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Resolve Inaccessible Windows Backup Files Error With Complete Information

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 17th, 2023
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What to do if you are unable to access Windows Backup BKF file but you want data from Windows Backup file? Today we will discuss the same situation on how to access inaccessible Windows backup files. So that you can easily use your corrupted Windows Backup BKF file’s data in any Windows system and send its original format to anyone.

Well, solving inaccessible BKF files is not such an easy task if you do not have an accurate solution. You also need to see which solution is best for you out of the whole market as there are many solutions available in the market. Now it depends on you which company solution you choose, you have to select a solution that can completely fix any type of error in your Windows backup file.

Why Windows BKF File Has Been Inaccessible?

There are many reasons behind the corruption of Windows backup files, we have listed some of them below:

  • With the help of any free software, you are taking a backup of your data, if any data is missing from the backend files of that software, then an error named CRC starts showing.
  • If you have kept your backup file on a hard drive that is already corrupted then there is a high chance that your backup file may also get inaccessible.
  • The reason most commonly responsible for corrupt backup files is virus infection. If any one of the files you are backing up has a virus, then it can corrupt the entire backup file.
  • Whenever you were backing up your data, at that time your system shuts down for any reason or stops working, and even then your Windows backup file gets corrupted.

Best Way to Fix Inaccessible Windows Backup Files Error

As we also mentioned in the above introduction, you should select the best solution to access the inaccessible Windows backup files. If you want to know the opinion of experts that which solution they recommend, the name of that solution is PCVITA BKF Repair Software. This software completely recovers your corrupted and inaccessible BKF file and makes it accessible so that you can use the data from the backup file in its original format without any problem.

With the help of this tool, you can recover any type of Windows backup file error and restore its data. This software is also very easy to use because the experts have designed the GUI of this software keeping in mind the non-technical user as well so that any user can use it very easily.

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How to Use this Expert Recommended Solution With Screenshots?

  1. Firstly, download & install this software on your windows platform system and Open it.
  2. Click the Open button in the menu bar and browse the windows backup file in the software panel
  3. After that, select the scanning modes to scan the windows backup file as per the file’s corruption
    scanning mode
  4. Thereafter, you can preview your windows backup file’s data on the software panel and then hit the Extract button
  5. Select the desired location path for the output data and finally click the Extract button
    inaccessible Windows backup files

Now your inaccessible Windows backup files’ data has been accessible, you can use this data anywhere as per your need.


In this article, you have learned how you can fix inaccessible Windows backup files and make their data usage. For this, we have told you about such a solution, which is also recommended by experts because this software is very advanced and it can fix any type of corruption completely. If you use our mentioned solution then you can get back all your data without any problem. If you still have any questions in your mind, you can click on the live chat icon to get help from our support team.

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By Ashwani Tiwari

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