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Methods to Recover Deleted Meeting in Outlook Account

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 18th, 2024
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Outlook calendar event— one of the inevitable features for users to schedule a meeting and efficiently manage their time. Often accidental deletion of meetings led to bypassing the crucial events. Now, looking for solutions to recover deleted meeting in Outlook.

In this article, we will suggest the best go-to methods for restoring calendar events from Outlook. As it leverages users to easily build coordination and set up a series of meetings. Either unintentional deletion of events or deleting redundant data, users need these data to audit and evaluate the meetings.

So, dive into this article to learn the two ways to easily recover deleted calendar event Outlook applications from Outlook 2021, 2019, and the below versions.

What is the Need for Restoring Deleted Meetings from Microsoft Outlook?

In the following passage, we will suggest the prime reasons to recover deleted meeting in Outlook. Now, read the diverse needs of users behind restoring the removed calendar events:-

  • Similar to other mailbox folders, the calendar holds significant importance as it provides a detailed understanding of meeting events, agendas, and more. Hence, recovering the calendar data enables users to easily set up different tasks under a deadline.
  • Restoring the deleted data from the calendar allows users to manage the project deadlines, actions, and other activities with more accuracy. Moreover, professionals can build decisions, and grow networks while having a summary of their calendar schedule.
  • Deletion of meeting events is synonymous with loss of data, especially permanently removed calendar data. Additionally, users are left with no solution. Therefore, recover deleted calendar event Outlook, one of the best approaches to accessing valuable information.

How to Recover Deleted Meeting in Outlook Using Manual Method?

Earlier, we have addressed the reasons behind retrieving the data of calendar meetings from MS Outlook. Here, we will unfold the step-by-step guidance of the manual approach to restore canceled meeting in Outlook smoothly. Now, let’s move forward to discover the steps of a free solution.

  • Restore Calendar Events/ Appointments from Deleted Items

Since the deleted items of Outlook are directly navigated to the “deleted items” folder. Using these steps, users can easily recover deleted calendar event Outlook from Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2013. So, let’s understand the steps:-

  1. Open the MS Outlook on your machine.
  2. Go to the Deleted Items and then, perform a double-click to find the deleted calendar events.
  3. Select the required meeting items and emails and then, right-click to recover the data.
  4. Now, click on Move > then, Other Folder.
  5. Lastly, move to any folder Inbox or Draft > OK.
  • Recover Deleted Meeting in Outlook Directly from the Server

If you’ve configured Outlook via an exchange server then, you can recover the deleted calendar items from the server. However, this folder stores the data of removed items for a limited duration. Hence, users can consider the below step guidance as well for accessing the deleted times.

  1. Go to “Deleted Items” and move to Home.
  2. Select “Recover Deleted Items from Server” and then, click on the desired event > move to Restore Selected Items.
  3. Now, press OK to complete the process.

Using these step guidance users can recover deleted calendar event Outlook. However, there are major disadvantages to utilizing this solution. Therefore, let’s move ahead to closely understand those challenges.

Why You Shouldn’t Consider a Manual Solution?

  • To recover deleted meeting in Outlook using the manual approaches brings unprecedented challenges for the users. As the deleted item folder holds the data of redundant information for a specific duration. Once it overpasses the time, then recovery of the data becomes impossible.
  • For both unskilled and technical professionals, implementing these steps is quite tricky and even complicated. After completing the process, users still can’t access the information due to a major error configuration.
  • Lastly, manual solutions are considered unsecured methods to retrieve the data of calendar events. Sometimes, it leads to the accidental deletion of data and holds the possibility of permanent data loss.

Overall, the free solutions to restore deleted Outlook calendar are ineffective. Therefore, look for expert recommendations to quickly access the calendar meetings or events without any major loss.

Expert Way to Recover Deleted Calendar Event Outlook 2021/ 2019/ 2016 and Below Versions

PCVITA Outlook PST Recovery Tool, one of the robust and supreme solutions to recover deleted meeting in Outlook from any edition of MS Outlook. It is a standalone utility to repair inaccessible, damaged, and even corrupted PST files. Most importantly, users can extract emails with contacts, calendars, attachments, and other items. Further, it allows users to retrieve the data of calendar events in different file formats. Also, users can recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook.

The other functionalities of this tool include scanning of complete PST files. Besides this, it offers the feature to showcase the deleted items of the mailbox in Red color. Moreover, its advanced tool supports all the latest variants of Outlook and Windows OS. Thus, users can use this solution to easily restore canceled meeting in Outlook.

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Recover Deleted Meeting in Outlook Using Wizard

  1. Run the software on your machine and click on the Add Files feature.
    add the PST file using Add file
  2. Choose the Select File and then, move to three dots to add the PST file.
    click on scan
  3. Click on Quick Scan and press Add.
    select the data from deleted folder
  4. In the next interface, select the required meeting events.
    click on export and select any file format
  5. Go to Export > choose any export file type.
    click on browse
  6. Now, browse the location using Browse.
    press Export
  7. Lastly, move to Export.

Put Questions, Get Answers!

Q. Can I recover deleted calendar events?
Follow the below steps to recover deleted meeting in Outlook:-

  1. Download the aforementioned automated tool on your machine.
  2. Click on the Select Files option and then, select three-dots to insert PST file.
  3. Move to Quick Scan > Add.
  4. Choose the necessary data for export.
  5. Now, click on Export and then, select any file format.
  6. Select the browse option and then, hit on the Export button.

Q. What happens if I delete a calendar event in Outlook?
The deletion of any calendar event refers to leaving crucial meeting notes, agendas, attachments, and more.

Q. Is there any PST file size limit in this tool?
No, there is no suggested file size limit. Hence, users can add unlimited data for accessing the deleted meeting items.

Concluding Words

In this write-up, we have discussed the two methods to recover deleted meeting in Outlook application. Since the manual solution offers unfavorable conditions of errors while recovering the meeting data. Therefore, use the aforementioned software to restore the deleted items. Moreover, it is considered the optimal solution to easily access the data from corrupted and inaccessible PST files.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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