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Do You Know How to Recover Database from Emergency Mode?

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 3rd, 2022
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Summary: This blog will explain what an emergency mode in SQL is, what leads to it, and what comes after SQL goes in this mode. Also, the measures to recover database from Emergency Mode will be explained here. Find the solutions and get started with the blog.

The database is very crucial for any user as it maintains all important data of an organization. As it stores large amounts of data in it, so it is very much vulnerable to multiple problems also. There are several scenarios in which the SQL Server database goes in inaccessible state and marked as Suspected. And, whenever a database in there is in an emergency mode, a user is not allowed to access and perform any action on it until it is back in online mode.

Note: If no backup is generated before corruption, a user is not allowed to perform any transaction on it.

Now, the question is how to recover database from emergency mode & repair corrupt SQL Database file? No need to panic because still there are chances that it can be recovered. If you are facing any issues and want to recover the SQL database then the user can download the software and follow the steps of recovery.

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SQL users can overcome the situation by adding a database in the emergency mode. However, it is the only manual way to recover the database in a proper way. Thus, to fix the problem, a user is suggested to move to the Emergency mode. In order to make this concept more clear to the users, this blog has covered multiple prospects of the SQL Server database in the emergency.

What is Emergency Mode in SQL Server Database?

Before learning the methods to recover database from emergency mode, let’s understand what it is. The emergency mode is basically used when the transaction logs of the database are corrupted and there is no current backup available. In such a situation, the normal repair command will not work. It is because repairs are logged completely and cannot be used when the transaction logs are damaged.

Moreover, the users are allowed to access the database when it is in the emergency mode. And, one gets Read-Only permission to access the suspected database and perform recovery of database from emergency mode.

What Makes Users Recover Database from Emergency Mode?

Before looking for the solution, finding all possible reasons behind it is the right way of solving the issue. Thus, in this section of the post, reasons that might lead the SQL database in a suspected state so that one should know how to recover their database.


  • Corrupt Database: If SQL Server database is in the emergency state, then the most common reason behind it is corruption in the SQL database.
  • Corruption in Database Log File: Problem in any transaction log file such as missing or damaged log files also leads the database in suspected mode.
  • Abrupt Shutdown of Server: Sometimes an unexpected SQL Server shutdown can also lead to users recover Database from Emergency Mode.
  • Virus or Malware Attack: There might be some kind of virus or malware attack on the local machine that results in SQL Server database in suspected mode.
  • Non-reliable Power Supply: In some cases, the power is not reliable to depend upon, which can lead your database inaccessible state.
  • Hardware Related Issues: If there are some hardware problems, they can also be the reason for this SQL database problem.

SQL Database is in Suspect Mode- What’s Next?

First of all, a user needs to look for the backup file. If it is not there, then simply enable emergency mode for that database.

  • A user can recover database from emergency mode only if SQL Server 2005 and above versions.
  • All actions performed in the Emergency Mode are one-way operations. A user is not allowed to rollback. Hence, it is highly recommended to create a copy of the corrupt database before performing any action.
  • Always remember to use Emergency Mode, the emergency state is not a requirement. However, if a database is moved to Emergency Mode, it is most useful whenever there is a suspect data in the database.

How to Recover Database from Emergency Mode – Stepwise Procedure

Now, to know how to recover database with the help of emergency mode, go through the steps mentioned below:

1. Confirm SQL Database Suspected Status

The very first step that needs to make sure that the database is in the suspected state. In order to do the same, run the command below and access the data from the database. However, in the case of suspected database, the command will result an error message.
SELECT *FROM databasename1..tablename1

2 Move SQL Server Database in Emergency Mode

When you are sure that SQL database is in Suspect mode, simply enable the emergency mode for the database by executing the command below:

3. Run DBCC CHECKDB to Repair SQL Server

As soon as the emergency mode is on, you can start the process to recover database from emergency mode. However, this repair command will help in removing all incompatibilities that are the reason behind the suspected mode. Now, to do the same, a user needs to change the database into single-user mode.

Note: During this process, there might be loss of some data.


4. Bring the Database Back to Multi-User

As the repair process completed successfully, simply turn multiuser access to the database with this command:


5. Online the Database

At last, you need to execute the following command in order to recover database and bring it back to online mode.


How Can You Instantly Recover Database from Emergency Mode?

Doing so is not as difficult as it seems in the above mentioned procedure if the right measures are taken. Using the PCVITA SQL Recovery Tool, you can easily get your database recovered. Let’s find the steps for it in the following segment:

1. Launch the software and open the MDF file to recover.

install sql database recovery tool

2. After that, choose the scan mode, we are going for Advance Scan. Select the version of SQL MDF File and hit OK.

select scanning mode

3. Click on the objects or items that have been recovered to preview them.

preview recovered database objects

4. Select SQL Server Database option from the Export to/as and click on Export.

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What Else You Can Do?

A small issue in the database can break the workflow of a complete organization. Thus, when the SQL Server database is in the suspected state, it becomes inaccessible. Therefore, this post will let users know how to get their database recovered easily.

Moreover, this technique will only work in the case of small size database. And, there is loss of some data also during the repair process in emergency mode. In order to avoid such situations while trying to recover database from emergency mode, one is advised to use the recommended tool and follow the instructions for recovery. It is one of the best applications to repair corrupt or damaged SQL database in no time.


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