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How to Import Outlook PST to eM Client – Complete Solution

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 17th, 2023
Reading Time 4 Minutes Reading

Looking for a trustworthy solution to import Outlook PST to eM Client? You have reached the right blog. Read on to know the resolving approaches.

eM Client is a popular application that offers email services to both Windows and Mac users. This email client is available in both free (for non-commercial users) and paid versions. Now, this free version is a lucrative one for the users who are using subscription-based emails such as Outlook. Many Outlook users in recent times have switched from Outlook to eM Client and their biggest worry is: how do I import my old data into eM Client?

In this blog, we have decided to tell you the most convenient way to import Outlook PST to eM Client. As Outlook stores its data in PST file, you need to move that file into eM Client in order to access the data. So, whether you are a Windows user or Mac, check out this blog to know the method to export Outlook to eM Client.

Quick Techniques to Outlook Email Data to eM Client

Since eM Client is available on both Windows and Mac OS, this blog will elaborate on the methods of Outlook PST data importation on both the Operating Systems – Windows and Mac.

Transfer Import Outlook PST to eM Client on Windows

If you are using eM Client on Windows system, try these steps to import Outlook to eM Client.

  1. Launch eM Client on Windows computer.
  2. Open Menu and click on File. Then, choose Import option.
  3. Select Import from Microsoft Outlook from the list of emails and click Next.
  4. Choose between “Import Whole Account” and “Import Selected PST data file.” You need to select the second option as you will import Outlook PST file to eM Client.
  5. Click on Select File button and go to the location of PST file to select it.
  6. On the next screen, check the box beside the folders that you wish to import to eM Client.
  7. Choose whether you want to import data to a selected account or to a specific folder.
  8. Click on Finish to complete Outlook to eM Client migration successfully.

How to Import Outlook PST to eM Client on Mac

If you are a Mac user who wants to import PST file to eM Client application, you need to take the help of Mac PST Converter Tool. This is a unique software that can convert PST file to MBOX format on Mac OS run machines. Later, those MBOX files can be easily imported into eM Client or any other supported email applications. Here is how you can export Outlook PST file on eM Client on Mac.

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Step 1. Launch the Mac Outlook conversion tool.

pst converter for mac

Step 2. Select Add File or Add Folder options to add one or more PST files.

add pst files or folder

Step 3. After files are added, select MBOX as the target file type.

select import to import outlook pst to em client

Step 4. Apply Additional Settings if you want to.

additional settings

Step 5. Choose destination location and click on Export button.

export pst file to mbox

Step 6. Open eM Client and import the MBOX file using the native options.

Note: The tool can run on Mac OS X 10.8 and all above versions. It also supports the latest Mac OS 10.15 Catalina. You can download the demo version for checking its effectiveness.

Relevant User Query about Reasons to Import Outlook PST to eM Client

I am a freelance designer and use Outlook to communicate with my clients. Currently, I am planning to cut costs by switching from Outlook to any free email client. Though there are plenty of free applications available, eM Client sounds perfect to me. Now, what I would like to know before final migration that is it possible to import Outlook to eM Client? If yes, then how? Please let me know.

I am a Mac eM Client user for quite sometimes and I find this application serving my purpose well. Recently, a friend of mine gave me a PST file and asked to access it to retrieve some important data. But, I have never dealt with Windows PST file and do not know how to access that file using eM Client. Can anyone tell me how can I import Outlook PST to eM Client? I use Mac OS 10.15 Catalina.

Concluding Words about Outlook to eM Client Email Import

Many Windows and Mac OS users face the need to import Outlook PST to eM Client. But unfortunately, they are unaware of the correct procedure that will enable them to perform the data migration. This problem has been resolved successfully in this blog. Here, approaches suitable for Windows and Mac eM Client have been described in detail so that readers with or without deep technical knowledge can perform easily. Use the suggested methods and you will not face any trouble during the data import process.