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Know How to Move Stored Procedures to Another Server

Aisha | Modified: 2021-03-09T12:45:33+05:30
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Summary: Are you searching for how to move stored procedures to another server? If so, then do not panic. Here, in this write-up, we have mentioned both manual and automated solutions to export SQL database from one server to another server quickly.

MS SQL Server is widely used by many small and large organizations to store and manage their precious data in a synchronized manner. It is one of the best option because it lets users access their data within a safe mode and always gives the priority to the data security.

But there are times when SQL users want to move stored procedures from one server to another Server. This simple task requires a lot of effort if users do not have more technical skills or do not follow the proper guidelines. Therefore, in this blog, we will outline some simple and effective approaches to move Stored Procedures to another server without losing a bit of data.

Let’s understand the problem faced by a SQL Server user by taking an example

“Hello there, I am using SQL Server Management Studio 2012 to store and access my crucial data. Now I’m planning to update my Server version, for this I need to export some stored procedures from older Server to newer Server. Can anyone tell how can I Export stored procedures to another Server? Sincerely, grateful for any advice. Thank You!”

Let us dig deeper to solve such users queries.

Methods to Move Stored Procedures to Another Server

In the subsequent section, you will get two simple and effective approaches to move stored procedures from one server to another. Go through it and pick the solution that suits you best.

Method 1. Manual Methodology

Follow the given steps to move SQL database from one Server to another:

1. Launch MS SQL Server Management Studio and go to the Object Explorer. Right-click on the database that you want to move and then click on Tasks>>Generate Scripts…
2. A Generate and Publish Scripts Window will appear, click on the Next button to proceed.
3. On the Choose Objects window, check the select specific database objects option and pick the stored procedures as your objects to script out.
4. Now, on the Set Scripting Options Window, choose Save Scripts to a specific location and then hit the Next button.
5. Click the Finish button to close the Save or Publish Scripts wizard.
6. Now, Run those files on other SQL Server where you want to move them.

Note: This method will work only if the required database is in a healthy state.

Method 2. Professional Way to Move Stored Procedures to Another Server

If you can’t move database objects manually, you should try a professional tool as an ultimate solution. The manual method does not work in the case of severe corruption but the professional software like PCVITA SQL Database Recovery never disappoints you. It is smartly programmed to recover & export stored procedures and other database objects from one SQL server to another.

It supports both MDF and NDF database files. Using this software users can recover the permanently deleted database objects and save them directly to live SQL Server database or as SQL scripts. Users can also export the recovered table records into CSV file. The graphical user interface of this tool is so simple and easy-to-use that every user can use this software without any trouble. This software is compatible with SQL Server version 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014, and below.

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Follow the steps to move SQL database to another server

Step 1. Download and Run the tool on your system and click Open to add your database MDF file.

click on Open button
Step 2. Now, choose the Scan mode then select the SQL Server version of .mdf file manually and automatically and hit the OK button.

select scan mode

Step 3. Preview the database objects such as tables, stored procedures, views, triggers, functions, indexes, etc. and click on Export to begin the migration process.

Preview data

Step 4. Choose Export to SQL Server Database option. Select the SQL Server Names by clicking on the drop-down arrow and then select the Authentication Mode.

Export option

Step 5. Now, select destination database, you can create a new database and also export to an existing database.

Select destination database

Step 6. The software will fetch the databases and let you select the database objects which you want to move. Finally, press the Export button to begin the process.

Click Export

Final Words:

Now, users can easily move SQL database from one Server to another with the two techniques described above. If in case users can’t export database objects (tables, stored procedures, functions, views, etc.) manually then they can use the professional solution. This utility is easy to use and efficiently move stored procedures to another server without compromising data integrity or loss.