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How to Move Files from One Channel to Another in Teams – Comprehensive Guide

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On May 29th, 2023
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

In Short Summary: This tutorial explains the best way to answer the user’s question, “How to move files from one channel to another in teams?” If you’re looking for anything similar operation, you’ll find the most effective and error-free solution towards the conclusion of this article.

But before jumping into the solution, let’s have a look at the user query:

Hello everyone

Is it possible to migrate the full Team channel chat to a different channel? I’d want to make a private channel and move the chat history and files from another public channel to it. Please let me know if there is any reliable way offered by Microsoft, or what you are people using out there for the same operation.

Thank you in advance.

Here is the quick solution that can follow to instantly perform this operation with maximum data security and integrity.

5 Quick Steps to Transfer Files from One Channel to Another in Teams

  • Step 1. Install & Run Utility on Your PC.
  • Step 2. Choose Teams & Groups from Workload.
  • Step 3. Log in with Office 365 Admin Credentials.
  • Step 4. Create Mapping for Users, Teams, & Groups.
  • Step 5. Validate Permissions & Click on Start Button.

Since its release, Microsoft Teams has swiftly become one of the most popular and reliable services in the company’s history, with over half of a million businesses globally using it for communication and collaboration purposes. 

Microsoft Teams aren’t only for company-wide real-time communication; it also allows you to seamlessly share files within the chat with complete integration with business apps rather than jumping from one tool to another.

Organizations are using Teams channels to keep conversations structured by specific subjects, projects, or specialties. Businesses are developing to keep up with the recent surge in online collaboration. 

And despite Microsoft’s rich capabilities and ongoing improvements, users continue to request a few enhancements and the often-asked query is “How to move files from one channel to another in Teams?” As we have seen in the user query above.

But before getting into the solution, let’s go through the reasons behind this operation.

What could be the Possible Reasons for Moving Files from One Channel to Another in Teams?

There could be several reasons why someone may need to move files from one channel to another in Microsoft Teams. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Reorganization: The channels in Teams are designed to help organize conversations, files, and other content around specific topics or projects. Sometimes, as a project evolves, the team may find that they need to move files from one channel to another to better reflect the new structure of the project.
  • Collaboration: Members of different channels in Teams might need o access files for their respective work, hence, moving these files into a central location would increase collaboration.
  • Archiving: Over time, channels may become cluttered with outdated or irrelevant files. Moving these files to an archive channel can help keep the active channels clean and organized.
  • Security: Teams allow administrators to set different levels of access for different Teams channels. Moving files to a channel with more restrictive access can help ensure that sensitive information is only available to those who need it.
  • Error Correction: There might be various scenarios where the user accidentally shared the files to the wrong Teams channels. Moving them to the correct channel can help ensure that the team is working with the right information.

Let’s discuss the modern way to transfer files from one channel to another in Teams with zero errors.

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Most Reliable & Trusted Solution to Move Files from One Channel to Another in Teams

Using the manual approach users might get stuck with technical PowerShell scripts, and further, it is not possible manually to copy Teams files from various locations without any error encounter. As teams data is stored in various locations with different file formats.

As a result, many IT professionals recommend that using a reliable and automatic Microsoft Teams Migration Tool is always the right approach.

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The Most Remarkable Feature of This Utility That Sets It Apart from the Crowd

There are a number of useful features that make this tool the primary option for Office 365 administrators when migrating files from one channel to another in teams. The following are a few of them:

  • Easily transfers Microsoft Teams, Groups, Files, Channels, & Channels Chats to the destination.
  • Support for various types of Teams migration including Private, Public, and Organizational teams.
  • Maintains the Structure of file folders and the integrity of file Timestamps: Created and Last Modified during the Post-Migration stage.
  • Includes a Delta Migration feature for migrating newly arrived data from the source teams.
  • Provision to automatically create Teams and Channels at the Destination
  • Supports Windows 10 (64-bit) and Windows Server 2012 & 2016 versions.

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Detailed Step By Step Software Working Steps to Transfer Files from One Channel to Another in Teams

Follow each step carefully to execute this process without any errors:

Step 1. Download and install the program, then choose the migration platform like Office 365 for the source and destination to copy files from one channel to another in teams.


Step 2. In the workload selection, enable the Teams check-box and activate the Teams and Channel creation options. Furthermore, if required, activate “groups workload migration.”


Step 3. Enter the source and destination Office 365 admin credentials such as Admin Email and Application ID to log in. Then click the validate button to validate the appropriate permission validation and click next to move files from one channel to another in teams.


Step 4. Add and validate the appropriate permission for O365 User IDs, Teams, and Groups using the Fetch Users, Import Users, or Download template options.


Step 5. In order to verify Teams, you must first create the destination Teams. Then navigate to the permissions validation.


Step 6. After successfully validating the Teams, click the Start Migration option to move files from one channel to another in Teams.


Step 7. Once the migration is complete and click on the Mark Teams Complete option.

Step 8. Now, go to the Groups Tab and add groups using the Fetch Groups or Import Groups options.

Step 9. Enter the destination group and then click on Validate button and Start Migration to move files from one channel to another in teams.


Final Verdict

Despite Microsoft’s incredible features and support for the Office 365 business productivity suite, users still encounter a variety of technical issues when transferring data from one tenant to another.

Users can quickly & securely move files from one channel to another in teams by following this step-by-step, informative guide. Even a naive user with no prior technical skills can use this tool to complete the procedure without losing any data.

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