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View & Convert Thunderbird Email To HTML File

Frosty Orange ~ Modified: 20-Dec-2021 ~ 6 Minutes Reading

“I am using the Mozilla Thunderbird application for email purpose in my company. I am attempting to export some of my important emails as HTML format in order to view them in web browsers. But I was unable to find a suitable method to do the same. So, can anyone suggest me an easy solution in Thunderbird to convert email to HTML format? Thanks in advance!!”

There are various email-clients out of which, Mozilla Thunderbird is the most popular. It facilitates amazing and free features to its users. But, sometimes users want to export Thunderbird emails to HTML format. So, that they can view the emails independent of the integrated email client. But in some circumstances, Thunderbird email information gets lost during the HTML conversion.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the way by which users can simply convert Thunderbird email to HTML and then view the output HTML files as per convenience. It will also enable them to view the source code using Notepad and other applications. Before moving forward to the methods, let us have a look over the advantages to move Thunderbird email messages to HTML.

Benefits to View & Export Thunderbird Messages in HTML

Being a superior email application, Thunderbird offers various prominent features. One of the options is email view in HTML. Basically, an email in HTML format is similar to a web page and can simply open in the browser. Apart from this, there are multiple advantages to view and save Thunderbird email in HTML file format:

  1. The user is able to view images, cards, colors in the HTML email.
  2. The email in HTML format looks more interactive and professional.
  3. HTML furnishes the users to view email from any system on which internet is available.
  4. HTML files are easily editable.
  5. If email is in browser-supported format then there is no need of the third-party email platform to view. Users can simply and easily open the email in Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.

In Thunderbird Convert Email to HTML for Free

Here, two techniques are described in order to convert and view Thunderbird email message as HTML format. Both are discussed in a descriptive manner. You just need to follow one of them step by step to get a better outcome.

Technique 1: Export Single Thunderbird Email to HTML

Step 1: First of all, launch Mozilla Thunderbird email client on the local machine

Step 2: Now choose the desired email that you need to view as HTML browse

Step 3: Click on More button and choose Save as option from the list

save as

Step 4: Here, in Save Message As wizard, opt the destination location and set Save as type to HTML Files


Step 5: The selected email will be saved as HTML file in the destination folder. This way allows a user to convert Thunderbird email to HTML in any browser or other supported application.

Shortcoming: This method will have to be repeated for each and every email which makes it lengthy and time-consuming. Hence, we have another manual procedure below.

Technique 2: Convert Complete Email Folder to HTML Format

This method is suitable for saving the emails of an entire folder to HTML. But you require to have ImportExportTools NG add-on installed in your Mozilla Thunderbird application. If you need to convert all the email messages instead of just one or two, then go with this manual procedure.

Step 1: Launch the Thunderbird application into your system

Step 2: Now, just Right-click on the folder whose emails you want in HTML format like Inbox, Sent, etc.

Step 3: Choose ImportExportTools >> Export all messages in the folder from the dropdown list

Step 4: Afterwards, select either HTML format or HTML format (with attachments) as per your requirement


Step 5: Locate the folder where you want to save all the output files and click on Select Folder

destination location

Finally, all the emails of selected mailbox folder will be saved in HTML format in the chosen destination folder.

Shortcoming: No filtering technique available for selective conversion. Frequent data loss issues are often associated with this method.

Instant Solution to View & Convert Thunderbird Email to HTML

The above-outlined manual approaches consist some limitations that affect the timeline boundaries of users. These are somewhat lengthy and most importantly time-consuming process. In addition, numerous reports have confirmed that ImportExportTool addon results are not 100% accurate. It may carry some inconsistencies in the form of data loss, change in formatting, etc.

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To get rid of such issues, you should use a third-party application: MBOX to PST Converter software. With the help of this tool, a user can easily save Thunderbird emails in HTML format. The tool is equipped with some amazing features which let it convert email messages in both selective and batch mode. Moreover, provides email filtering mechanism as well as naming conventions missing in both the discussed manual methods.

Steps to Export Thunderbird Mail to HTML:

  • Step 1: Run the software and select Add File.
  • Step 2: Import Thunderbird MBOX files Or auto-fetch Thunderbird database.
  • Step 3: Preview all emails to convert to HTML.
  • Step 4: Click Export to convert Thunderbird emails to HTML file.

thunderbird to html

Final Words

In this article, we emphasize two manual methods for users of Thunderbird to view email as HTML. Besides this, we have also discussed a reliable professional solution for Windows operating system. This software easily export Thunderbird email to HTML in bulk. So, users can open and access the files as per their convenience.

Some Related Queries:

How to view Thunderbird email as HTML?

In Thunderbird to view email as HTML file:
1. Open the Thunderbird message and Go to More dropdown menu.
2. Here, select View Source option. the HTML code will be viewable to you.

How to convert Thunderbird email to HTML?

There are several methods (free manual and automated) that can help you export emails in HTML format.
1. Using native option to save a single message at a time.
2. Using Add-on to export multiple emails at once.
3. Using an automated tool for instant conversion without the risk of losing email attributes, formatting and structure.
All the methods are explained in the article with proper steps.

Can I also save Thunderbird email to file formats other than HTML?

Yes, there are several options to save Thunderbird data in different file formats. Some of the most common are:
1. Export Thunderbird Email to Outlook
2. Thunderbird print multiple emails to PDF
3. Use the given native options for EML (similar to HTML)
4. Or Use given PCVITA converter for PST, EML, HTML, NSF.