enable the option to sign a locked PDF document.

  • In Adobe Reader, open the PDF file and press on Properties.
  • Now under the Security tab press the “Document Restrictions Summary”.
  • A list of all permissions will be visible showing “Allowed” & “Not Allowed”.
  • By looking at the list of permissions, users can see which option is restricted and which can be used in that PDF file.

Add Signature to Secured PDF Document With Adobe Reader DC

Here, we will be explaining the process to insert signature in a PDF file with an owner-level password.

  • Firstly, open the Adobe Reader DC and open the PDF file.
  • Find the Fill & Sign available on the left side of the tool pane and select it.
  • On the top user will find the option “Sign Yourself”, press it. A window will pop up showing different options Type, Draw, Image.
  • After Adding the signature, then hit the Apply button.

NOTE – The user will need to type the password for restricted PDF files. If the user doesn’t know the password, then, this manual method will not work. So, in this situation, the user can use the software which we have explained in the next section.

Expert Suggested Solution to Sign a Secured PDF in Adobe

If the user has a Password-protected PDF file and is not able to add their signature. Then, they can use the Adobe PDF Unlocker Tool in which the user doesn’t require to enter the password and it removes the restriction easily, it can also remove copy protection from PDF files, allows them to print, edit, extract pages, etc. Moreover, it allows commenting on the locked PDF. Windows, as well as Mac OS users, can download this software and use it.

Guided Steps to Use This Utility to Sign a Secured PDF in Adobe

  • Initially, on the system download the tool and run it to add signature to secured PDF.

sign a secured PDF in adobe

  • Add File(s) / Add Folder(s) to insert PDF files to sign a locked PDF file.

add PDF files

  • Choose the option to either Save or Print by selecting it in Destination Path.

sign a secured PDF in adobe

  • Now hit the Change button to set the location to save, then press the Next button.

set the destination to save unlocked PDF

  • After setting the path for saving the unlocked PDF. Press the Unlock button to unlock & sign a secured PDF in adobe.

press the button to unlock pdf

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Nowadays, people do receive PDF files which are secured. And if it needs to sign a secured PDF in Adobe and doesn’t know the user-level password. Then it becomes an issue. If the user has the password, then for them, we have mentioned the solution using Adobe Acrobat DC.
On the other hand, if the user doesn’t know the password, then they can go for the software that we have explained in this article to add a signature to a protected PDF.