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How to Migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail Account Quickly?

Published By Mohit Jha
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On June 19th, 2023
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Summary: Are you guys searching solution to migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail? If your answer is yes then, this is the best place to get the correct solution. Here, we are going to discuss best professional solution for our users. So, stay tuned with us and read complete blog.

On the other hand Gmail is a free email service developed by the Google. Users can also access the Gmail account on Web, Desktop, as well as in Android and IOS devices. In past few years, Gmail had developed and improved itself in the field of security, performance, storage, reliability, etc.

As we all know that, AWS WorkMail is an email and calendaring service, designed and developed by Amazon Web Services. It is a cloud computing unit of Amazon Inc. User can easily access their WorkMail emails on Web, Desktop using email clients, or their native Android and IOS email applications.

There are multiple users who were looking to perform this migration task due to several reasons. So, instead of going towards any manual solution it will be best for the users to opt a technical solution for completion of this task.

The Perfect Solution to Migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail Account

The Pcvita IMAP Email Migration Tool is a professional solution for simply transferring email from Gmail to AWS WorkMail with attachments. One of the most useful features of the tool is that you can easily perform the migration without doing compromise.

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This tool will maintain all the properties of the email throughout the entire migration process. Moreover, it provides multiple useful functions that we have discussed in the below section. Before that, let’s take a quick look at the steps to migrate emails from Gmail account to AWS WorkMail.

Quick Steps to Transfer Gmail to AWS WorkMail

Perform simple steps to migrate Gmail to AWS:

  1. Download tool on Mac operating system.
  2. Select Gmail as source & Validate it.
  3. Choose Amazon Workmail & validate it.
  4. Hit Start Migration to initiate the transfer process.

How to Use Tool for Migration? Detail Guide 

You will have to follow this procedure for accomplishing this successful migration in best possible manner:

  • Firstly, launch the tool on Mac Operating System of supported version, click on the Continue icon to proceed with the migration process.

download tool to migrate Gmail to AWS Workmail

Note: Make sure that IMAP settings should be enabled for Source & Destination Account.

  • After that, from the source IMAP Account, select host name as Gmail option from the drop-down menu. Now, provide the credentials of the user account and click on the validate button.

account validation

  • Then, in the destination IMAP Account select host name as Amazon WorkMail and enter user credentials also.

migrate Gmail to AWS Workmail

  • This software also provides advance filter options for a customize migration like, date filter, selection of folders to selectively migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail.


  • After that, click on the Start Migration button, then, you can see the ongoing migration process on the screen with total number of emails and failure.


  • Finally, you will get the completion message on the screen, tap OK after completion of the migration task and check out your AWS WorkMail account.

migrate Gmail to AWS Workmail

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Some Fascinating Features of Tool

There are multiple features of this application. Some of the features are mentioned here:

  1. Quick Migration: The Gmail to Amazon WorkMail migration tool is best to directly migrate emails from personal Gmail account to AWS. It will quickly initiate the migration process once both the accounts gets validated.
  2. Also Support Batch Migration: By using the tool, you can simply migrate multiple Gmail accounts to AWS WorkMail without any loss. This way this tool reduces user time and effort while waiting for the completion of the procedure.
  3. Maintain Email Properties: Moreover, with this tool you will be able to migrate with all the email properties such as signature, link, and content body. Also, it keeps all the folder hierarchy intact throughout the migration process.
  4. 100% Accurate:  The application is capable to migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail account with complete accuracy. As it never modify the existing data during migration, so, you get the exact result.
  5. Wide Support to Mac OS: This software is quite helpful for all the users who are searching for a solution to migrate on Mac operating system. As it can be used on any Mac OS 13.0, 12.0, 11.0, 10.8 and below versions.

Client Testimonials About Professional Tool

User 1- It was a wonderful experience working with this application on Mac 13.0. Its user interface is very simple which really helped me at each and every step. Which makes it easy for me to migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail. Great work team.

– Harry, United States

User 2- I wanted to migrate multiple Gmail mailbox emails to AWS Workmail. Being a novice user I still did not find it difficult to use this software. I would like to recommend it to all those who want secure migration without any data modification. Thanks to the whole team.

– Antony, South Korea

Common Questions Asked by Users

Q- How do I connect Gmail to Amazon WorkMail?

Steps to Migrate Gmail to AWS WorkMail:

  1. Download software on supported Mac version.
  2. Add Gmail as host and validate account.
  3. Pick AWS WorkMail & validate it as well.
  4. Tap Add for mapping, hit Start Migration.

Q- How do I add an email address to AWS WorkMail?

Want to change the email address that’s associated with AWS account?

  1. So, first login as a root user to the Billing and Cost Management console for the Amazon WorkMail account that you want to change.
  2. Then, tap Edit next to Account Settings option.
  3. Here, change your email address as required.
  4. Finally, select the Done icon to change.

Q- Is AWS data migration free?

AWS Server Migration Service is free to use, however, you will need to pay only for the storage resources you use during the migration process.

Q- How many emails can I transfer from Gmail account to AWS?

Using the above suggested software, you can simply transfer multiple emails from the Gmail mailbox to AWS. Moreover, it offers you to exclude or include the folder, so, you can simply choose as required.

Q-  Is Gmail data migration to Amazon WorkMail hard?

In practice, email data migration is a bit difficult as it is a process that requires time, effort and resources for both the target or source account. It can be difficult for users to transfer data from one platform to another. But, using the best or secure solution can help you migrate email data easily. One of the best solutions is the one we suggested above in the form of automated software.

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Final Conclusion

In above blog post you will get complete solution to perform this migration task in short. All those users who were facing issues in the process can refer to this informative blog post. The software mentioned here is best for both technical and non-technical users. So, all of you can migrate Gmail to AWS Workmail using the tool in a simple way. Use the free trial version of the tool to try it out. Using this, users can migrate up to 100 emails. You can also buy only licensed version after satisfaction. If you still have any issues, contact our live support team.