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Outlook Inbox Not Showing All Emails [Issue Resolved]

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On February 28th, 2022
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

People receive hundreds of emails on their Outlook account and the emails remain in the Inbox until one voluntarily deletes or moves them. But, many users complain that Outlook Inbox not showing all emails and want to know its reasons. This blog will focus on the reasons behind this issue and how users can fix Outlook Inbox not displaying all email problems.

Table of Contents
1. Why Outlook not Showing All Emails
2. How to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Showing All Emails
3. Fix File Corruption Issues
4. Final Words

Why Outlook not Showing All Email: Explore the Reasons

If users are not getting all the emails in their Inbox, there could be two things. Either the Inbox is not syncing real-time and not downloading emails from the server; or, the inbox is not showing the emails that already reached it. Now we will know the reasons for both cases.

  • Unstable Internet connectivity: If the Internet connection is unavailable or unstable, the email will not get synced in Inbox.
  • Power cut or software conflict: Take anti-virus applications or sudden power cut into consideration as factors that are not allowing emails to get downloaded.
  • Auto Archive Settings: The Auto Archive settings of Outlook can archive older emails in a different folder. This might cause Outlook Inbox not showing all emails error in Outlook 2016.
  • Outlook Folder View Settings: If the filter in Outlook view settings is turned on, users will not be able to view all emails in Outlook Inbox.
  • PST File Corruption due to Large Size: If the PST file reaches its size threshold, it might get corrupted and give rise to this error.

How to Fix Outlook Inbox Not Showing All Emails

To fix this problem, users need to find out the root cause of the problem and use the solutions accordingly. Here are some of the commonly used methods to resolve this missing Outlook email problem.

1. Check the Internet Connection for Inbox Sync

To get emails in Outlook Inbox in real-time, users need to have a stable and uninterrupted Internet connection. If some emails have not reached Inbox, check the Internet connection.  Users can set up a secured connection again and then check if the new emails have arrived.

2. Make Use of Send/Receive Option

MS Outlook offers a feature named Send/Receive to ensure synchronization. If users suspect that power or network outages, software conflicts, etc. are causing this issue, they can use Send/Receive feature for instant syncing.

  • Navigate to the Send/Receive tab situated at the top panel of the MS Outlook interface.
  • Click on the Send/Receive All Folders and give it some time to complete the process.
  • When done, check if your Inbox is showing all emails or not.

3. Check Default View Settings to Get All Emails in Inbox

There is a complete possibility that the default view settings are responsible for “Outlook Inbox not showing all emails” problem. Therefore, if the previous solutions fail to fix the problem, there is no harm in trying this approach. Her, users need to take a look at the setting of Outlook folder view and confirm if the setting is the cause of missing emails from Inbox. Follow these steps to fix the Default View settings of Outlook.

  • Open MS Outlook application.
  • Go to the Outlook ribbon and navigate to the View tab.
  • There will be an option named Current View. Hover on that option to click on “Customize Current View”.
  • Go to the Filter option. Click on “Clear All” to remove all the applied filters.
  • Get back to the Outlook Inbox. Click on Send/Receive option to get back your Outlook missing emails.

4. Disable Auto Archive Feature if Enabled Earlier

In the course of time, the Outlook mailbox keeps getting larger and it becomes hard to find the important emails at a glance. For the users who want to unclutter their Inbox automatically, Outlook provides the Auto Archive feature. It can be the reason why Outlook Inbox not showing all emails. For Outlook 2010 and later versions, apply these steps:

  • Open Outlook and click on File -> Options.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and select AutoArchive Settings.
  • A new window will open. Uncheck the box beside AutoArchive Every option.
  • Click on the OK button twice.
  • Restart Outlook and check if the emails are back in Inbox.
  • Users may also open archive.pst file on Outlook and then use Move to Folder option to transfer the emails to Inbox.

5. Fix File Corruption with Automated Tool

If none of the above manual methods work out for you, then the PST file corruption due to reaching the size threshold might be the reason. In that situation, users need Outlook PST Repair Tool to fix the “Outlook Inbox not showing all emails” problem. Download the software and run these steps:

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Step 1: Open the application on a Windows computer.

Step 2: Click on Add File to add any number of PST files.

Step 3: Check the Advance Scan option to remove and corruption issues.

Step 4: After previewing the emails, click on the Export button.

Step 5: Choose PST as the target format. You can also enable Split Outlook PST option.

Step 6: Choose the location for the output file and click on the Export button.

Note: Outlook users can also try Inbox Repair Tool to fix the PST file problem if emails are missing from Outlook Inbox. But this utility only fixes minor problems and does not guarantee to resolve this issue.

Final Say

“Outlook Inbox not showing all emails” is a common issue for Outlook users that might appear anytime.  Though it may sound like a minor problem, it can badly affect business productivity and corporate relationship. Hence, it is better to fix this problem as soon as one notices it using any of the methods suggested in this blog.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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