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Kerio Mail Backup – One & Only Solution Users Need to Apply

Lindsey Smith ~ Modified: 15-Apr-2022 ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Users are majorly taking under consideration the procedure on how to take Kerio mail backup. Why? Because users believe that creating offline copies of the data can keep it safe from external threats.

Kerio has become a great email client that organizations have also been using for their work purposes.

It consists of a business-class email, texting, shared schedules, managing contacts etc. This is a low-cost & all-in-one email message functionality.

All your data is stored on the server by Kerio which is why you do not have to worry about maximizing the storage space. There is no file size limitation.

However, when you take Kerio mail server backup, it is usually because of the fact that even though there are no size restrictions, users might still find issues.

There are various users who do not erase previous data from their mailbox or even if they do, they do not organize their data.

Whenever there is an incoming email, it is important for the server to find an empty space to keep that message. Imagine not having that space for the message, wouldn’t that be an issue?

Here, we will be helping you to overcome all such troubles.

Let’s find out how.

Are There Any Manual Ways for Kerio Mail Backup?

If you want a manual method, there is one but it is not that useful. We will be listing the steps in the section next to this.

For those users who want to take backup in another file format and keep the data safe during the process, use the IMAP Backup Email Software.

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This tool can help all the Mac OS users to download their data in the desired format.

You can easily overcome all the drawbacks of the manual method with the help of this software.

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Manual Steps for Kerio Mail Server Backup Explained Below

Go through these steps:

1. Login to your Kerio account and click on the Configuration >> Archiving & Backup >> Backup option in the admin interface.


2. Mark the checkbox beside Enable message store & configuration recovery backup option.

3. Hit the Add Enter a description for the backup.

4. After that, you have to choose the time and the type of the export. Click on OK.


5. Then, click on the Advanced option and provide the maximum size & number of backups. Press the OK button.

6. Now, choose the folder to store the backup in the Target Backup Directory for Kerio mail backup.

Remember: You cannot add special characters in the folder name.

7. If there is a need for authentication in the network drive, click the Specify option and enter the username & password.

8. Provide your email address in the Notification section to receive the notifications on backups.

9. Tap on Apply and hit the Start Now button.


The procedure will be completed in a while.

New to this process? Having trouble understanding it? Do not find it feasible?

Quick Glance at the Alternative Solution to Backup Data

While applying the manual solution for Kerio mail server backup, a lot of users were found confused and stuck. It didn’t quite help them which is why they couldn’t move further with it.

In order to make things easier, use the backup tool to:

  • Choose any format: PST, EML, MSG, PDF, MBOX, HTML, TXT, CSV, MHT, EMLX
  • Make use of the Date-filter & Email-Filter to save data files selectively
  • Use the Delete after Download feature to export & remove the data from mailbox
  • Select the pattern you want from the Naming Convention feature
  • Go for the option to divide big PST files into smaller parts of GB or MB

Kerio Mail Backup With the Help of the Software

Follow the instructions:

1. Run the tool and launch it. Go to the IMAP Host section and click on the Other Then, enter the username, password, IMAP Server & Port Key No. to Login.

viewing modes

2. In the next window, you will have to select the file format of your choice. We are going for EML Mark the radio button beside it and click on the Advance Settings.

Note: It is also possible for users to export Kerio mailbox to PST.


3. From the Naming Convention feature, choose the pattern to save emails in. Go to the Date-filter and set the dates for a specific time-period to take selective Kerio mail server backup. Hit Save.


4. Here, if there is a requirement, you can use the Delete after Download feature to make space in the mailbox. Press on the Yes button for confirmation.


5. Click on the Change button to add the destination location for your data.


6. Tap on the Start Backup option to initiate the process.


Whenever there is a need to perform a second backup, you can apply the Incremental Backup feature.

It will be enabled then. This feature will avoid taking backup of all the previous data and export only the new files received after the first transfer.

It’s a Wrap

Taking Kerio mail backup is important because the server cannot always keep the data safe from loss or other issues. The manual technique for the same is a quite difficult operation to execute & needs full security.

So, the tool is given to make things swift for users going through the backup for the first time. It is a good practice to keep copies of your files along with the availability of data offline. Choose the process you think is the best suited for your requirements.