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Restore Windows Backup from External Hard Drive – An Ultimate Guide

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 2nd, 2023
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Summary: We are going to learn the methods to restore Windows backup from external hard drive today. Understand why users want to do so as mentioned in this blog. Also, find the most useful method as suggested by the experts. Let’s get started!

A lot of users are still working on Windows 7 and want to move their data to Windows 10 as Windows 7 is going to disappear soon. After knowing this, people have started creating backup of their data so that they do not have any trouble when this happens. But this is not so easy to go through and this is where the issue occurs.

Here, we will explain the methods to repair windows BKF backup file from external hard drive in two different techniques. Stick to the blog and learn the methods to perform the action. But before you do that, take a look at this user’s issue to understand the scenario clearly.

User Query: I have a lot of data on my Windows 7 PC which I have successfully taken a backup of. But when I tried to transfer the data in Windows 10, I’m not able to do that as Windows 10 is not accepting the data. My files maybe corrupted due to which I am going through this trouble. Can anyone help me with repairing my data files?

Let’s find out the solution to this user’s situation.

Pay Attention: If you want a quick solution for this, you can make use of the intelligent tool for repairing the data files in minutes without losing any data.

How Can I Restore Windows Backup from External Hard Drive?

Check out the working of the free manual method and follow the instructions carefully to initiate the process:

1. Click on the Open Settings option and go to the Update and Security option. Choose the Recovery option from there.

2. Now, in the Advanced Startup field, choose the Restart Now button. Browse to the Troubleshoot option as soon as the computer restarts.

3. Here, click on the Advanced option and select System Image Recovery option.

Important Note: The following steps are for restoring Windows 10 system. If this method doesn’t work, then you have to start over for installing Windows to continue the procedure to repair corrupt Windows backup file  .

4. In this step, you have to connect your hard drive with the backup and the system repair disk with the local machine.

5. After that, you have to reboot your local machine. This might need you to make changes in your BIOS Settings so that you can boot it from CD, or DVD drive by clicking on the Delete or F2 keys.

6. Then, you have to open the Windows Setup Wizard and hit the Next button. Click on the Repair your computer option on the bottom left corner of the screen.

7. Select the Troubleshoot option and choose the System Image Recovery option and hit Windows 10.

8. Select the Use the latest available system image option and press the Next button.

9. Click on the Format option and choose the Re-partition disk option for the next step.

10. Finally, click the Next button and hit Finish to end the process.

This method maybe free but is a lot more complicated and time-taking as it seems. If you want a much simpler approach, you can go to the next segment to learn the easy steps for the same procedure.

Simpler Method to Restore Windows Backup from External Hard Drive

Most of the users who use the manual method for this procedure may not find it feasible for their situation. Even if the manual method is free of cost, the limitations it has don’t allow the users to restore BKF files in backup exec. For this, you can use the BKF Repair Tool that can easily scan, repair, and extract the data from your corrupted data files.

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It is possible for the users to recover BKF files without any size restriction and makes the process to restore corrupted files effortless. The software will also make sure that the original formatting and the structure of the folder are maintained during the recovery process.

Well, there are various features that this tool offers. Let’s take a look at the working of the software for the users to understand how it works and helps them.

What Are the Guidelines to Make the Software Work?

Follow the instructions as mentioned below:

1. Download the software to restore Windows backup from external hard drive.

bkf repair

2. Navigate to the file you want to restore and add it to the software panel.

scan option

3. Select the Scan mode and hit Scan to start the process.

scan bkf file

4. Find the recovered file and preview the data.

load scanned file

These are the only steps you have to follow to get your work done. There are no complicated steps or anything that will cause any kind of trouble to you. This is a pretty self-explanatory tool which makes it easy for the users to understand it’s working.

Ending Verdict

It is important to move your data from Windows 7 carefully as there is definitely going to be a lot of data files. But what if the data is corrupted? What will you do then? These queries are why we have mentioned the easiest and basic looking tool that can help you restore Windows backup from external hard drive. Just follow 4 simple steps and you will be done with the procedure. Whereas, the manual method will help you perform the procedure but not help you to recover the files from backup.

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