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Outlook Autocomplete NK2 file Repair Tool – Recover Autocomplete List in Outlook

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On December 20th, 2021
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Outlook autocomplete NK2 file repair tool helps you to rebuild cached contacts in Outlook.

Its advanced functionalities provide you a swift recovering experience without any trouble.


Autocomplete list or cached contacts or simply nicknames are the contacts that Outlook saves as a cache. So, whenever you start typing any letter in the ‘To’ field a subsequent list pops up to autofill. That list is called cached contacts or autocomplete list.


Outlook saves these cached contacts as NK2 file format. Now, due to some Outlook errors or data corruption. Your NK2 file may get damaged and you could lose all the autocomplete email addresses cache.


But, do not worry at all. We have an advanced solution to recover autocomplete list in Outlook that is PCVITA Outlook Cached Contacts Recovery.


Features of This Advanced Outlook NK2 Repair Tool


It’s a robust tool which not only repairs NK2 file but also recovers cached contacts and saves them in PST file format. Some of the features of this tool are listed below:


  • Index Outlook contacts of the NK2 file in an alphabetical manner
  • Recover autocomplete list in Outlook from corrupted NK2 data file
  • Export the restored cached contacts in PST file format
  • There is no file size limitation with this Outlook NK2 repair tool
  • MS Outlook application is required to save recovered contacts


How Outlook Autocomplete NK2 File Repair Tool Works?


Follow these to recover autocomplete list in Outlook:

Step 1: Download and Run Outlook NK2 repair tool

Step 2: Load NK2 file 

Step 3: View Outlook Contacts.

Step 4: Save recovered autocomplete list




My Outlook crashed recently. I lost all my Outlook data files. I was terrified because there is hardly any tool to recover Outlook autocomplete list. But then I came across this amazing Outlook NK2 repair tool. It repaired my nk2 files and saved them as PST. Now, I am able to perform smooth emailing because I got my Outlook contacts back 


-Lisa, Data Scientist


This is absolutely a fantastic tool to recover autocomplete list in Outlook. You can export your autocomplete list of NK2 file PST file format. For a person like me who deals rigorously in email marketing. These are the contacts of my client base. So this tool is like a blessing to me. I am quite happy by investing in this Outlook autocomplete NK2 file repair tool.


-Ryan, Marketer




A swift Outlook NK2 file repair tool with high-end functionalities. Download its free version here:










By Ashwani Tiwari

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