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How to Take Roundcube Email Backup? Easy & Quick Method Explained

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On October 5th, 2023
Reading Time 7 Minutes Reading
In this article, we’ll discuss a tried and tested method for How to take Roundcube email backup. If you are someone who is looking for solutions for an instant backup. Then, your search ends here. Keep reading the article till the end to find the best backup solution for Roundcube webmail emails.

Roundcube webmail is a popular open-source emailing platform. It offers various features and a user-friendly interface that makes it a versatile email solution. Hence, many organizations use this platform for professional use. Since it is a web-based email client, it should be the No.1 priority for Roundcube users to take regular backups to secure their sensitive emails from unexpected security threats.

But discussing the How-to part let’s have a quick look into the why i.e. the reasons why someone wants to backup Roundcube email.

What are the Reasons for Taking Backup Email from Roundcube?

Everyone these days should know the importance of taking a backup of our data.

So, in the first section of the article, we will talk about some of the prominent reasons for the backup.

1. Risk of Losing Your Important Data: As we all know the Roundcube webmail service is hosted on the server. And, due to severe or technical issues or accidental deletion, you can lose all your important data within seconds. So, it’s crucial to download all emails from IMAP server to secure your important emails. 

2. Migration and Transition: If you want to migrate your all emails to a new email provider then Roundcube email backup is the best option you can take. Moreover, this allows you to change your email client quickly and without losing any information.  

3. Security and Privacy: If you want to protect your data then you can locally backup IMAP emails. You can prevent the risk of unauthorized breaches by saving a copy of your data offline. Moreover, if you are more concerned about your privacy then you can choose a backup mechanism. 

4. Offline Access: If you need to read all your emails in offline mode go for the backup. Even if the webmail service is momentarily unavailable, you may still utilize this function. You may use this function to go through your old emails and retrieve the data.

Now, let’s move on and discuss how you can take the backup. If you are wondering what is the right tool for “Roundcube Webmail Backup,” then “PCVITA IMAP Backup tool” is the most prominent tool of all. This automated tool has many functionalities that fulfill your backup needs. The step-by-step procedure of the tool is discussed in the later section.

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Now, let’s explore the two different backup methods. 

Different Methods for Roundcube Email Backup

In this section, we will understand both manual and automated methods for taking backups. Make sure not to skip any single step in between because if you do then it will become challenging to take backup. 

#1 Manual Method to Backup Emails from Roundcube

Roundcube has a feature in which you can export within itself. This helps you to easily export emails from Roundcube. This feature also allows you to export emails in an EML format that can be imported into other email clients. Let’s look at Roundcube’s export function for downloading your emails: 

Step 1: First, enter the login details to open your Roundcube email account.  

Roundcube login page (roundcube email backup)


Step 2: Afterwards select all the emails that you want to download. Then, look for the “More” option that is available on the top right of your screen. After that when you click on the drop-down list you will get many options in which you have to click on the “Export” option.   

click on export option (roundcube email backup)

Step 3: After doing the above step, your selected emails will automatically start downloading. All emails will be downloaded in the default folder which is in the “EML” file format.  

download process (roundcube email backup)

#2 Automated Method for Roundcube Email Backup

As discussed earlier, let’s understand the operating process and the step-by-step procedure of the automated tool. 

Step 1: The first and foremost step you have to do is, download the tool.

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Now select the IMAP host domain from the given options if you don’t find your host then click on the “Other” option.

select email host or click on other option

Step 2: After that, enter all the required credentials like your Email Address and Password in it. Then, click on the Login button.

enter your login details

Step 3: You will see the below interface on your screen.

this interface will open

Note: In this guide on “backup Roundcube emails”, we will understand the full method in PST format. There are more options available such as PDF, MBOX, EML, HTML, TXT and MSG. select any as per your convenience. 

Step 4: Afterwards, let’s go to the advanced settings. Here you will get 2 options: the first is to delete after download and the second one is an incremental backup. As per your requirement choose any one option. 

advanced settings for Roundcube email backup

Step 5: when you click on the advanced settings this type of interface opens on your screen in which you will get two options to take Roundcube Webmail Backup All emails. First according to Size and second with the Date Filter. After selecting everything, click on the Save button. 

select size and date filter

Step 6: Now, click on the Change button to choose your own destination for saving your files. After selecting the location click on the “OK” button. 

select your destination and click on ok

Step 7: Lastly, to start the processing of your file, click on the Start backup button. 

start backup Roundcube email

So, we are done with discussing each and every step that will help you easily take a backup. Now, let’s take a look at its core features.

What are the Features of this Professional Software?

In this given section, we will explore the prominent key features through which you can easily do Roundcube Email Backup.

1. Backup IMAP Mailboxes: This is the first feature, in which this tried and tested tool has the ability to back up single or multiple IMAP mailboxes to a specific location. It also allows you to take a backup IMAP email from any source or domain such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. 

2. You Can Take Backup in Different Files: With the help of this tool you can take the backup of your files in the respective file formats such as PST, PDF, MBOX, EML, TXT, HTML, EMLX, MSG, CSV, and MHT file formats. 

3. Delete Emails and Incremental Backup: This also allows you to delete all your emails from the server after the download. Another option of incremental backup in this tool will help you to export only newly arrived data. This feature will help you easily take backup emails from Roundcube

4. Maintain Your Folder Structure: Another feature of this professional tool in your folder structure will be maintained throughout the process. 

5. Bulk IMAP Mailbox Backup for Mac: You can also add and backup the multiple IMAP email, only you have to enter the correct credentials.

User Reviews

“I have been using Roundcube webmail for quite a long time. I was looking for a solution through which I can save my important emails in PDF format. And, I must say, with the help of the Roundcube email backup tool, I downloaded all my crucial emails easily. So, I will definitely recommend this tool. ~ Roger, UK
“I used the tool for taking the email backup from Roundcube webmail. And, found that this tool can be used for the backup of other IMAP-based email clients as well. I can say that the interface is user-friendly. And, I did it all by myself without any support. It’s a pretty cool software to work with. You can opt for this tool for the backup. ~ Tony, California

Closing words

Now, let’s come to our conclusion. Here we have talked about “How to backup webmail emails Roundcube.” hope it was easy to understand with this guide. If you are searching for more technical queries then stay tuned with us.