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Import Gmail Folders into Outlook in a Trouble-Free and Easy Way

Published By Mohit
Tej Pratap Shukla
Approved By Tej Pratap Shukla
Published On August 31st, 2018

Gmail is a web-based email application which is commonly used by many people these days. It has many features which are enjoyed by the users of Gmail. On the other hand, Outlook is a desktop-based email application which is used for professional and personal use. But there are times when user import Gmail folders into Outlook so, that it can be accessed even if there is no internet connection. In order to access Gmail folders or emails, users need to convert Gmail to PST.

A Professional Way to Move Folders From Gmail to Outlook

The Gmail Backup tool backups up email, calendar, contacts and documents from Gmail account. Further, it supports secure backup from a single user account. It is required to be installed on local machine in order to transfer Gmail folders to Outlook .

1. First of all, download and install Gmail Backup v5.0 on local machine.

2. After launching the software, enter credentials of Gmail account.


login to gmail backup


3. In the next screen, select Allow so that application can access your Gmail account.


allow to access gmail account


4. In next menu, select PST file format to create Gmail backup. After that, click on Browse button to choose the final destination to export backup file.


choose destination folder


5. Navigation and selection of destination has to take place and then click on OK button.


click ok

6. a)Then, Application of customized filter can take place by clicking on Apply filter button.

b) Go for “Incremental Backup” to backup Gmail data which are not downloaded in previous process. If the user is taking backup on the same machine.

c) A user can customize backup process by using various option like Include Folder, Date Filter to backup data from a particular date range.


apply filters


7. Now, click on the Start button and the process will begin.


click on start

8. As the process completed successfully, a user can view PST file at destination location.

9. Lastly, simply config the resultant PST file into Outlook in order to view email. Now, process to import Gmail folder into Outlook is successfully completed.

Manual Method to Add Gmail Account to Outlook

STEP 1: Gmail has to be prepared in connection to Outlook

Before start the process to Import Gmail folders into Outlook. The user has to first prepare the Gmail account. Follow the two-step verification for Gmail and then create app password that Outlook will use with Gmail address to make connection. Now, follow these below mentioned step in order to transfer folders from Gmail to Outlook PST.

Step2: Addition of Gmail Account to Outlook

  • Start the Outlook application, click on File option >> Add Account option.
  • In the Auto Account Set up page, enter name, Gmail address and Gmail password and then go for Next.
  • Click on Finish button. As Outlook syncs with Gmail account, the email in Gmail account will appear in Outlook.

Step3: Copy of Gmail messages to desktop

  • In Outlook application, go to File >> Open and Export >> Import/ Export.
  • Select Export to a File and then choose Next.
  • Click on Outlook data file and then choose Next.
  • Select the account that user wants to export by choosing email address of Gmail account and make sure that Include subfolders box is checked and then select Next.
  • Click on Browse button to choose where to save Outlook data file also where to enter file name.
  • In the Add an Optional Password dialog box it is up to the user to add password or not. Choose OK to save the data even if the user does not fill the password.
  • The user has to go to that location where the PST file is saved and confirm it is there.

Step4: Copy Gmail to Outlook

  • In Outlook application to start Import/ Export Wizard, go to File > Open and Export > Import/Export.
  • Choose Import from another program or File and then select Next.
  • Choose Outlook data file(PST) and then go for Next.
  • Browse the PST file that was created in step3 and choose Next.
  • If there is password assigned to Outlook data file, enter password followed by OK.
  • Import the email to Outlook mailbox and then click on Finish button. Now, import Gmail folder into Outlook process is successfully completed.


Migration from cloud to desktop-based email client is not so easy always. In addition, if a user wants to do it manually, then it requires lot of configuration. Thus, when it comes to import Gmail folders into Outlook, this blog explained both manual and professional method to transfer folders from Gmail to Outlook. A user can choose between them as per their preference.


By Mohit

Mohit is a Microsoft-certified expert who has assisted thousands of clients with Outlook & Microsoft Office 365 issues. He enjoys writing on email clients as well as data migration. He is always excited about giving troubled readers the most up-to-date knowledge, explanation, and refinements.