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Windows Live Mail Not Responding – What Measures to be Taken?

Lindsey Smith | Modified: 2020-12-21T07:15:19+00:00

Is your Windows Live Mail not responding and you don’t know why? Well, we are here to solve this issue for you and provide you with suitable solutions to deal with it.

Windows Live Mail (formerly Windows Live Mail Desktop) being designed for Windows 7, does support Windows 8, 10 but creates errors.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows Live Mail after Windows 7 which is why if you have upgraded to Windows 8 or 10, you will see an error.

This Windows Live Mail stopped working issue has got many users confused. We will be giving out the details and the different types of errors found in Windows not working situation.

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Let’s check out the errors that are found in Windows Live Mail.

Windows Live Mail Not Responding and Other Errors

Well, there are various different errors that you might experience while using Windows Live Mail. Let’s take a look at these errors and check out how to solve each one of them.

1.      Error 0x8DE00005 or Error 3291

If you see this error, it means that Windows Live Mail is not able to connect with Hotmail/Outlook to retrieve your emails from the server.

Users generally experience this when the Live Mail is configured with IMAP or POP account. These servers are updated regularly causing Windows Live Mail unable to sync the server.

Steps to solve this type of error due to which you may be experiencing Windows Live Mail stopped working issue are mentioned below:

  1. Go to your Windows Live Mail and click on “Accounts”.
  2. Select the “+” icon and press simultaneously.
  3. Enter the credentials for your account.
  4. Now, mark the checkbox beside “Manually Configure Server Settings”.
  5. Choose the types of server mentioned below “Incoming Server Information”.
  6. Fill in the address of the server and the port number in “Server Address”.
  7. You will find a “Requires a Secure Connection SSL” section, mark it.
  8. Next, you have to enter the server address blow the “Outgoing Server Information” section.
  9. In the “Port Type” field, you have to enter the port number.
  10. Check the boxes against “Requires a Secure Connection SSL” and “Requires Authentication”. Hit “Next”.

This is how you can resolve Windows Live Mail not responding error.

Let’s checkout other solutions to solve this error.

Your Windows Live Mail may also not be working if spell checker has not been installed.

We will now move forward to check out how you can solve the Windows not working error with the help of spell checker.

Read further to know more about how this solution works.

Spell Checker Installation to Solve Windows Live Mail Stopped Working Error

For this, you first have to install spell checker and then follow the steps as discussed to solve the Windows Not Working issue:

  1. First of all, open your Windows Live Mail.
  2. Now, you have to press the “ALT” key to open the “Menu Toolbar”.
  3. Choose the “Tools” tab from the menu and hit “Options”.
  4. Next, go to the “Spelling” tab, click on it and a “Language List” will appear.
  5. From this list, choose “English (US)” or “English (UK)”.
  6. After that, hit “Set Default” option.

This can help you to overcome Windows Live Mail not responding error.

If you already have spell checker installed, there must be something else causing the error. If not, only then this method will work. Microsoft has another solution to solve this error which is explained in the following segment.

Some users asked questions on why their Windows Live Mail is not working to which Microsoft has replied with an easy solution.

Microsoft Solution to Solve Windows Live Mail Stopped Working

A user asked a query on Microsoft support to which an expert from Microsoft replied giving the following steps as a way out.

  1. Go to the search field and type “Programs and Features”
  2. Look for Windows Live Mail and hit “Uninstall a Program”.
  3. You will see an option “Windows Live Essential”, right-click on it.
  4. A menu will appear from which you have to choose “Uninstall/Change”.
  5. Once everything is done, choose the “Repair All Windows Live Programs” option.

If this solution also doesn’t work, you may want to use the instant and one-step solution aforementioned. The perfect tool to solve Windows Live Mail not responding error.

Well, there are other errors as well that a user may experience while using Windows Live Mail in the upgraded Windows.

We will be mentioning a list of the errors in the next section so you know which error is causing which issue.

Find these errors in the below mentioned table.

0x800CC03IXP_E_ALREADY_CONNECTEDThe user is already connected
0x800CCC11IXP_E_INVALID_ADDRESS_LISTThe server doesn’t know the mailing list
0x800CCC18IXP_E_SICILY_LOGOM_FAILEDFailed logon attempt
0x800CCC00IXP_E_LOAD_SICILY_FAILEDCouldn’t load Authentication
0x800CCC0AIXP_E_INCOMPLETEMessage download incomplete
0x800CCC16IXP_E_INVALID_ACCOUNTServer doesn’t recognize the user account
0x800CCC1AIXP_E_SECURE_CONNECT_FAILEDNot able to connect by SSL

These are some general errors found apart from Windows Live Mail stopped working error.

Final Verdict

Windows Live Mail being discontinued by Microsoft sometimes causes errors because Microsoft doesn’t want you to use it anymore. Yet, it is widely used.

You can use the methods as mentioned to overcome the errors or you can go for the software.

The professional tool also has a feature to auto-detect the folder storage location of Windows Live Mail making it the best feature.