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How to Fix Outlook Error 0xc0000005? – 4 Easy Ways

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 2nd, 2022
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

Summary: “Read this article to learn how you can fix Outlook error 0xc0000005.”

Updates are done for functionality improvement but, sometimes they backfire. One latest example is Outlook crashing while launching it, a problem faced by Outlook users all over the world looking for ways to fix Outlook error 0xc0000005. Microsoft has confirmed that this issue was generated from its latest MS Office update.

Though users are not responsible for this situation, they have to use Outlook as this has become one crucial element of business continuity. In this article, we will talk about the error in brief and describe two techniques to deal with the problem.

What is Outlook Error 0xc0000005?

The latest Outlook error 0xc0000005 has started appearing on 15th July 2020.  Outlook users across the globe reported this problem. When they checked the event log, they found the Outlook.exe crashed with exception code 0xc0000005. The full text of the error is as follows:

0xc0000005 error

How to Fix Outlook Error 0xc0000005 Manually?

If your application crashes while opening, you can try one of these approaches. You can either roll back to the previous version of Outlook, or you can open it in Safe Mode. Get a full guide to implement these approaches in the following sections:

Method 1: Manually Uninstall the Update and Rollback to June 2020 Release

Many Outlook users confirmed that rolling back to the previous Office update has fixed this issue for them. To roll back manually, try these steps:

1. On Windows computer, type CMD in the start menu. Click on the result ‘Command Prompt.’
2.  On Command Prompt, type the following and hit Enter.

outlook crash

3. It will take you to the ClickToRun folder in CMD. Now, type the following command:

fix outlook error

4. Now, Microsoft will download the mentioned version of MS Office and go back to that version. It may take time depending on the Internet Speed and system configuration. We suggest our readers be patient.

5. Once the updating is completed, the Office will notify the users with a message: ‘Updates were installed.’ Click on the Close button to exit the message. 

6. Close the CMD panel by clicking on the “X” button.

7. Now, you should be able to open MS Outlook without crashing as you have rolled back to the previous version.

Note: If the above command fails to fix Outlook error 0xc0000005, you can try this one:

error solution

Method 2: Launch MS Outlook in Safe Mode

If you are not willing to roll back to the earlier version of Outlook, you may try opening it in the Safe Mode to avoid crashing with the 0xc0000005 error. Perform the following steps to run MS Outlook in Safe Mode.

Note: You have to open Outlook in Safe Mode every time to protect it from crashing. Also remember that Safe Mode will disable all the installed add-ins of Outlook, including security-related add-ins.

1. Press down the CTRL key of the keyboard and while holding down that key, launch Microsoft Outlook. Now, it will ask you by prompting a dialog box whether you want to start Outlook in safe mode.

2. At this point, click on Yes button to start Outlook in Safe Mode.

3. This will open MS Outlook in Safe mode. You can confirm that by checking the its window name which reads “Microsoft Outlook (Safe Mode)”

How to Safeguard MS Outlook Data?

Loss of Outlook data can cost you great opportunities. The above mentioned manual methods work well to fix Outlook error 0xc0000005 but keeping the copy of data such as contacts, calendars, to-do, journals, tasks, notes, attachments, etc is the best option.

1. Save a Backup of Data: Keeping the Outlook data saved in your local system using the OST to PST converter tool is a hundred percent necessity in case your Outlook crashes and you lose the data. In that situation, you can recover the data without much effort. The software will convert all of the data items into the PST format.

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2. What if you have already been affected? If you have already encountered this issue, then the only solution left to fix Outlook error 0xc0000005 is to repair the data files. If your application crashed unexpectedly because of this error, the data files of your MS Outlook might have been damaged or corrupted as well. The Outlook PST File repair software comes to the rescue.

With the help of this utility, the users can repair all of their data items easily and are easily able to preview all the items contained within the files. The best thing about this tool is that one can easily recover deleted items from Outlook using this amazing software

Install the free demo version of the tool and repair the Outlook data that was affected due to the error leading to the crashing of the application. 

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Final Words

Outlook users around the world experienced error 0xc0000005 that largely affected their productivity. The latest update of MS Office was the main reason behind Outlook crashing issue. We have mentioned two proven ways to resolve this issue along with the complete guide. Until any official solution comes, users can try these workarounds to fix Outlook error 0xc0000005. And to protect their OST file from any damage for some unforeseen reasons, they can use the OST to PST Converter to back up their data locally.