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Transfer Emails from Gmail to Yahoo – A Quick & Handy Guide

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: March 2, 2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

The fact that Yahoo has made certain changes in its interface & the storage space it provides, users are looking to transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo.

Both Gmail & Yahoo being popular webmail services are always in high demand of the users. Gmail is used by more than a billion users all over the world due to the services & features it provides to its customers. 

Hence, when the reach becomes higher, the vulnerability increases. More people on Gmail means more cyber-attacks leading to a rise in cyber-crime which causes a facade on the web.

Gmail does provide security against such threats, yet, various users are still looking for a solution to migrate Gmail to Yahoo mail.

Yahoo Mail is another webmail service that has been used by a large percentage of the vertical since long. Even today, it maintains its value & place in the market regardless of the tough competitors. 

The reason why users prefer moving to Yahoo is that it offers less cyber-attack events with the latest features & services. 

There are various other reasons that lead to migration from one webmail to another that we are going to explain in the upcoming section. 

Reasons to Learn How to Transfer Emails from Gmail to Yahoo

Pro Tip: Use the professional solution for a quick transfer with no data-loss situation.

  • The free storage space offered by Gmail is limited to 15 GB only whereas, the storage space that Yahoo Mail provides is 1TB. 
  • In Gmail, there is always an increase in the malware intrusions & spammers which force users to move to other webmail services.
  • Organizations keep moving from one platform to another as per their needs. The employees of these organizations have to make the shift as well.

Now, Learning How to Transfer Gmail to Yahoo Mail

There is the Email forwarding method that Gmail offers to its users for moving their data to another email service. It is an in-built feature that allows you to forward mailboxes to other email clients on the cloud. 

Here are the steps for using this in-built solution:

1. Login to your Gmail account & click on the Settings gear.

2. From the menu, choose the See all Settings option & you will be redirected to a new window.


3. Choose the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab to transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo.


4. From there, select the Add a forwarding address option to insert the email id.


5. Enter your Yahoo email address in the field & hit Next.


6. When you are prompted, click on the Proceed button to move further.


7. Click on the OK button after you receive the code for ID confirmation.


8. Go to your Yahoo account, login to it & enter the code in Gmail. Hit Verify.


9. After that, mark the Forward a copy of Incoming Mail option & then, select the id to transfer Gmail to Yahoo Mail.


10. Then, you have to click on the Keep Gmail’s copy in inbox if you want to keep a copy of the emails in your inbox. 


11. Hit the Save Changes button to finish up the process.


Limitations of the Manual Method

  • This method is direct, yet, it becomes a time-consuming one because of the lengthy steps.
  • It can prove to be difficult for certain users with no technical background or assistance to.
  • Leads to mismanagement of mailbox & is not always effective.

Alternative to Manual Solution to Transfer Emails from Gmail to Yahoo

Another method that you can use to make the transfer with no time being wasted is the Rapid IMAP Backup Tool for Mac.

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With the help of this top-notch utility, you have the ability to:

  • Export data in bulk to various file formats
  • Transfer emails from a specific time-period
  • Delete emails from the mailbox after export
  • Keep the folder structure maintained
  • Preserve data integrity, metadata & properties
  • Various naming patterns to rename the files
  • Move recently arrived emails post first transfer

Let’s look at the working steps of the software.

Transfer Gmail to Yahoo Mail by Executing Following Steps

1. Launch the software & choose Gmail from the list. Enter the credentials for your account & provide the IMAP Server & Port No.

viewing modes

2. Select the format as per desire, we are selecting HTML format. Press the Advance Settings option to apply the features.


3. After that, choose the naming pattern in the Naming Convention section & set the dates for a time-duration in the Date-FIlter.


4. Then, tap on the Change button to pick a final location for the end files. Mark the Delete after Download option to remove the files after you transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo.


5. Start the process by clicking on the Start Backup button.


After a few minutes, the process will end and you will have your data on the local storage. 

You can now import these files into your Yahoo Mail & easily access them as per requirement.

If you want to export the recent files only while performing the second process, you can apply the Incremental Backup feature.

It directs the tool to avoid all the previously transferred files & move only the new data to eliminate duplicity error.


When you transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo, you need to make sure the process you are using to export your data doesn’t have any drawbacks or flaws. If there are flaws in your method, it can cause a lot of trouble during the procedure.

The direct method of performing the transfer is quite complex & leads to some amount of confusion. Thus, the software mentioned above is in high demand by experts & many users.