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How to Remove Database from Suspect Mode in SQL Server Effectively

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On May 9th, 2023
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remove database from suspect

There are times when you try to access your database, and find out it is gone into the suspect mode which makes your data inaccessible, also restricts you to perform any transactions.

Why does this happen? What are the reasons behind going your database into the suspect mode? And how to remove database from suspect mode in SQL server ? The solution to all these queries is discussed in the further section. So, let’s find out!

What is a Suspect Mode?

Whenever SQL Server finds any database suspicious, it marks it as “Suspect” and puts database into suspect mode. There can be several reasons behind any database getting suspicious. The major reasons are, corruption in the database files, log files getting damaged, hardware and software failures, sudden shutdown of the database server and many other factors are also responsible for this issue.

How to Remove Suspect Database in SQL Server DB?

  • Launch the advanced Software in the system.
  • Now, Click on Open to Add MDF data files.
  • Select the Quick or Advanced Scan mode.
  • Set the Destination path for healthy files.
  • Now, Hit the Export button to complete.

Why Do We Need to Remove Database from Suspect Mode

If your database files have gone into the suspect mode, then it is not a good news for the user. The suspect mode forbids users to open or access their database file. As a repercussion of this phenomena, user becomes unable to perform transactions as well.

Major causes:

  1. Any kind of corruption detected by SQL Server in the database file.
  2. If the hard disk is running out of space.
  3. Due to missing / corrupted log files.
  4. If SQL is not able to execute the roll back or roll forward operation.
  5. If Hardware or software database corruption has occurred in SQL server.
  6. Any kind of virus attacks.
  7. Sudden shut down of the system while the SQL server is running some task.

Note: As a fact, it is seen that there are 85% chances of database going into suspect mode due to improper shutdown.

Although we cannot directly control SQL server to take away our database file from suspect mode, there are some prevention hacks and solutions to recover SQL database in suspect mode.

Follow these Tips to Repair SQL Database from Suspect Mode:

  1. Always keep your hard disk free in space. A full disk space tends to be the major reason behind causing corruption in the database files.
  2. Make a habit to create backups every now and then.
  3. Make sure to properly shut down your system.
  4. Always keep a check on your log files.

Now what if you got to face the suspect mode tragedy anyway?

Here are the techniques to tackle the suspect mode issue and successfully recover your database files, described in the below section.

How to Recover Database from Suspect Mode in SQL Server

Now, if the file is already trapped in the suspect mode, you must follow some methods to repair SQL database from suspect mode.

  • Manual Solution – Emergency Mode (Risky Approach)

Here is manual way to sort out the problem. But keep in mind that you can’t retain the complete data with this method, as it inherits the trait of data loss.

Step-1. Turn off the suspect flag and Set the status of your database to Emergency mode. This is the first step to start learning how to remove database from suspect mode in SQL server.

Syntax: EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘db_name’;


Set Emergency

Step-2. Now look for any inconsistencies via DBCC CHECKDB(”); command.

Syntax: DBCC checkdb(‘DatabaseName’)

DBCC checkdb

Step-3. Now Bring the database into Single User Mode and Rollback the previous Transactions.



Step-4. Now Take the complete backup of the database

Step-5. Repair the database with DBCC CHECKDB Repair Allow data loss command.

Syntax: DBCC CHECKDB (‘database_name’, REPAIR_ALLOW_DATA_LOSS)


Step-6. Now bring the database to Multi-user mode.



Note: In case of data loss the user can restore from the backup available. ( Step 4)

This method is in-built and ends up with losing data, which is a huge risk. So, is there an alternative to this method? Move ahead to the professional solution to recover database from Suspect Mode.

Learn How to Remove Database from Suspect Mode in SQL Professionally 

SQL Database Recovery is the expert solution to remove the database from suspect mode in SQL Server. Not just this, the tool recovers lost tables, rules, triggers, functions, and much more. The software is capable to instantly recover and repair the database in SQL Server version 2019, 2016, 2014, 2012 / 2008, etc.

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Some Basic Features of the tool are:

1. The software recovers database files by repairing SQL functions, views, tables, rules etc.

2. Provides two Scanning modes for both the minor and major database corruption: Quick & Advanced mode.

3. Recovers deleted SQL records as well as SQL Database objects.

4. The tool works with Primary as well as Foreign key recovery.

5. Provides recovery with Schema and Data+Schema options

6. Software auto-detects the SQL Server version of the database files.

7. Tool also supports the advanced data types i.e.; hierarchyid, Datetime2, geography & geometry, sql_varient etc.

Follow the Steps to Remove Database from Suspect Mode in SQL Server

Step-1. Install and Run the Application on your System.

Step-2. Browse the MDF file, Choose Advanced Scan option, and also select the SQL Server version.

Step-3. Preview the Corrupted SQL Database objects.

Step-4. After the suspect database recovery Click on Export button to Export the database to SQL Server environment, .sql scripts, CSV Format.

Users can also read another post to know how to Attach MDF File With Different Name in SQL Server.

Sum Up

Concluding to a proper solution to remove database from suspect mode, we figured out the two best methods. Now, we know how to remove suspect database in SQL Server easily. In addition, for avoiding any sort of data loss, user may opt for SQL Recovery Tool. Users can pick any one solution according to their convenience and repair SQL database in suspect mode without any trouble.


Q-1. Can I Delete a Suspect Database in SQL Server?

Ans: Yes, manually, users can get help from the DBCC CHECKDB command with the Repair_Allow_Data_Loss type. However, if users want to get an advanced solution, PCVITA automated tool is what they need.

Q-2. What does it mean when a database is in suspect mode?

Ans: Putting it simply, suspect modes state that a database process or query is started but not completed. There must be some sort of issue & that is why it shows the suspect mode. Therefore users must know how to remove suspect database in SQL Server smartly.

Q-3. How to delete database in SQL using command?

Ans: The “DROP DATABASE” command is what users need to run in order to delete a database in SQL Server.

Q-4. Is Suspect mode & Recovery Pending mode different?

Ans: Yes, both the database modes are different from each other.  The suspect mode indicates the incomplete process whereas recovery pending shows that the recovery is in pending mode due to issues in the MDF files. This is why users learn how to remove database from suspect mode in SQL as well as recovery pending mode.


By Mohit Jha

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