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Why Thunderbird is Better than Outlook? Know the Top Reasons Here!

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On December 20th, 2021
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Have you ever been confused about which is the best email client Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook? Do you want to decide between Mozilla Thunderbird and Outlook? Do not worry, here in this blog, we are going to tell you each and every reason why Thunderbird is better than Outlook and other various reasons to convert OLM to MBOX format supported by the respective email clients.

Mac Outlook users often come up with various concerns with regards to the boring functionalities of Outlook. Most of the time, Mac Outlook users have to undergo a tough time dealing with the various Outlook errors that usually come in. Apart from that, Outlook been a paid application, users have to invest a huge amount to adopt this tool. Moreover, after buying this email application, users have a spend a sufficient amount as a maintenance cost for the same. So, to stay away from all these mind-scratching problems, Mac Outlook users often want to migrate to some cost-free and reliable email program with efficient features and functionalities.

If you are using Outlook application on your Mac machine and at the same time have plans to migrate to some other efficient email program like Thunderbird. Then, this blog will let you get a clear idea to implement this need.

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Outlook or Thunderbird Which is Better?

MS Outlook comes with some amazing features such as:

  • Easier to Get Started
  • Tabs and Powerful Search Function
  • Customize your Email Experience
  • Best Security Options to Protect your Emails

Why Thunderbird is Better than Outlook? – Know Here

  • Quick Account Setup & Option to Personalize Email Addresses

Thunderbird has been a free and open-source email client. Moreover, it can be smoothly installed on Mac, Windows and Linux machine. It also provides a better option to avail the personalized email address for you, your business or for your family.

  • All in One Address Book & Attachment Reminder Feature

Thunderbird makes everything easy for you in a customized way. It offers one-click address book to add your dear ones to your address book. For that, simply click the star icon in the message, which is received. Also, the best part is that it ensures to remind the user to add the attachments if in case the user has missed from his/her end.

  • Offers Tabbed Email & Option to Search Data on the Web

Thunderbird is better than Outlook, just because it renders user-friendly and a simplified interface to the end users. You can open every single email separately i.e., a tabbed email will be generated, which makes easy to jump to another email and access the data from it. One can also search the data by right-clicking the selected words and hit “search the web for:” option.

  • Quick Filter Toolbar & Facility to Archive Message

It provides another functionality that will make you realize why Thunderbird is better than Outlook i.e., Quick filter toolbar that lets users to filter the email faster. For that, simply navigate the file by entering relevant details in the search box. After which, an instant result will be shown in front of you. In case, if you need to store an email message but not in the Inbox folder, then without deleting the email from the Inbox folder, simply archive the message, in which the email message will be moved to the Archive folder.

  • Option to Send Large Emails & Easily Install the Add-ons

One can easily send a large email message by uploading the file to an online storage provider and share the link to the recipient, instead of sending the email with an attachment. This will ensure to save space from the sent folder and the recipient’s inbox. Furthermore, a Thunderbird user can easily add the Add-ons by clicking Tools>> Add-ons>> Get Add-ons, instead of visiting the add-ons website.

  • Phishing Protection & Updates Thunderbird Automatically

Thunderbird application protects users from email scams and it also warns when the user tries to click a link, which appears to take to another website. Apart from that, it always checks whether you are using the latest version and also notifies the security update when it is made available.

So all set to migrate your Mac Outlook OLM files to Thunderbird application? Here is how you need to do the conversion process!

An All-Rounder Solution to Convert Mac OLM to MBOX!

After knowing the wide set of features offered by the free and open-source email program i.e., Thunderbird. So now, it is pretty clear that why Thunderbird is better than Outlook. It is obvious that you might be curious enough to know the process of converting Mac OLM files to Thunderbird supporting MBOX format. With the help of the Mac OLM Converter tool, one can easily export Outlook OLM file to MBOX format in bulk. One can also export selective OLM files via the date-filter option to convert into MBOX format. It preserves the folder structure and moreover, this tool is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac OS X.

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Time to Conclude

When a Mac Outlook user gets tired of using the Outlook program, the major hunt starts for the best and reliable email application. Taking this Outlook by describing some highlighted features of the Thunderbird application. point into consideration, we have elaborated why Thunderbird is better than Outlook. However, when the time comes to convert the Mac OLM files to MBOX format, it is best to opt Mac OLM Converter tool, which is loaded with amazing features that allow exporting OLM files to MBOX format.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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