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Resolved Error of PST File Access Denied After Windows 10 Update

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On January 16th, 2024
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This might come as a surprise to you that the Outlook PST file you have been using for years is denying access. Yes, just after a Windows 10 update, users might get a prompt message that the PST file access is denied. Though there is enough reason to panic, users must keep calm as there are some easy solutions to this problem that this write-up will discuss in the next parts.

Continue reading if you want to know the absolute fixing methods to the “PST File Access Denied after Windows 10 Update” error. Here, readers will learn the reasons and solutions to this issue.

I just updated my Windows 10 OS but since then I am unable to access MS Outlook. Outlook keeps saying that I do not have permission to access the PST file. I have updated the same version of OS before but never faced this problem. Can anyone tell me whey PST file access denied after Windows 10 update?

What Causes PST File Access Denied Error Message

Users might wonder why they have to give themselves permission to access their own files. Here are the reasons why:

  • Outlook PST file is being used by some other applications.
  • PST file access permission is not set or the permission got changed somehow.
  • Users are currently logged into their old Microsoft account on the updated Windows OS.

How to Fix PST File Access Denied after Windows 10 Update

Multiple reasons can cause this error, hence users need to try different methods for correct resolution.

Method 1: Run Outlook as Administrator

The first method is to try fixing the permission issue by running Outlook with Administrator permission.

a. In the search box of Windows 10, type Outlook.

b. When it appears, right-click on it. Select Run as Administrator from the list.

c. Now, you can access Outlook without getting any PST file denied message.

Method 2: Temporarily Unable Anti-virus Software

If the anti-virus software is finding the PST file as hostile after Windows 10 which is quite possible, then you have to change settings of

a. Temporarily disable the software and see if it is possible to access Outlook without having any trouble.

b. If this works, it means the anti-virus is the reason why PST File access denied after Windows 10 update. To fix it, add Outlook in the list of exceptions according to the application you use. Users may have to change the settings so that the program does not identify the PST file as virus-infected.

Method 3: Allow Full Permission to PST File

If you are getting this error due to Outlook PST file permission, try these steps to grant full permission to access PST file.

a. Go to the location of PST file. Users can access the location by navigating to the Appdata of Outlook.

b. Select the PST file and right-click on it.

c. Select Properties and then, click on the Security tab.

d. Select your Outlook user account and click on Edit… button.

e. Check the Allow box corresponding to “Full control” permission.

f. Click on Apply and the OK and exit.

Start Outlook again as this should grant users full permission to access PST file.

Method 4: Fix PST file Corruption

As Outlook users know, there can be one common reason behind every Outlook problem including “PST File Access Denied After Windows 10 Update”, and that is PST file corruption. To repair damaged or corrupted Outlook PST files, Outlook Data File Repair Tool is the best solution. If none of the above techniques are able to fix the problem in question, users should try this application to remove ant corruption from PST files.

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1. Open the tool and click on Add Files button.

2. Add PST file of your choice and check Advanced Scan option.

3. Preview data and click on Export button.

4. Select PST or any other destination file format.

5. Choose file location and click on Export.

Thus users can get rid of all types of PST corruption that might be denying access to its original user. Now, users have to import the PST file into Outlook and try opening the application.

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Note: This software is Windows-based and works on all the latest versions of Windows like Windows 10, 8.1, 7, etc. It can fix corruptions from any size of PST file, generated on any Outlook. The tool also gives you an option to recover deleted items from Outlook. So, try the demo version of this repair tool available for free.


Windows 10 updates are essential for the security of the system and the data stored in them. However, people often complain about getting “PST file access denied after Windows 10 update” error message. This blog provided some commonly used approaches to fix this issue. Users should try all the methods for complete resolution of the PST file access denied problem.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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