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#2 Ways to Separate vCard File – DIY Methods Explained Here

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: 03-Jan-2022 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

We can easily save contacts in various formats such as CSV, VCF, PST (in Outlook) etc. You can save a VCF file in one or multiple vCard files or you can even separate vCard file into multiple files. But why would someone do that? Sometimes, there are situations where you might need to split these files due to the size of the file or other reasons.

If we talk about email clients such as Outlook, the import feature in it has a limitation that can only load a single contact from various vCard files. Now, you must be thinking how can one separate these files. Well, it is quite easy if you follow the right methods. Here, you will be explained the perfect and the most reliable solution to perform this task.

Let’s first have a look at the following user’s query to split vCard file:

User Query – I have about a 100 contacts in a vCard file that I need to separate since Outlook is not supporting a single vCard file with multiple contacts. I have tried to compress these files but nothing helps as the import feature is limited to loading a single file only. I urgently need these files imported on my Outlook account without losing any part of the contacts. Is there a solution which is powerful enough to keep the data maintained and split these files? Please suggest!

Moving on to the solutions.

Which Method Can Easily and Quickly Separate vCard File?

If you want a reliable approach which can keep your contact files safe, the data maintained, and make it a quick process, you can go for the vCard Split & Merge Tool. This tool has the ability to split your files in individual VCF files and allows to preview the contact files. If you have selective contact files that you want to split and not all of them, you can do so with the help of the features offered by this tool.

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The software makes sure the contact information is maintained even after splitting the files. It also supports all the vCard files that are created on different platforms. If you want, there is an option to sort the VCF files as per the attributes. Let’s find out the working steps of this tool to split vCard file.

What Are the Performance Instructions of this Wizard?

There are only a few steps that you have to follow as listed below:

1. Install the tool and click on the Add File option.


2. Navigate to the location of the file, click Open to add it on the software dashboard, and wait for the tool to scan it.


3. Click on the Export button if want to split all the files, or choose Export Selected to split selective files.


4. Mark Split vCard radio button and click on the Advance Settings to select the vCard version for saving the files.


5. Hit the Browse button to pick a destination location and press Export to start the procedure.


This is how easily you can separate vCard file without losing any data or time. Now, we will move towards the manual method to perform the same task. It is an easy method but takes up a lot of time. There are a few limitations that you may encounter such as a lot of time-consumption, high risk of data loss, you need to have technical expertise to perform this procedure. Also, there is no guarantee that your data integrity will be kept intact.

If you do not wish to get into any sort of trouble using the manual method, it is suggested to stick to the software. If not, check the following section to understand the working of the manual solution.

How to Separate vCard File Using the Manual Method?

This workaround is divided in two steps. First steps required you to convert these files to Windows Contact and then import the converted files to a single VCF file. Remember, this is going to be a lengthy and tough procedure, follow each and every steps carefully if you do not want to incur loss of data. Let’s get right into it.

Step 1 – Export VCF Files to Windows Contact

  1. Go to the C:\Users\%username%\Contacts and choose the Import option.
  2. Now, the Import to Windows Contact dialogue box will appear. Choose the vCard (VCF File) option from there and hit Import.
  3. After that, browse to the location where the file is saved from the Select a vCard File for Import box.
  4. Choose the file and click on the OK button to split vCard file.
  5. Then, you will find the properties windows to open up for each contact. If you want to make any changes, enter the details and press Ok.

Now, importing these files to single contact files.

Step 2 – Import Converted Files to Single VCF Files

  1. Open Windows Contacts and click on the Export button.
  2. Press the Ctrl key and choose the files one-by-one to select multiple files.
  3. Now, choose the vCards(folder or VCF files) from the Export Windows Contacts dialogue box.
  4. Hit Export to split these files.
  5. After that, choose the destination location for the end result and press the Ok button.

The process to separate vCard file has been completed. As you can see, this process is lengthy and take a lot of time.

Here We End it!

As it is a known fact that contacts can be saved as vCard files and can be exported and imported on various platforms and devices without any troubles. Yet, sometimes users find it difficult to export these files due to the size of the file or some other issue. Here, we have two methods as discussed that can help you split these files so that you can easily use them anywhere. You can go for the software and safely separate vCard file in no time.

Or you can choose the manual method and go through all the troubles and limitations that it brings along. The choice is all yours!