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Here’s How to Print Read Only PDF Simultaneously

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 12th, 2024
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Read-only PDF files are those documents that can be only opened & viewed. These files prevent readers from printing or editing the document. There are many business documents, magazines, e-books, journals, or invoices that are made read-only but not printable or editable. Hence, due to this type of read-only security, users cannot understand how to print read only PDF. 

Therefore, in such cases, they need a solution that could help them to remove print protection from PDF. Thus, keeping this thing in mind we have come up with this blog & discussed the solutions i.e. how to print a secured PDF document. So, let’s get started.

“I am having some invoices in a PDF file format. But, when I opened them using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for printing purposes I found that the print option is disabled or greyed out. However, I discussed the same problem with one of my friends & came to know the main reason i.e. Security. He suggested I use some online applications that can unlock the invoices & enable the print option. Though I used them, they are asking for some permission passwords. I don’t have any idea of such passwords, can anyone tell me how to print read only PDF documents without a password.”

A Simple Tip: It is optional that all users have the full version of the Acrobat program & they know the permission passwords too. It’s because some users can’t afford such an expensive utility & not know the permission password to remove print protection from PDF. 

Hence, for such users, we come up with a simple automated program. With this simple & trustworthy solution, users get rid of how to print a secured PDF document. To learn more about the software in detail read the below paragraph.

Expert Solution to Print Read Only PDF Files Effortlessly

“Specialize in converting read-only PDF files to Printable or editable documents”

PDF Restriction Remover Software is one of the top solutions to remove print restrictions from PDF files. Once the utility removes the restrictions users can easily print those protection PDF documents. Additionally, along with printing restrictions software can also remove copy, comment, and edit security from PDF files. 

Another great feature offered by the software is that it is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system i.e. 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. It’s the perfect solution to know how to print and view only PDF files because it can remove file security without a password. If the user wants to unsecure adobe PDF without password, then they can also use this tool.

Steps to Remove Print Protection from PDF

  • Launch the software on your local machine.

open the solution

  • Open the read only PDF document by using the Add File(s) button. You can add the folder as well.

select PDF files

  • Click on the Print Radio button, if you want to directly print out the resultant PDFs.

click on print

  • Click the Unlock PDF button to make a read-only PDF printable.

hit on unlock option

  • Now, go to the destination folder.

verfiy the PDFs

Techniques to Manually Print Read Only PDF Documents

For those users, who need to proceed with the removing PDFs permission task manually can opt for two reliable solutions which are:

      1.  Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
      2. Google Chrome

The below sections describe them each in detail, with their step-wise guidelines. So, without any further ado, let’s have a quick look at the same.

#Method 1. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is a professional utility that allows users to perform multiple tasks. Remember, the trial version of this program is available for 7 days only. So, to use its complete features it is necessary to have its full version. 

Now, to print read only PDF files first remove the security from PDF documents with these simple steps:

Step 1 – Open the PDF document using Adobe Acrobat Pro.

open the PDFs


Step 2 – Select the “File” option present on the main menu bar and select “Properties”.

Step 3 – In the Document Properties dialogue select the Security tab.

go to the security option

Step 4 – Click on the “down” arrow on the “Security Method” box and change the “Password Security” setting to “No Security”.

change password security

Step 5 – Next, enter the permission password of this read-only PDF file & after entering it click the OK button. After following these steps, PDF security has been successfully removed.

provide the required permission

Step 6 – Go to the “File” menu and then choose the “Save” option to save the document.

Step 7 – Lastly, navigate towards the destination location & print read only PDF file without any difficulty.

#Method 2. Google Chrome

If you have proper permission to access the PDF, but because of any reason you are unable to remove print protection from PDF. Then, in this case, Google Chrome will be your go-to solution. By following the outlined instructions you can easily print PDFs one by one. For numerous online documents this approach is not worth, it because you have to repeat the entire procedure for each file. 

Let’s go through the guidelines to easily print read only PDF:

  • Open the PDF in Google Chrome and enter the password if needed.

access PDF in Google Chrome

  • Click Ctrl+P or Command+P to print.

press print

  • Click ‘Change’ and choose ‘Save as PDF.’
  • Choose the destination where you want to save the file and click ‘Save’.

Why Manual Methods Aren’t Recommended to Remove Print Protection from PDF?

  1. The GUI of Adobe Acrobat Pro is so complex to understand and needs some technical know-how.
  2. Manually removing the protection from PDFs, may enhance the chance of data loss, and errors, if not done correctly. 
  3. Some PDFs are protected by copyright laws, so trying to open them without permission makes trouble for you.
  4. To print read only PDF in large volumes, conventional techniques are not practical, because of their complications and lengthy steps. 
  5. In situations where PDFs are protected with owner-level security, traditional solutions can’t work. 

Final Verdict

Based on the above-provided information three methods are available to remove print protection from PDF. If you have the full version of the Adobe Acrobat program & you know the password then use it, otherwise, switch to the specified smart tool. It is a fully guaranteed solution that will help users print read only PDF files simultaneously. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a read-only PDF?

Ans. A read-only PDF is a document that can be only viewed, printed, and annotated. Plus, this secures data from unauthorized access to edit, or modify data without the owner’s permission. 

Q: How do I convert a read-only PDF to a regular PDF?

Ans. You can’t directly convert a read-only PDF to a regular one unless you have access to the original editable file.

Q: How do you prevent a PDF from being edited?

Ans. You can prevent editing by applying restrictions like password protection, converting it to read-only format, or adding a scanned signature.

Q: How do I print read only PDF with permission?

Ans. To print a PDF with the required permissions, you can consider Adobe Reader or Google Chrome. For the same, first open PDF files in Adobe Reader>Click on Print. Similarly, use these same steps for Chrome. 

Q: Why am I unable to remove print protection from PDF?

Ans. If you don’t have the required permissions, and your PDF is locked with read-only protection, then you never access this. But, you can easily bypass this hurdle using the mentioned automated solution, by following the quick steps:

Step 1. Start the software.

Step 2. Choose whether to “Add files” or “Add folders”.

Step 3. Click the “Change” button to select where to save your changes.

Step 4. Lastly, click the “Unlock” button to finish.


    By Mohit Jha

    Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.