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Export Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook Application

Published By Mohit
Tej Pratap Shukla
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Published On March 19th, 2024

Summary:- The address book holds a diverse range of contact information for any individual. Moreover, backup and transmission of data are the mere reason behind exporting the data. And, if you’re searching for the methods to export Thunderbird address book to Outlook. Then, read the article to discover the step guidance.

Thunderbird is considered a robust yet professional choice when it comes to selecting desktop-based email services. It significantly manages the data of the complete mailbox. Speaking about the address book which enables users to centralize the data of email addresses and contact details.

However, accessing the Thunderbird contact data in Outlook allows users to seamlessly manage the list while using its supreme features. Now, delve into to uncover the solution.

Need for Exporting Thunderbird Address Book to MS Outlook

Before addressing the solution, let’s first understand the common reason to import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook. The address book helps to store the contact information including phone numbers and email addresses. Using this crucial information, users can effectively grow networks with their like-minded professionals. Now, move to understand the need to export from the Thunderbird address list and import to Outlook.

  • Quick Contact Management:- Microsoft Outlook, one of the most popular yet secured email services for keeping the information of contact list. Moreover, users export Thunderbird address book to Outlook for effective and centralized management of email contacts.
  • Data Backup:- The backup of the address book is yet another need for exporting the contact list from Thunderbird. There are several instances when Mozilla Thunderbird creates hindrances while accessing the mailbox. However, accessing the contact data on Outlook enables users to quickly open and read the information.
  • Compatibility Factor:- Compared to Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook is a secure and resilient email solution. Moreover, it offers robust integrated features to manage the contact list. Therefore, users can opt for this solution to discover additional functionalities.

Overall, these are the top reasons to import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook. In the next section, we will explain the two holistic approaches for exporting the Thunderbird address book to MS Outlook.

Manual Guide to Export Thunderbird Address Book to Outlook

Previously, we have discussed the need to export the address book data to Outlook. Here, we will unfold the manual approach to import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook. Now, read the step guidance and then, implement it to access the Thunderbird contact details to Outlook.

  • Export Thunderbird Address Book

To import the Thunderbird contact list to MS Outlook, users first need to export the Thunderbird address book data in CSV file format. So, let’s move down to learn the step-by-step guidance:-

  1. Open your Thunderbird account on your machine.
  2. Navigate to the Address Book.
  3. Select the folder and perform right-click > Export.
  4. Lastly, choose the CSV file format from the suggested file option and press OK.
  • Import CSV file into Microsoft Outlook

After exporting the Thunderbird address book in CSV format, users need to import the resultant file into Outlook. For the same, read the below-mentioned step directions:-

  1. Launch the Outlook application on your system.
  2. Move to the File section and then, go to “Open & Export” > “Import/Export”.
  3. In the pop-up Import and Export Wizard, choose “Import from another program or file” and press Next.
  4. Click on “Comma Separated Values” and hit Next.
  5. Now, browse the CSV file and move to Next.
  6. Lastly, find the file in your Outlook fields and hit the Finish button.

Exercising these steps, users can export Thunderbird address book to Outlook. However, this solution also comes up with major drawbacks and error configurations. Now, let’s understand the disadvantages of using the manual method.

What are the Major Drawbacks of the Manual Approach?

  • Implementing these steps needs the appropriate knowledge of technicalities. Moreover, if users aren’t aware of Thunderbird and Outlook interface then, it becomes complicated to import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook application.
  • The manual solution is always incorporated with the risk of data loss and file corruption, especially large files that cause errors while importing in Outlook. In this case, users first need to fix the flaws and then, import the address book of Thunderbird to MS Outlook.
  • Lastly, using the manual guidance, users can’t preserve the meta properties and contact fields. Due to these prominent factors, free solutions aren’t recommended to export Thunderbird address book to Outlook.

Expert Solution to Import Thunderbird Contacts to Outlook

Earlier, we highlighted the manual solution and its disadvantages behind opting for it. Now, consider the PCVITA Thunderbird Address Book Converter, one of the top-notch utilities to access the Thunderbird contact list into PST, CSV, and more. Since the Thunderbird default stores the address book in the SQLite file extension. Therefore, using this software, users can easily browse the data and export Thunderbird address book to Outlook without installing MS Outlook.

The other functionalities of this tool include preserving the folder structure along with meta properties. Moreover, users can add the data with no file size limitations. Hence, it is considered the best go-to solution to quickly export the Thunderbird contact list to Microsoft Outlook. Now, let’s dive in to understand the steps of the tool.

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Step Guidance of Automated Solution

  1. Launch the above-mentioned tool on your system.
    go to Add file
  2. Move to the Add File option.
    Choose file option
  3. Choose File or Folder and then, click on Browse > Add.
    choose folders
  4. After adding the data, choose the required contacts for export.
    click on PST file
  5. Go to Export and choose PST from Select Export Type.
    go to Browse button
  6. Now, navigate to Browse to check the location of the resultant file.
    hit on Export button
  7. Lastly, click on Export.

Using this solution, users can import Thunderbird contacts to Outlook. After the completion of the process, users can import the PST file as it is the default file format offered by Outlook application.

Remarkable Features of Expert Suggested Tool

  • Allow to access the data of Thunderbird address book into different file extensions such as CSV, MSG, PST, and more.
  • Facility to add multiple MAB and SQLite file formats without any file size limit. Hence, users can easily export the data into any file format.
  • Using this utility, users don’t need to install the Thunderbird environment as this software is designed with the feature of auto-detection of MAB files.
  • Enable to export the selective range of data from MAB or SQLite file. Moreover, users can extract the specific contact data to Outlook supported file format.
  • Lastly, it allows users to preserve the meta properties and contact fields. With this, users can access or export Thunderbird address book to Outlook without any data loss.

Also, discover the methods to import Thunderbird profile to Outlook.

Concluding Words

In this following article, we have explained the two methods to export Thunderbird address book to Outlook. Since the manual approach offers unfavorable conditions or possibilities of error. Therefore, opting for the expert-recommended solution allows users to easily export the data without any data loss and tampering. Moreover, users can download the demo version of this automated solution to quickly understand the features of this tool.


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