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How To Fix Outlook Couldn’t Repair The Database Error In Mac

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 17th, 2023
Reading Time 6 Minutes Reading

Imagine this scenario: You open your Mac system and run Outlook to start your workday. The Outlook application starts and displays an error: “Sorry, Outlook couldn’t repair the database. Please create a new profile and add your accounts to it.” Long term short, this error tells you to make a new profile and then use Outlook on your Mac computer.

Outlook couldn't repair the database error in Mac

If you are looking for solutions to fix Outlook couldn’t repair the database error in Mac, you’ve arrived at the right blog! We will explore the reasons and solutions to fix this error in this blog, so keep reading!

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Reasons For Outlook Couldn’t Repair The Database Error

Many reasons are responsible for this error occurring on your Mac systems, and some of these errors are:

  1. Outlook repeatedly freezes or crashes when you run it on your Mac computer, leading to frequent restarting.
  2. You open Outlook anyhow after endless attempts, and another error pops up: Outlook file access denied. This error makes you unable to access your emails and other data.
  3. Malware attacks on your Outlook profile are another reason for you to fix Outlook couldn’t repair the database error in Mac urgently. Malware attacks your email profile by stealing the valuable information stored in emails without your knowledge.
  4. Any interruption during the Outlook installation process is also responsible for the error you see. Another way to see it is this error always prevents you from working when you improperly install Outlook on your Mac systems.
  5. Your Mac computer crashing suddenly and repeatedly is another factor for this error in Outlook.

These reasons highlight the necessity for resolving this issue quickly and safeguarding our Outlook data on Mac. We now explore the solutions for fixing this error, so keep reading the blog!

Solutions To Fix Outlook Couldn’t Repair The Database Error In Mac

The reasons for the error we discussed above necessitate urgent fixing of the error, and we will
explore the manual and automated solutions in the blog to fix this error.

Manual Solutions for resolving the error in Mac Outlook Database

The following points describe a few solutions you can use to fix this error on your Mac Outlook profile.

Solution 1: Update Outlook

The first and most important solution is to update Outlook on your Mac system. Follow these steps to update Outlook on Mac:

  1. Open Outlook on your Macbook or iMac.
  2. Click the Help dropdown menu and select Check for Updates.
  3. If an update is present, update Outlook and restart it.

Alternatively, you can use the AutoUpdate tool present in the Microsoft Office 365 bundle. You can regularly update Outlook without even opening it with this mechanism. Here are the steps to update Outlook and fix Outlook couldn’t repair the database error in Mac:

  1. Run the tool on your Macbook or iMac and check any available updates for Outlook.
  2. Select the Automatically Keep Microsoft Apps up to date box for automatic updation of all Microsoft apps, including Outlook, without using it again.
  3. Click Update (if an update is available) to update Outlook. Restart it to access your emails.

Solution 2: Update Add-Ins

Add-ins are the applications or services added to a program to make it more efficient and workable. If you have installed add-ons like Evernote, Salesforce and Zoom on your Outlook account, chances are high these add-ons don’t get frequently updated, leading to the error. Updating all the add-ins is another way to fix the error and protect your precious data in Outlook.

Solution 3: Ensure Enough Space On Hard Disk

Another way to manually fix Outlook couldn’t repair the database error in Mac is to ensure enough space in your Mac computer’s hard disk is left unused. You can shift the photos, videos and documents to iCloud to create extra space in the hard disk. Since database maintenance takes a lot of space to work efficiently, you must have three times the capacity as the backup space compared to your current Outlook database.

All these solutions are excellent for fixing the error and regaining access to your Outlook account on your Mac system. But where they fall short is the possibility of data file corruption. Hence, an automated tool is the perfect solution to fix this error on Mac computer.

Professional Solution To Resolve the Outlook Database Error in Mac

Since manual solutions become ineffective in eliminating the error due to the possibility of profile corruption, an automated tool is the recommended solution to fix Outlook couldn’t repair the database error in Mac. The software we will mention here can export your entire data with folder structure and integrity intact, and this tool is Outlook Mac Database Recovery.

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Some of the features of the software are:

  • The tool maintains the data structure during the recovery process.
  • This software can export selective data based on date and category.
  • You can split the resultant file into the desired size.

Follow these steps to fix the error using the tool:

1. Download the software on your Mac computer and run it.
Interface of the tool
2. Select the Auto Locate Mac Outlook 2019/2016/Office 365 Profiles (depending upon the Outlook version on your Mac system) option.
Solve the Outlook couldn't repair the database error in Mac
3. Click Next and select the Outlook profile facing the error and click Scan. The tool will begin the scanning process.
Scan your database
4. Choose PST as the resultant file format. Check the box labelled Maintain Folder Hierarchy to ensure intact data and folder integrity in the exported PST file.
Choose PST as the export file format
5. Apply specific settings on the resultant PST file(s) by clicking the Advance Settings box. The tool has features like PST Settings to split the PST file into smaller files, Categories to choose particular email categories for the export process and Date Filter to save emails between two specific dates. Click Save to save the settings you have applied.

6. Select the desired destination for the PST file(s) by clicking Change under Destination Path.

7. Begin the file export process by clicking Export.
resolve Outlook couldn't repair the database error in Mac
8. Click View Report to view the exported PST file and the export report.

9. Add the exported PST file to Outlook to access your data.


The blog discussed the reasons and solutions to fix Outlook couldn’t repair the database error in Mac. The manual solutions for fixing this error are suited for repairing the database and restoring access to your Outlook profile. Where these solutions fail is the inability to correct the issue of corruption in the data file. On the contrary, the automated tool mentioned here repairs and rebuilds your Outlook profile’s database in multiple formats while ensuring data integrity.