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How to Permanently Delete Zoho Account?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 17th, 2023
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If you switch from Zoho Mail to another email service and want to permanently delete Zoho account? If so, this blog will be very helpful to you. Here we explain step by step how you can delete or close Zoho email account permanently. You can also find out what has been deleted from your Zoho account and what important points you need to know before deleting your Zoho account.

Note: As soon as the account has been deleted, all data assigned to all accounts in all Zoho applications (mail, CRM, etc.) are lost and can no longer be accessed. You must need to backup Zoho emails because there is no another option to restore deleted account. To backup Zoho mail to local hard drive, click here

Simple Steps to Permanently Delete Zoho Account

1. Login to your Zoho Mail account which you want to delete.

2. Go to the My Account from the top right corner.

permanently delete zoho account

3. Select Preferences.

close zoho mail account

4. Click on Close Account.

delete zoho email acount

5. Enter the Current Password of your Zoho account.

close your zoho mail account

6. Additionally, you can provide reasons for why are you deleting your account and enter comments.

delete zoho email account

7. Select the Close Account.

permanently delete zoho account

8. Select OK to confirm that you want to delete your account.

close zoho email account permanently

Tip: After permanently deleting your account, enter the same email ID and password. You will find the invalid email address because this email has been permanently deleted.

Are You Sure You Want to Close Zoho Email Account Permanently?

After closing your Zoho account, you are not allowed to access Zoho Services. You will lose your emails, contacts, calendars and other data stored in Zoho application. Once you have closed your account, all your data within Zoho services will be deleted immediately and cannot be restored in the future. Before closing your account, please ensure that you have exported all your data from the Zoho mail account.

At the very least, it’s a good idea to backup your emails in case you need an old message to your local drive using Zoho Backup Tool. This will allow you to save all Zoho emails in bulk. The best thing about this is that it offers Delete After Download option that delete all the downloaded or saved emails automatically from the Zoho mail server. Download the software first and then follow the below workarounds.

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Steps to Backup Emails to Hard Drive Before Permanently Delete Zoho Account

Step 1. Run Zoho email backup tool on your PC and enter Zoho account credentials.

zoho email backup

Step 2. Select desired email format to save Zoho Mail emails.

backup zoho emails

Step 3. Browse for a location to save downloaded emails.

backup zoho to hard drive

Step 4. Select Delete After Download option

delete zoho account data after download

Step 5. Select Folders and hit on the Start button.

start downloading zoho emails

That’s it. Downloading Zoho emails in local hard drive process will start immediately.

Along with emails it is useful to save Zoho contacts to the hard drive before you start the process to close Zoho Email Account permanently as it is needed in the future. In the section, we will cover mention the steps for the same.

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How to Export Contacts from Zoho to Local Hard Drive?

Follow the given steps and save Zoho contacts to the computer within a few minutes:

1. Select Zoho Contacts.

2. Click on three vertical dots and select Export option.

export zoho contacts

3. In the new window, choose Branch, Category, and Format to save contacts.

backup zoho contacts

4. Click on the Export button.

export contacts from zoho

In this way you can easily save your Zoho contacts to CSV, VCF, LDIF, etc., and easily access contacts in Outlook, Gmail, Android Mobile, iPhone, and other devices.

Can You Restore a Closed or Deleted Zoho Mail Account?

As part of the data preservation policy you agreed to when you created your account, Zoho Mail will delete all data from closed accounts after 30 days. If you closed your account in the last month, you may be able to restore access by contacting Zoho Mail technical support team. If Zoho technical support does not restore your account, you can sign up for a new account.

The Final Words

Permanently deleting the Zoho email account is not that difficult task, and users don’t need to install any external application. Here in the blog above we mentioned the steps to permanently delete Zoho account. We also discussed what you need to do before you close Zoho Email account permanently and how you can backup your Zoho Mail data to the local hard drive for future use.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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