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How to Migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail Account ?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On September 6th, 2022
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This informative write-up is a guide for users to Migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail Account in few simple steps. For performing this migration, user required a professional software that can handle email database transferring from Rediffmail account to Gmail account.

Let’s Read this blog completely for more information. Before, going to the solution let’s see what makes the Rediff Mail user switch from their current email client to a Google account.

Why there is Need to Perform Migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail ?

There are multiple reasons behind this issue. Therefore, let’s see what could be the major reasons to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail account:

  • It is quite clear to an extent that, the user is looking for a better and advanced workspace for their email data. As the migration is to a Gmail account.
  • Gmail offers multiple features and it is updated very often with high demanding features than Rediffmail account.
  • Managing Email is very efficient and Gmail also provides 100% secure email transmission.

Best Professional Tool to Migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail Account

For batch migration procedure, get Mac IMAP Migrator Tool. This amazing software is for both technical and non – technical users. Offering a medium to transfer emails from one client to another. With the help of this software, user can import complete email data from Rediff Mail account.

If you guys are looking for a secure way to migarte whole original email files from Rediffmail to Gmail, please use this best and most dependable professional method.

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Let’s have a look on the working procedure of this software as well.

Step – by – Step Method of How to Use Mac IMAP Migrator Software

Follow the below – mentioned steps for performing this task in an hassle – free manner:
Note: Make sure that IMAP settings should be enabled for Source & Destination Account.

  1. First, install and run the IMAP Migrator Tool on your Operating System. migrate from rediffmail to gmail process begins
  2. After that, from source IMAP Account, select host name from the drop-down menu. select source
  3. Now, user have to provide the credentials of the chosen source and click on the validate button. enter credentials
  4. Then, select host name and enter the credentials in the destination IMAP Account. migrate gmail emails to aws workmail
  5. User will also get advance filter options for IMAP email migration. advance filter options
  6. After that, click start button. User can see live running process on their screen. start migration process
  7. Now, user can see the final output data after the completion of the task. migrate from rediffmail to gmail process completed

Important Note: There are two versions of this software i.e., Free trail versions and licensed versions. By taking the help of demo version user can easily migrate 100 emails. For migrating more user can upgrade into licensed version as well.

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Highlighted Features of Migrate from Rediffmail to Gmail Account

There are multiple amazing features of this tool. Some of the features are mentioned here:

  • 100% Secured Software Solution: – This is a secure interface that does not stores the user’s personal data. In fact, the email database and user data for Rediffmail are never stored in the software window. This is a completely secure tool.
  • Migrate Rediffmail Accounts to Gmail in Bulk: – It is necessary to migrate multiple data from Rediffmail to one Gmail account in multiple cases. This software allows you to migrate multiple Rediffmail accounts simultaneously to one Gmail account.
  • Simplified Working Interface of the Tool: – This software has a simple and user-friendly interface for all the users. Professional and non-professional users can easily understand this process.
  • Maintain a Hierarchical Structure: – When user transfer Rediffmail data to Google Workspace, this software maintains a hierarchical structure for all the email folders. This way, you can get exact copies of all Rediffmail folders in your Gmail accounts.

Is this Migration Process Possible With the help of Manual Approach?

The manual or the common method to import emails from Rediffmail to Gmail is the following:

  • First, go to Rediffmail and sign in to the email account. Now, go to “My settings”.
  • Then, to “Auto Forward” or “Forward your Emails”. Enter the Gmail ID to the field and then save the settings.
  • Finally, hit “Start forwarding my emails”. Soon all the emails will migrate to Gmail account.

Limitations of Using Manual Solution

After looking at these steps, it is clear that both the methods completely different. If user goes with the above manual solution they will have to face a lot of hassle. Also, non – technical users will have to face issues in performing this task.

At the time of moving email data from one place to another, user must ensure to perform the procedure that offers complete security. So, the automated method is the highly recommended solution among the tool as it solves all the issues related to Rediffmail to Gmail Account.

Let’s Summarize

The above blog post has mentioned solution regarding how to migrate from rediffmail to Gmail. There are multiple users who were looking for the solution for accomplishing this task. Rediffmail was one of the most widely used email clients. But, due to many reasons and advanced feature of Gmail, users want to transfer Rediffmail to Gmail account.

We hope after reading this post user will not face any type of issues. If still user is facing issues they can contact out support team as well.


By Mohit Jha

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.