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How to Send an Entire Outlook Folder to Someone Else: Top 3 Ingenious Ways

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On February 28th, 2022
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To send an Outlook email to others is an easy task. One can simply forward the email to desired person. However, it is not so easy to send an entire folder to someone else. Especially is the folder contains hundreds of emails.

From this blog, you will know how to send an entire Outlook folder to someone else. Before going into the main section, have a look at a user query.

For some internal investigation, I am supposed to send emails of an entire folder to a colleague. But to forward so many emails is time taking. It will also flood his Inbox and none of us want that to happen. Please suggest how to send an entire folder to someone else without sending them bulk messages.

How to Send an Entire Outlook Folder to Someone Else – Best Methods

Here, we have complied some simple techniques that users can apply to move entire Outlook folder to another computer. Let us explore them one by one.

Method 1: Forwarding Emails from Outlook

This is the easiest method where users need to forward or send the emails to the desired recipient.

1. Open Outlook and go to the folder that contains the necessary emails.

2. all the emails from that folder and click on Forward button.

3. A new email will open where you will find the emails in the form of attachment.

4. Type the email address of the recipient in the “To” field and send an entire Outlook folder to someone else.

Method 2: Offline PST Data Transfer

This method is a tricky one as it involves a lot of steps and requires some level of technical expertise from the users.

1. Open Outlook and click Account Settings from the File menu.

2. From the drop down menu, choose account settings.

3. Select Data Files tab, then click Add… icon.

4. Select Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst) and click OK.

5. Give it a distinctive name with the .pst extension and save on Desktop. Like: important.pst or inbox.pst

6. Navigate to the Create Microsoft Personal Folders window to change Personal Folders to FromYourName. Example: FromAlice

7. Without adding any password, click on OK and Close.

8. You will find the newly created folder in your Outlook folder list.

9. Copy all the emails of your required folder and move to the new folder. Close Outlook when done.

10. The PST file of your desktop has the entire Outlook folder saved. For offline transfer, securely copy the file to a flash drive and paste to the destination computer.

Easiest Way to Send an Entire Outlook Folder to Someone Else

If you find these above-mentioned methods lengthy and cumbersome, you can take the help of third-party applications like Outlook Export Tool. This application can easily convert all the emails located in an Outlook folder into any of your preferred file format like EML, PDF, DOCX, etc.  As a result, users do not have to worry about the file size or depend on any particular email client.

To run this application, follow these steps sequentially:

1. Install and launch the software on your computer

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2. Click on Add File and select the PST file of your choice.

3. Click on Export from the preview section.

4. Select the required folders and choose the destination format.

5. Choose where to save the file and click on Export button.

Why the Application is Better than the Other Methods

For the people who want to know how to send an entire Outlook folder to someone else, this blog suggested three methods. But not all methods are equally effective and convenient for the users. These are some points one has to consider before choosing any method:

  • The forwarding method is free of cost, but it takes a long time to send an email with hundreds and thousands of emails as its attachments. Outlook may freeze or crash too in many cases.
  • Offline folder transfer is only possible when the manual interaction is possible between both parties for transferring the flash drive. Also, the recipient should have Outlook to open the PST file. Moreover, the users has to be tech-savvy to perform all the steps correctly.
  • The recommended software is a paid solution but it ensures complete data transfer to someone else. Users can convert the emails in any format without depending on any particular application.

Final Words

Outlook is a globally used email client and people may need to transfer its entire folder to others. In such situations, they want to know how to send an entire Outlook folder to someone else. This write-up described top 3 methods to move Outlook folder to another computer. Users can choose any method based on their need.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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