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How to Read PST files in Gmail: A Step-By-Step Guide

Lindsey Smith | Modified: 2021-03-20T09:32:33+05:30
How to Read PST Files in Gmail

The motto of this write-up is to provide an answer for – How do I open .pst in personal Gmail account? As we know, PST is created in Microsoft Outlook application and stored all the mailbox components such as Emails, Contacts on the local system. But there is no direct option that can import .pst(Outlook local file) in Gmail directly.

It is true, You Cannot View or Read any file until or unless it is not available in the application.

Therefore, to read PST files in Gmail, the very first job is to import the Outlook Personal Storage Table (.pst) file in Gmail online account. Afterward, we will find the file on Gmail interface and view the content of PST file.

So, Let’s Begin!!

Techniques on How to Read PST Files in Gmail Account

It is evident from above that first, we need to import the Outlook local file in Google Mail in order to read it. To achieve this, there are two approaches and both of them are illustrated below.

# Approach 1: Use Smart Utility to View PST Data in Gmail

The very first method is the use of automated PCVITA Outlook to Gmail Migration Utility. It is a program devised to transit data of multiple PST files in desired Gmail account without the assistance of Outlook application. It covers the migration of Email Messages, Mail Attachment, Contacts, Contacts Group, Appointment, Meetings Entries from PST.

Adding to it, the utility provides multiple features such as Email filter for Granular level migration, Attachment filter, Incremental Migration for the facile import job. And, once you transfer the file using tool, then simply login to Gmail account and open the PST file emails in it and other data too.

Let’s check out how to read PST files in Gmail using Software

Step 1: Download the Demo version of software from the given link and installed in your system.

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Step 2: Afterward, upload the .pst file that you want to read in Gmail account.

Step 3: Here, you need to enter the Gmail account credentials and select the desired category whose content you want to access.

Step 4: At last, click on Export to begin the migration.

Step 5: Once the process gets finished, open the Gmail account and view the left side panel where folders lie. Here, you will get the recently imported .pst file folder.

# Approach 2: Use Google GSMMO Tool to Read PST Files in Gmail

This workaround is useful for those users who have Outlook application in their system. Because G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook (GSMMO) cannot be worked in the absence of the Microsoft Outlook application. Now, Let’s have a look at how to use GSMMO and view PST file in Gmail.

Stage 1: Export PST File From Outlook

To get the .pst file in Google account, the very first step is to get the file from its supporting application and further use the GSMMO utility. In order to have a PST file, you need to follow the below instructions:-

Step 1: To get the PST file, you need to open Import/Export Wizard by clicking on File>> Open & Export >>Import/ Export.

Step 2: Once the wizard gets opened, you need to select Export to a file option and then hit the Next button.

Step 3: Afterward, choose the option, Outlook Data File (.pst) >> Next.

Step 4: Under the Export Outlook Data File window, you need to choose the data folder whose PST file you want to read in Gmail account. And, once you have selected, click on Next button to proceed further.

Step 5: In the subsequent window, click on Browse to mention the desired location to save the PST file. Else, you can go with the default location also. In the same window, you get three different options;

  • Replace duplicates with items exported
  • Allow duplicate items to be created
  • Do not export duplicate items

You can apply any of the constraints and create a .pst file.

Step 6: At last, click on Finish button.

Step 7: As soon as you clicked on Finish, a pop-up message appears on the screen to apply a password to the newly created PST file. If you wish to make the file protected, provide a password. Else, click on Cancel.

Stage 2: Open & PST File in Gmail Via. GSMMO Tool

Once you got the Outlook local file, the next step is to import this file in order to open and access its content. For this, you need to use GSMMO software which can be easily downloadable from its official website. Moreover, it has a pre-condition that needs Outlook in the system before installing the software. Otherwise, the following error message pops-up.


Let’s Check Out Working of GSMMO tool –

Step 1: Once you have installed the application, open it and you will get a screen that asks for Gmail credentials. Enter the email address and click on Continue to redirect to the browser.

Step 2: Now, you need to enter the password.

Step 3: After the account validation, select the PST file as shown in the screenshot. If you want to migrate entire data, then opt to Migrate all data. Else, you can also use the Incremental approach by selecting the Migrate only new data and click on Next.

Step 4: Finally, the migration process gets starts.

Step 5: Open the account and read the PST files in Gmail that were recently migrated.

Finally!! We Can View PST File Content in Gmail Account

There are plenty of reasons due to which users need their Outlook messages, contact list in Google account. For this, there is a requirement to import Outlook local files i.e., PST in the desired account. By doing this, the user can easily read PST file in Gmail account. Therefore, we have discussed the most popular workarounds for the same. As per requirement, choose the method and view content of desired PST file.