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Want to Import Android Contacts to Excel? Use the Instant Solution

Published By Mohit
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On January 8th, 2021

There is a good amount of people who want to import android contacts to excel. This blog will give you a clear picture on how to do so easily.

Android, being an operating system for mobiles, watches, cars, etc. makes sure that a customized digital life is provided. Contacts are an important part of one’s life as they hold a lot of information.

Very crucial information is stored in the contacts and it is important that these are protected from any loss in future.

Now, how are you going to export contacts from android phone to excel?

You can use the following user query to understand the need to transfer the contacts more clearly.

User Query – I have been working as a Business Development Manager and all my work is related to calling and engaging with clients. All day I make calls and empanel with various companies which is why I need to keep my contacts safe. I am not a technocrat and really need to know how to move the contacts to Excel?

Let’s now checkout the methods to transfer the contacts.

How to Import Android Contacts to Excel?

There are two methods to complete the process. The first one is a manual method and the second one is an instant solution.

Manual method consists of two steps that are:

1. Synchronizing the contacts from Android to Gmail
2. Moving the Android Contacts to CSV File Format

Now, let’s find out how both the solutions work. First we will be discussing the instant solution.

Instantly Export Contacts from Android Phone to Excel

This solution is designed to open the vCard file of various different platforms. Use the vCard Viewer Tool to read all the contacts in a separate VCF file. Also, this software displays the modified or altered VCF data and makes it easy to view the vCard file.

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The application has the ability to support both single and multiple contacts. The vCard file that contains an image is also allowed to be viewed by this tool.

You can import android contacts to Excel using this tool and open the VCF files or folders in batch mode. It is compatible with all the versions of VCF such as vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

The software has an option to get all the attributed from the VCF file including name, surname, email address associated with the contacts.

Convert the contacts from your android phone to .csv file in bulk without wasting any time.

Now, checkout the steps of conversion and understand how this tool works.

How Does the Tool Export Contacts from Android Phone to Excel?

1. Download and Launch the tool. Hit the Add File button and choose the file you want to export. Click Open.

Note: If you want to import the folder containing the vCard files, select the “Add Folder(s)” option.


2. Choose the Export as CSV button and hit Browse button.


3. Navigate for the destination of the location and hit OK.


4. Hit the Export button to start the process.


The export report can be saved to your system locally by clicking on the Save button when prompted. It is just a few clicks process to import android contacts to Excel.

Manually Export Contacts from Android Phone to Excel

The two parts of this process are:

Part 1 – Synchronizing Contacts from Android to Gmail

1. On your Android phone, click on the Contacts option and hit the Menu button or Settings.
2. Click on the Option in order to consolidate with Google or Gmail account.
3. As soon as you are done with it, you will see that your phone is now linked with Selected Gmail account.
4. In case where you do not have the Gmail apps installed, you can go to the App Drawer and hit Settings.
5. From the Settings menu, choose the Accounts option and click Sync.
6. Ensure that the Accounts and Sync options are enable. Choose Gmail Profile you want to move your contacts to and hit Sync Contacts.
7. Finally, to import android contacts to Gmail, click the Sync Now option and the contacts will be synced to your Gmail account.

Now, moving on to the next part of this procedure.

Part 2 – Moving the Android Contacts to CSV File Format

1. Click on the Menu icon and choose the More option.
2. A list will appear from which you have to select the Contacts option and hit More.
3. Now, choose the Export option. If you want to export selective contacts, mark the check boxes beside them in the Right Panel.
4. Hit the More button and press Export.
5. After that, enable the radio button next to Selected Contacts option or hit All Contacts option.
6. Next, choose the export format as CSV and hit Export.

This is how you can export contacts from android phone to Gmail.

End Note

The contacts being exported to Gmail keeps the contacts safe for the users. If you have thousands of contacts, you will never want to lose them.

That could cost a lot of time and energy to get them back. Also, it impacts the businesses as well. You can manually move the contacts but it takes a lot of time.

We have an instant solution which will make it pretty easy and a quick process to import android contacts to Gmail.


By Mohit

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.