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How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password? An Effective Approach

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: 30-Jun-2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Even though it is important to keep our personal information private and protected, it has also become really annoying to keep entering the password each time you want to view or edit these files. This causes users to look for solutions on how to remove bank statement PDF password. In order to get the file unprotected, a lot of users ask queries related to this topic and have not gotten any successful answers yet.

Today, we will be giving beneficial, useful, and the best solutions to solve such queries of the users. As we all know that a bank statement has all the details of the transactions that we make in a month in a summarized form. This statement contains a lot of sensitive information which is why it is secured with a password protection. Now, what if you want to print these statements? For that, you need to enter the password to remove the protection every time and then print these files.

Well, you can remove bank statement PDF password using various solutions other than entering the password each time you want to print the bank statement as it becomes a tedious task to do so. Here, you will be given the perfect solutions to perform the password removal operation without having to go through any troubles.

First, take a look at the user query: I get bank statement from my bank every month for my salary which I have been meaning to get printed since a few months. Now, it asks for a password each time I am trying to get it printed. This has been very annoying and I want to remove this password from my statements so that I can easily get them printed whenever I want to. Can anyone help me in this case?

Let’s find out.

Reliable Approach on How to Remove Bank Statement PDF Password

The most reliable and secure method for protection removal would be the PDF Unlocker Software which allows users to remove the protection passwords efficiently. Any type of security for copying, printing, editing, signing, etc. can be removed using this tool. There are a lot of features that are offered by this tool for an easy operation of removing the protection.

Take a look at the features of this software followed by the working steps for the removal procedure. Let’s get right into it.

What Features Does This Outstanding Software Offer?

The following points show the amazing and noteworthy features of this tool to remove bank statement PDF password:

  • Owner and User Level – This software is capable of removing Owner-level as well as User-level passwords from the PDF files. This means that the tool has no problem in removing the password from Owner-level protection. Also, if there are any user-level protection passwords, that can be removed from the file too.
  • Remove Password from PDF in Batch – Sometimes users have a good amount of locked PDF files that they want to remove passwords from. Removing password from these files one-by-one would not be a feasible solution which is why this tool has an option to remove password in batch mode. Choosing the Add File(s) / Add Folder option will help users to unlock the files in bulk.
  • Data Integrity Kept Intact – There is a feature that keeps the file integrity and the data maintained. No changes or modifications are made to the formatting of the file during the process to remove bank statement PDF password. Along with that, the attachments and all the other formatting is kept intact in the document.
  • Option to Keep the Source Password – The tool offers an option to keep the source password if there is a user-level password security. Now, you can choose the Keep Source PDF Password in Output PDF to unlock the PDF file. With the help of this feature, you can keep the password of the file in the resultant PDF file that you have unlocked.

Now that you have the knowledge about what this tool does and offers to the users, let’s move forward to the working steps of this wizard.

What Are the Working Steps of this Application?

Following are the instructed orders to perform the password removal procedure:

1. Download the software to remove bank statement PDF password and launch it.

pdf unlocker

2. Click on the Add File(s) option and select the files you want to remove protection from.

add files

3. Choose if you want to Save or Print the resultant files and mark the Keep Source PDF Password in Output PDF option.


4. Hit the Change button to pick out a destination location for the end result.


5. Final step requires you to press the Unlock button to compete the process.


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To the Concluding Points

A lot of users want to remove the protection for various reasons but do not find the right ways to do so. You can use the mentioned solution for the best results and keep the data maintained. Learn the steps on how to remove bank statement PDF password with the help of this easy-to-use software as it has a pretty self-explanatory interface.