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How to Export Emails from Roundcube to Gmail Step by Step?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On June 19th, 2023
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Do you also want how to export emails from Roundcube to Gmail account with same folder hierarchy? Here, you will get the perfect solution to do so without email data modification. But first let’s point out some facts about Roundcube webmail and Gmail.

If we talk about the Roundcube, then it offers a lot of features and yet, its users may want to migrate to Gmail.

But why are users looking for a solution to export Roundcube webmail to Gmail account on desktop?

Well, as we all know that Gmail is a free web-based email service and is used by most of the users around the world. Each user has a Gmail account to manage data other than emails, it is even better for personal or business communication.

Now, Gmail offers some features which are quite beneficial for the organization users. It helps them to manage communication data related to their business. Moreover, it is even more reliable as it was developed by Google which comes with simple to use GUI interface.

Now, let us find out which methods will help you to export Roundcube emails to Gmail account.

Five Simple Steps for Roundcube to Gmail Migration

  1. Download & run the Software on Mac PC.
  2. Select Roundcube from the list as source account.
  3. Tap Gmail as the Destination account.
  4. Apply required filters or set date range.
  5. Finally, tap on the Start Migration icon to begin.

How to Export Emails from Roundcube to Gmail Using Direct Solution?

Unfortunately, there is no direct manual solution for this migration, hence, we suggest you to go for the professional solution. So, by using the PCVITA IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool you can easily export Roundcube emails to Gmail account in bulk mode.

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Moreover, along with the email migration, it will also migrate the attached files with the Roundcube webmail account. So, with the help of this tool you can safely execute the migration task on any version of Mac machine. Because this is the software that can safely work with all the versions of Mac operating system including Mac OS 13.0, 12.0.

But, in case, if you are the one, who also wants to migrate Roundcube to Google Workspace account, then use the PCVITA IMAP to G Suite Migration Tool. So, with the help of this tool, you can easily transfer all emails along with attachments to Gmail business account without data modification.

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Highlighted In Built Features of the Software

However, this is the best solution to know how to export emails from Roundcube to Gmail. But the tool offers more than what it mentioned. Let’s give you a brief on the features of this software.

The tool offers advance settings in which you can choose the following settings to apply:

  • Map Accounts: Using this Add feature, you are allowed to map the multiple source Roundcube and destination Gmail accounts.
  • Check the Ongoing Migration: With this facility of this Mac based software one can easily get the idea where the Roundcube to Gmail migration process reached.
  • Exclude Sent Items: It excludes the sent items from the Roundcube webmail to Gmail account that you want to migrate.
  • Exclude Deleted Items: Removing Deleted Items folder is easy using this filter while migrating the emails and attachments to Gmail.
  • Exclude Junk / Spam Emails: This option allows the users to eliminate the Junk folder from the Roundcube source account you have selected to transfer to Gmail account.

These are not the only features provided by the tool that helps in learning how to export emails from Roundcube to Gmail.

Step by Step Guide to Transfer Roundcube Webmail to Gmail

Download the application and launch it on the supported version of Mac OS desktop. After installation, run the tool on PC and follow the steps for the migration-

  • From the initial screen, select the Continue option after confirming the prerequisites to migrate Roundcube to Gmail account.

Export Roundcube Emails to Gmail

  • Thereafter, just pick the Other option if Roundcube option is not available in the drop-down list for exporting. Then, enter the details of the Roundcube Webmail account user, tap Validate.


  • In the destination IMAP account, select the Gmail option from the list and provide the credentials for verification. After verification of details of both the accounts, tap on the Add button to map them together.


  • In this step, if required tap on the Advance Settings to apply Date filter or choose required Roundcube webmail folders.

Export Roundcube Emails to Gmail

  • Finally, hit the Start Migration feature from the right corner to easily export emails from Roundcube to Gmail account on Mac OS.

start Roundcube to Gmail migration

You can apply additional settings while migrating attachments associated with the Roundcube email to Gmail:

  • Date Filter: Here, you set the date range for the Roundcube to Gmail migration process for the specific.
  • Select Folder: You can check or uncheck the folder from which you want to transfer Roundcube emails to Gmail.
  • Delta Migration: This option will help you to migrate only those emails from Roundcube webmail account to personal Gmail which are newly received.

Final Say

Although Roundcube offers a lot of features along with the functionality of an email client, it still doesn’t quite give users what they want. That is why users export emails from Roundcube to Gmail and are looking for secure solutions. So, for that, we have shared the most useful and straightforward solutions with step by step guidelines above. Hence, use the mentioned tools for the best experience to migrate emails to personal Gmail without any hindrance.

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Q- How many emails from Roundcube webmail to Gmail can I migrate at once?

You can export multiple emails and attachments in one go using the Roundcube to Gmail migration tool. However, the tool also allows you to batch migrate accounts at once.

Q- I want to export Roundcube emails to Gmail account only from Sent and Inbox folders. Is it possible to do this with this tool?

Yes, this software is smart enough to allow selection of required folders in additional settings section.

Q- Will this tool allow me to migrate from Roundcube account to Gmail account for FY 2020-2021 only?

Yes, with this software you can easily select the required date range from the field and save the changes to migrate.