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The Messaging Interface Has Returned An Unknown Error Outlook – Resolved

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On March 1st, 2022
Reading Time 5 Minutes Reading

When a Personal Storage Table (PST) file is damaged, Microsoft Office regularly displays strange error messages. And of the error messages is “The Messaging Interface Has Returned An Unknown Error Outlook“

Basically, the PST files may be damaged as a consequence of corruption caused by virus infection or software mistakes. Furthermore, these PST files become corrupted when they exceed the mailbox storage limit in MS Outlook

This article walks you through the steps to resolve the “message interface has returned an unknown error” issue in MS Outlook, and the methods are applicable on MS Outlook 2016, 2013, 2007, and 2010. But before going towards the solution first let’s find out the reason for this issue.

Reasons for the Messaging Interface Has Returned An Unknown Error

As we said above when the user’s Personal Storage Table (PST) file is damaged, then they notice this error message. Besides PST corruption, there is also some more reasons that are responsible for this error and the major’s ones are listed below

  • Any issues with the MS Outlook messaging user interface or wrong installation.
  • When the default delivery destination is the Personal Folders (.PST) file and you are using the Offline Folder (.OST) file is used.
  • Once the message is saved in the drafts folder, it gets changed.
  • An attachment is attached to a forwarded message is in Outlook Rick Text Format.
  • An OST file is being used to send the message.
  • The account has been inactive for an extended period of time.

Now, we know the reason behind this issue so it the time to move towards the process to resolve it. So keep reading the write-up to know the procedure.

The Messaging Interface Has Returned An Unknown Error Outlook – Solutions

Here are a few tips that could help you get away with this mistake:

Method 1: Restart Outlook

The first step you have to follow before doing any changes is in following is to restart Outlook. If the error is caused by Outlook’s internal interface, the problem will be addressed automatically.

#Method 2: Empty the Deleted Items Folder

Emptying the Deleted Items folder and then attempting to delete the message again is one of the simplest methods to resolve the issue “the messaging interface has given an unexpected error.” To empty the Deleted Items folder, just right-click on it and pick the Empty folder from the menu that appears. By clicking Shift + Remove, the user can also try to delete the message completely.

# Method 3:  Fix Corruption of Outlook PST

Well as we said earlier, the corruption of the PST file is the major reason behind the messaging interface has returned an unknown error Outlook. So it is very important to repair the PST file in order to fix this issue. Now, to fix the corruption of PST Microsoft Outlook provide a utility that is known as ScanPST. It is an inbuilt inbox repair tool that is capable to fix the minor corruption of the PST file.

Now let’s look at how to put it to good use. Because it’s conceivable that the processes you selected are wrong, and Scanpst is unable to restore PST files in your case. So, before you can use Scanpst, you must first find it.

Note: To utilize the Inbox Repair Tool, you must first understand the correct path. Because ScanPST’s position varies depending on the Outlook version. So, to find the ScanPST, follow the steps below.

For Outlook 2019: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

For Outlook 2016: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16

For Outlook 2013: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15

For Outlook 2010: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14

For Outlook 2007: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office12

ScanPST: How to Use It

1. Double-click ScanPST.exe to start the program after you’ve found it.

2. Add your PST file.

3. Click the Start button to begin the operation.

4. If the problem is detected during the scan, select Repair to start the repair process.

Best Way to Fix Corruption of the PST File

As we said above the Scanpst only repair minor corruption, not the major corrupted file. And after trying the Outlook Inbox Repair Tool if you still facing the messaging interface has returned an unknown Error Outlook Hence, many users are unsatisfied with Outlook’s built-in PST repair program “scanpst.exe,” hunt for a replacement.

Now, if you are looking for a better, powerful, and user-friendly application to repair PST corruption and fix the issue. Then you have to try the best Outlook PST Repair Tool it is one of the most tested and effective ways to repair Outlook corruption and is able to fix corruption-related issues.

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It is the best and most user-friendly tool for fixing Outlook PST files. This tool, in addition to mending, recover contacts from corrupt PST files and not just contacts the tool recover deleted emails, tasks, journals, and calendar entries too from Outlook PST files.

Ending Notes

Restarting Outlook or changing Outlook settings are the best options for resolving “Messaging Interface Has Returned An Unknown Error Outlook.” In addition after trying all the methods if you still getting the issue the try the mentioned automated tool.


By Ashwani Tiwari

I am an Expert Technical Analyst, specialized in assisting users with complex technological challenges. Through my blogs and articles, I offer expert guidance to help tackle these technical issues effectively. My true passion lies in providing valuable insights and simplifying complicated technicalities, enhancing user understanding and confidence.