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Export Kerio Mailbox to PST – Step by Step Method to Export Emails

Published By Ashwani Tiwari
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On September 14th, 2023

Is it possible to export Kerio mailbox to PST? We will find that out today.

We know that Kerio is an email service used by several organizations to keep a check on their data & for daily conversations.

Kerio is one of the most used services to manage contacts, text, and share all the plans & schedules. The main reason why users prefer Kerio is that there is no restriction on the file size. Users can save as many emails as they want on the server.

However, the need to export Kerio to PST arises when users want to secure their data and save it in a safe location.

Or maybe, users want to just keep their data in their local system as Kerio mail backup so that they can access it offline.

But, why do they prefer to export it in PST file format? Let’s find out about the reasons.

Listed Out the Reasons to Export Kerio Mailbox to PST

The major reasons for exporting the data files are:

  • When a user wants to move from a web-based email client to a desktop-based email client, Outlook.
  • They may want to reduce the server load. So, the solution would be to export emails from Kerio in PST format and delete them from the server.
  • PST files are independent of specific email services. Thus, making your mailbox data portable and allowing you to access it offline. Hence, users export Kerio mailbox to PST.
  • When an organization exports its user’s emails to PST, ultimately it makes sure that they have a record of communications that can be used in compliance and legal requirements.

A Quick Glance at the Methods to Export Kerio to PST

There is no manual method available to export the data in the Outlook accessible format. And due to the lack of a free & manual solution, we are here with a professional solution.

Use the Mac IMAP Backup Tool & follow these steps:

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Step 1 – Launch the tool & enter your account credentials.

Step 2 – Choose the format & apply advanced filters.

Step 3 – Select the destination location for your output.

Step 4 – Finish the procedure by hitting Start Backup.

Learn More About the Software and its Features

The above-mentioned tool to export Kerio mailbox to PST has plenty of features to use which are available to all users.

The following are the benefits of the tool:

  • Several formats other than PST; EML, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MSG, etc.
  • Export emails from mailbox selectively from a time-period via Date-filter
  • Apply the Email-filter to pick emails from certain folders only to export
  • Select the Delete after Download feature to remove data automatically
  • Keep the folder structure maintained during the entire procedure
  • Avail the software on all the earlier & newer versions of Mac OS

When you export Kerio to PST, the software allows users to keep a look at the procedure & provide a report with all the details.

Also: It is easy to backup IMAP emails to PST for all the other clients that support IMAP configuration.

There is a Naming Convention feature to help you rename the emails according to a desired pattern.

Users also have the option to break large files into smaller parts in GB or MB with the help of the Split PST Option.

If users execute the software again for a new batch of emails, they can apply the Incremental Backup feature. It will export all the newly arrived emails only after the first procedure.

Export Kerio Mailbox to PST by Executing the Steps of the Tool

1. Download the tool, launch it, and choose the Other option from the IMAP Host Enter the IMAP Server & Port Key No. details and click on the Start Backup option.

viewing modes

2. Choose the email client as per desire i.e. PST Click on the Advance Settings option.

select PST

3. Select the Split PST Option to change the size of the emails and apply the Date-filter for a selective time period.


4. Now, choose the Delete after Download feature & browse for the destination location.


5. Click on the Start Backup feature to complete the process.


In a Nutshell

In this article, the process to export Kerio mailbox to PST is explained with a detailed procedure. You have the ability to transfer your data without going through any trouble and in bulk. Moreover, the benefits of keeping a backup are there.

Since there is no availability of a manual technique, users are left with tools to export the data files in their desired format. There are various features to use for a backup. Learn the steps & the reasons for which the export is necessary.

Common FAQs

Q- What is Kerio mailbox?

Kerio Mailbox is an email and collaboration server solution that provides email, calendars, and contact management for businesses.

Q- Can I export Kerio emails to PST for selective dates?

Using the above-mentioned tool, you can export Kerio emails for a selective date range.

Q- When I export Kerio mailbox to PST, does it delete my data from the server?

No. When you export emails, it saves a copy on your computer. However, if you want to delete it from the server to free up some space, you can select the delete after download option of the tool.


By Ashwani Tiwari

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