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Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Tenant Using Distinct Methods

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On February 29th, 2024
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OneDrive data migration is one of the most complex tasks during tenant migration (in the organization merging, splitting, and acquisition). But it doesn’t mean it is impossible, we can migrate OneDrive for business to another tenant easily. In this blog, we are going to describe a solution to do this task, but before the start of the process. Let’s know the user’s scenario.

Users Query –

We have acquired a smaller company they are using Office 365 tenants. Now we need to migrate their data into our tenant. We have to migrate the entire data, but our primary concern is to migrate users’ OneDrive data as there are many important documents stored. We don’t know how to do this migration.

This is the most common query of multiple users while they migrate Tenants. So, first, let’s find more reasons to perform OneDrive migration.

Why Business Requires to Perform OneDrive Tenant to Tenant Migration?

There are several needs why businesses need to migrate OneDrive for business from one tenant to another. Some of the major ones are discussed below:

  1. In some situations organizations decide to merge with another organization. In that situation, the migration of OneDrive data to another tenant becomes crucial for the seamless workflow.
  2. As per the current imposition, the organization needs to make some hard-shelled decisions such as rebranding itself. That requires a new domain and then transferring OneDrive data to another tenant becomes important.
  3. To fulfill the compliance and security purposes in the organizations, OneDrive migration to another account is necessary.
  4. To run the business workflow flawlessly and to improve the collaboration. The OneDrive plays a vital role. After successfully migrating the OneDrive to another tenant other departments of the organization can move files between OneDrive for business accounts easily. 
  5. As expenses matter a lot in organizations, then moving the OneDrive account to another tenant becomes beneficial in terms of cost and effort.

This is all about the requirements to perform OneDrive migration to another tenant. As a Business looking for a way to migrate OneDrive data from one tenant to another. So, it’s time to discuss the solutions.

Manual Method to Perform OneDrive for Business Migration to Another Tenant

After finalizing that the organization needs to migrate OneDrive for business to another tenant. Then administrators can use tools like SharePoint Online PowerShell to migrate users into their new organization. Both admins of organizations can make use of

Set-SPOCrossTenantRelationship cmdlet to set up an organization relationship, and the Start-SPOCrossTenantUserContentMove command to pursue cross-tenant OneDrive transferring.

It supports up to 4000 OneDrive accounts for migrating once. After the completion of migration, users are placed in the original OneDrive and continue the process.

Prerequisites of Manual Method to Perform OneDrive Tenant to Tenant Migration

  1. We have to consider some points like the number of users in which data are required to migrate and the size of the data that we are going to migrate.
  2. Analyze which data are shared by users and which data are owned by users
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of SharePoint Online PowerShell. Verify it from the official Microsoft site.
  4. If the customer key is enabled then disable service encryption.
  5. Source OneDrive accounts are mandatory to have the Read/Write permissions.

Manual Steps to Transfer OneDrive for Business to Another Account 

  • Step 1. Establish a connection and trust between Source and Destination tenants.
  • Step 2. Verify that trust has been successfully established between tenants.
  • Step 3. Pre-create users and groups in the destination tenant.
  • Step 4. Map source and destination users.
  • Step 5. Begin the OneDrive Cross-tenant migration process.
  • Step 6. After completing the process fulfill the required tasks.

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Obstructions of Using Manual Method

Below are the reasons for specifying why the manual method should not be used to migrate OneDrive for business to another tenant.

  1. Each OneDrive account has a maximum limit of 2 TB of content.
  2. Shared links to the old location redirect to the new OneDrive account until they have access to the destination.
  3. Microsoft provides 400 characters as a path limit.
  4. Requires to restrict users to create new OneDrive sites at the Source till the process gets completed.
  5. This approach requires some technical and lengthy steps that create errors in the process.

OneDrive Tenant to Tenant Migration Using Reliable Automated Tool

To accomplish this migration we suggest you OneDrive Migration Tool. By using the tool you can easily migrate entire OneDrive data from one tenant to another without knowing any traditional method.

This utility can perform several migrations such as Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Step By Step. It migrates OneDrive data from one Office 365 tenant to another with their document permission. You can also apply the Date-wise filter to transfer selective data from OneDrive. It can transfer OneDrive for business to another account without any difficulties.

Outstanding Features That Make It One-Stop Solution  

  • It also migrates email, contact, calendar, and tasks.
  • Comes with a built-in date filter to migrate data selectively.
  • Migrate documents with preserved metadata and folder structure.
  • It provides three types of re-run migration for comprehensive data migration.  
  • It has the provision to set priority for migrating accounts.
  • The software is compatible with Windows 11, and 10 (64-bit).

Software Working Steps to Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Tenant

Get to know the working steps of the tool –

Download Tool Purchase Now

Step 1. Install and Run the software, then select Office 365 as a source and as a destination. Check the Document option then apply the Date filter. Click on Next.


Step 2. Now, enter the source Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID and click on the Validate button to validate permissions.

source credentials

Step 3. Now, enter the destination Office 365 Admin ID and Application ID and validate.

destination credentials

Step 4. Now, we have to create a mapping between source & destination users. To do this task tools provide three options – Fetch users, Import Users, and Download Template.

fetch users

Step 5. After mapping is created between users, click on the Validate button to validate permissions.

map users

Step 6. After validating permissions click on Start Migration to initiate the process.

validate permissions

Step 7. Migration successfully completed.

Migrate OneDrive for Business to Another Tenant


In business merging, splitting, and acquisition scenarios organizations need to migrate their tenant data including OneDrive. However, migrating OneDrive data from one tenant to another is not quite easy, therefore we have explained the methods to migrate OneDrive for business to another tenant. The given solutions will help to perform this task easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How to perform OneDrive tenant to tenant migration effortlessly?

Ans – To complete the process of migration from one tenant to another the automated tool is the best solution. In which you need to execute some simple steps.

  • Step 1. Download, install, and run the tool on your PC.
  • Step 2. Select Office 365 as the source and destination. 
  • Step 3. Choose documents from the workload and apply the filter.
  • Step 4. Use source and destination credentials to log in.
  • Step 5. Create mapping and start migration.

Q How to perform cross-tenant migration manually?

Ans – To migrate the data between tenants manually, you need to follow the various steps which are time-consuming and lengthy too. To use the manual method, you need to fulfill certain prerequisites such as setting up SharePoint Online PowerShell and creating users into target tenants. After that, you need to set trust between both tenants and map users. Then you can start to migrate OneDrive for business to another tenant.


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